Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Raining Diner

"Hold the ladder Lily, please make sure I don't fall" I command.Bookmark here

The reason why I'm standing on a ladder is to help me reach the circuit breaker on top of the wall. Opening the circuit breaker panel, I examine the contents and flipping the many switches to see if the circuit breaker still work. Unfortunately, the circuit breaker is fried. I let out a sigh.Bookmark here

"What ups?" ask Lily from below. Bookmark here

"The circuit breaker is fried" I answer.Bookmark here

"so what we gonna do now?" ask Lily again.Bookmark here

"Grab the toolbox form Mr. Krux office!" I order.Bookmark here

Lily cleared her throat; when I look down. I could see Lily annoy face as she waits for the magic word.Bookmark here

"Please.." I said.Bookmark here

"That's better," said Lily.Bookmark here

After a couple of minutes, Lily brought me the toolbox, I ask her to hand me the screwdriver and she gave it to me, then I start working on the circuit breaker.Bookmark here

"I didn't know that you an electrician" Lily chimed from below.Bookmark here

"I'm not" I replied.Bookmark here

"So where do you learned to fix broken breaker?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

"Harvard... Electrical engineering" I answer.Bookmark here

"You still haven't answered my question earlier, so what happens?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

I let the question simmer at first while I kept on working on the circuit breaker. I try to remember what happens during the last semester of my study at Harvard.Bookmark here

"It's nothing extraordinary about what happens to me" I avoid her question.Bookmark here

"Come on, I answer your question, why not answer my question?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh, "On the last month of my semesters, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with a fellow classmate. My heart was shattered, I had to dump her. My heart was too broken, I couldn't piece it back together it causes me to lose focus, It affected my study and I fail the final exam." I answer her question, the pain resurfaces in my heart as I remember the reason why she left me.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, I ask" Lily apologized.Bookmark here

"Don't worry it isn't your fault that she betrays me. do you want to know why she cheated on me?" I said.Bookmark here

"What?" Lily ask.Bookmark here

"It because I was too focused on my study, I didn't give her enough attention. She felt alone and I wasn't doing a good job of being there for her," I said.Bookmark here

"Maybe she right, I do tend to focus on one thing that I forgot everything around me," I said.Bookmark here

"Do you miss her?" Lily ask.Bookmark here

"A long time ago, but now it just a distance memory," I said.Bookmark here

"You know this is the longest time we talked about our personal lives during our time working together," said Lily.Bookmark here

"Aren't you sad that you leaving your family behind?" I ask.Bookmark here

"It is sad for me, I will surely miss them so much but even a baby bird needs to leave her nest someday," said Lily.Bookmark here

"Hey, why did you work here?" asks Lily.Bookmark here

"Because of you" I answer.Bookmark here

"What?" Lily let out.Bookmark here

"You probably have forgotten the first time we met," I said.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

"I think I got it!" I exclaim; as I reconnect the wire with another wired.Bookmark here

The whole Diner light ups again like a Christmas tree and I could hear Lily cheers from down below. I also join her cheers. Suddenly, my screwdriver connects with an open wire, I was shocked and thrown back across the room. I fall to the floor on my back and everything went blurry. I could hear two male voice speaking to each other,Bookmark here

As my sight and my hearing adjusted and becoming clearer. I could hear Lily voice beside, I look and saw her on her knees beside me.Bookmark here

"Are you okay?" asked Lily; I could see her smile to calm me down but her eyes say otherwise; she is worried about me.Bookmark here

I cough first; "I'm fine nothing broken, but let's not do that again" I joked.Bookmark here

"Of course not," said Lily; when her eyes wander to my hands.Bookmark here

"Liam your hands!" exclaim lily.Bookmark here

I raise my hand to see what the commotion is; I was shocked to see my palm was burned from the electric shock earlier. I wince as the pain begins to set in.Bookmark here

"Let me get the first aid kit, you stay here!' Lily said and went to the kitchen.Bookmark here

I stand up and walk toward the booth of the Diner; taking a seat there, I wait for Lily to come. After a couple minute, Lily entered the room with the first aid kit box in her hands. She hurried to me and took a seat facing me in the booth.Bookmark here

"Let me look!" Lily ordered; I extended my burned hands to her and begins to examine my burns.Bookmark here

She opens the first aid kit, start to search for medicine and bandage she could use. After getting what she needed, she grabs my hand gently and brings it closer to her. I felt her soft, smooth skin while her beautiful eyes focus on my burns. She wipes the medicine on my burns, I wince a little at the sudden pain.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry" She apologized.Bookmark here

Tell her now!Bookmark here

Tell her that you love her!Bookmark here

Before I know it my injured hand is already wrapped in bandage and Lily has already finish storing all the medical items back in the box.Bookmark here

"There you go. All better now" She said; closing the first aid box.Bookmark here

"Thank you. I didn't know, you know first aid?" I said.Bookmark here

She let out a small laugh, "My dad forced force me to take a class on first aid, he said it might be useful one day" said Lily.Bookmark here

"Well, his right" I answer.Bookmark here

"Yeah... I hate it when he's right," said Lily.Bookmark here

We both look out of the window; looking at the heavy rain that seems to be endless. While we were gaze outside, melancholy begin to creep up on us. A sudden pain shook my hand, I wince a little bit. The pain was like a needle stabbing my hand, but I can withstand it.Bookmark here

"You took this job because of me?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

"Yeah, it was the first time I came into this town. It happens on a rainy day, same as this one except back then the diner is crowded with tons customers," I said.Bookmark here

"What did I do to get you to take this job?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

"Nothing special, but you make my whole day much brighter," I said.Bookmark here

"What exactly did I do?" asked Lily.Bookmark here

"Back then, you were kind of a klutz. Spilling coffee everywhere, taking the wrong order and always deliver the wrong food," I said while letting out a small laugh as I reminisce.Bookmark here

Lily mouth pout; "I was just starting out you know" Said Lily.Bookmark here

"I know," I said.Bookmark here

"But I didn't remember doing something special for anyone," Lily said.Bookmark here

"Well that it, you were being yourself. Living free without a care in a world, no haunted past, no pain from a breakup. I know you been through pain in your past but you didn't let a single one drag you down, you kept on living in the moment. I admire that about you," I said.Bookmark here

"That awfully descriptive for me being myself," said Lily; her eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

"But how come I didn't remember you?" Lily said.Bookmark here

"Because I was wearing a hoodie that time," I said; covering my head with my hands to emulate how I look with a hood on.Bookmark here

"Ohh, I remember you now, the moody guy who seems really rapey looking. I was really scared of you, you were like no smile at all and glaring at everybody," said Lily.Bookmark here

"What I didn't notice that! I was kind in the aftermath of the breakup" I saidBookmark here

"No wonder you look like that," said Lily.Bookmark here

"What do you mean rapey looking?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Well, you look like someone who... How do I say it nicely, criminally looking? Don't worry, I know you would never do any crime except being buzzkill sometimes" Lily said.Bookmark here

"Well thanks for putting it nicely, I guess? But what do you mean a buzzkill?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Well you could let loose sometimes," said Lily.Bookmark here

"What do you mean, I'm pretty loose," I said; Lily let out a laugh.Bookmark here

"You walk onto that yourselves," said Lily; I let out a groan.Bookmark here

Lily turn her head and look behind me, "Now it's my turn, I know how you could let loose." Said lily with a smirk.
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