Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Raining Diner

'On to our next news, Tragedy struck at a small town when a local young man killed in a motorcycle crash last night. The identity of the young man is still unknown as the police still trying to identify the victim'Bookmark here

"Liam looks at this, that accident happened 3 kilometers away from here. It's the same route you use to get home," said Lily while still watching the news.Bookmark here

I grab the remote from the counter and switch the channel to something else.Bookmark here

"Liam?!" Lily exclaim.Bookmark here

"No TV, we still on our shift," I said, as I continue to wipe the counter with the rag in my other hand.Bookmark here

"Aww. Come on, Liam, it's my last day here," said Lily. Bookmark here

She leans on the counter and removes the pin that holds her wine-colored hair up into a bun. her locks of hair fall on top of her shoulder and brush her neck. When my eyes met her big blue eyes, I was astounded by its beauties but I know this is all part of her trick.Bookmark here

She always uses her eyes to get me to do what she wants. It's not gonna work because this time I'm only gonna look at her forehead and avoid her eyes.Bookmark here

I can see her thick pink lips pouted as she realized, that I am avoiding her eyes.Bookmark here

"Liam! Nobody is here, except the two us. The rain outside is preventing any customer coming in beside even Mr. Krux is not here" said Lily.Bookmark here

I roll my eyes as I keep on wiping the Diner counter. We have been working here together for 8 months. Lily is usually a hard worker, but when it a rainy day, she becomes lazy and she will try everything to avoid work. Which cause me to do all the work if she gets her ways.Bookmark here

"Nope," I said, with my feet planted on the floor. Bookmark here

No more, Mr nice guys.Bookmark here

Lily still continue to pout at first, but change when she let out a strange giggle.Bookmark here

"Are you sure about that?" Said Lily.Bookmark here

When I look at her, my eyes widen, and I gulped the saliva in my throat. Lily is unbuttoning the top half of her work uniform revealing deep cleavage. That gap between her breast is what any man sought after; it leads to paradise. I could see her black lace bra not the one with a simple design. But the one that usually featured in a Victorian secret magazine.Bookmark here

"" I let out a series of incoherent noise as my gaze was somehow pulled toward the breast area.Bookmark here

"Now will you give me the remote?" Ask Lily as she licks the upper part of her lips.Bookmark here

"Oh-kay!" I stuttered, sliding the remote toward Lily.Bookmark here

Lily smile and let out a giggle. She grabs the remote and turns to face the TV again, switching the channel to her preferred one.Bookmark here

My heart beat faster and I could feel my blood pumping faster than usual. Bookmark here

"I'm going to the kitchen to grab some napkins!" I said and head to the kitchen.Bookmark here

I crash into the sink, turning the valve; I let the water flows down to the drain. Taking some water with my hand I wash my face with it. I could feel my face getting warmer despite washing my self with cold water.Bookmark here

Focus Liam, I know you have a crush on Lily but can't you keep your cool when she shows you a little bit of her skin? Bookmark here

Of course not! It, not a just little bit skin, it's her hmmm, stop- please stop! Crap! Now its stuck in my mind. Bookmark here

Not like it's a bad thing right?Bookmark here

Of course it a bad thing, how am I gonna keep my face straight when I talk to her after this! Bookmark here

Then I realized something so bad had happened down below. Looking down I saw the bulge in the middle of my pant around the crotch area. A Tokyo tower is erecting itself in my pants.Bookmark here

OH SHIT!Bookmark here

"Liam?! Are you okay in there?" Ask Lily as her voice get worried.Bookmark here

Oh shit! Shit! Shit!.Bookmark here

"I-m fine, don't worry about me!" I replied.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?!" Ask Lily again.Bookmark here

"Yeah, everything okay in here?" I reassure.Bookmark here

Okay quick! Think of something else, Pineapple! Mouth Everest! Spongebob! Bookmark here

Okay, it seems to be working; as the bulge getting smaller. Bookmark here

Tom Hiddleston! Wait! What? Bookmark here

The bulge getting bigger.Bookmark here

What? now I getting confused, stop it!Bookmark here

Okay... Doritos and Gatorade hmm. Bookmark here

The bulge finally went away when I think of those two things. I let out a breath of relieved.Bookmark here

Placing both of my hands under the faucet, I gather some water in my hand before splashing my face with it. Then I wipe the water off with a clean cloth.Bookmark here

I walk out of the kitchen after letting another breath out to calm myself.Bookmark here

"What wrong with you? You look flustered" said, Lily, as she looks at me, letting out a small smile; her blouse fully button up.Bookmark here

"I'm not looking flustered! You are!" I blurted out.Bookmark here

"What?" Said Lilly, letting out a small chuckle, Bookmark here

"There, no need to be defensive here" Lily continued.Bookmark here

Lily went back to watching the TV while I went back to wiping the already clean counter. Looking at the reflection, I could see my frustrated face looking back at me.Bookmark here

'You need to tell her!' My mind shout.Bookmark here

"Lily, can I ask you a question?" I said; my hand stop and look at her; she still watching the TV.Bookmark here

"What is it?" Lily ask.Bookmark here

"Why do you want to get out of this town so much? Do you hate living here?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Starting with the heavy question are we?" said Lily.Bookmark here

"It's fine if you don't want to answer it," I said.Bookmark here

"It's okay," said Lily. Bookmark here

Her eyes wander to the heavy rain pouring outside, her face shows an expression like she in deep thought.Bookmark here

"I don't actually hate the town, I love this town. I was born here. It's a great town filled with nice people, but sometimes I felt like something is missing in my life," said Lily.Bookmark here

"Something...missing?" I let out.Bookmark here

"Yeah, something missing. Something inside of me that isn't complete yet. That why I thought if I leave this town maybe I could find it"Lily continued.Bookmark here

"While we on the subject of talking about our personal lives. How about you? I know you not just some ordinary waiter, Mr. Krux told me that you are a Harvard dropout, What happened there?" Ask Lily.Bookmark here

My eyes wander up into the ceiling, as I remember what exactly happens there. I can hear a faint beeping sound in a distance, my hands shake a bit. Bookmark here

Digging my fingers into my palm, I was about to answer Lily question when the whole Diner starts to shakes. When a thundering roar happens so close that it causes a blackout of the entire Diner.Bookmark here

I heard Lily scream in the darkness.Bookmark here

"Are you okay?!" I ask.Bookmark here

"No, no, I'm fine it just... the thunder scare me earlier, it okay," said Lily.Bookmark here

Taking out my smartphone; I swipe the flashlight button and the camera light up. The flashlight shines the dark Diner when I move the light to shine on Lily, she was gone.Bookmark here

"Lily?!" I called out, but no one answer.Bookmark here

"Ha Ha very funny, you can come out now," I said.Bookmark here

I look around the room trying to find Lily but fail to do so. I didn't even hear her footsteps when she left. Lighting struck far away with a thunderous roar and a flash of light that shine the entire Diner.Bookmark here

Then, I saw it outside of the front door; a black misty shape human, standing in the rain looking straight at me from afar.Bookmark here

"Lily!" I yelled out.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a hand snuck up behind me causing me to open my eyes. I turn around and saw Lily standing in behind of me. A look of worry on her face while she holds her own smartphone in her hand.Bookmark here

"Are you okay?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

I turn my head to the front door, and the black mist shape human is gone; almost like it was all a dream. I turn my head back to Lily and her expression changed from confused to concerned.Bookmark here

"What is going on?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

"I...Don't know, I thought... It was nothing" I said.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah... Yeah!" I assure her.Bookmark here

"Okay... Then. what are we gonna do now? The whole diner blackout, it's dark and I'm getting hungry" Lily said, as she leans her back on the counter.Bookmark here

"I have an idea!" I exclaim.Bookmark here

"Huh?" Lily let out.Bookmark here

"Come with me I need your help," I said while heading toward the kitchen.Bookmark here

"Okay...sure," said Lily; following me from behind while lighting the way.Bookmark here

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