Chapter 9:

Chapter 9

Hachiko - A Hachishakusama Story

I tried to sneak into the house at 4am. Since I fell asleep with Hachiko it was much later than I was hoping. What I didn’t know was what was waiting for me at home. As I opened the door, to my surprise Maki was standing there with her hands on her hips like she was getting ready to scold me. Bookmark here

...and she did.Bookmark here

“Kazuhito! Do you know what time it is?! Is this what you do?! Stay out at all hours of night, not letting your cute, amazing little sister know where you are?! Are you insane?! I was so worried about you?! You can’t even call your sister?! The caring little sister who is always waiting at home for you every night?!”Bookmark here

“Ummm…”Bookmark here

“Answer me Kazuhito!”Bookmark here

“Well, I’m not sure if you’re trying to scold me or praise yourself.”Bookmark here

“BOTH!”Bookmark here

“I...well...bah! Yeah, sorry Maki. I should have called. You’re right.”Bookmark here

“What if you were kidnapped? Or some alien abducted you and they were probing you with their weird long fingers.”Bookmark here

“Maki!?”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“I get it sis. I understand that you were worried. I kind of fell asleep and only woke up like 30 minutes ago.”Bookmark here

“I can’t believe you! Worrying me like that.”Bookmark here

“When did you become my mother?”Bookmark here

“When you clearly showed you needed one!”Bookmark here

I wanted to say something in response but thought better of it and just gave in.Bookmark here

“I appreciate your concern Maki. I hope you can forgive your stupid brother.”Bookmark here

“I guess so. I wouldn’t be the bestest, cutest, most amazing little sister if I didn’t.”Bookmark here

“Wow. You really are spoiled.”Bookmark here

“Sooooooooooo...where were you Kazu? Were you with your girlfriend?”Bookmark here

“She’s not my girlfriend. But I was with the person you mentioned.”Bookmark here

“That answer was kind of formal Kazu. Are you about to ask the master for more advice?”Bookmark here

“Master? You’re still calling yourself that Miss No Boyfriend?”Bookmark here

“I am allowing you the pleasure of asking me a question. Don’t mock me peasant!”Bookmark here

I picked Maki up and threw her over his shoulder like a caveman. I carried her to the living room and dumped her on the couch, then proceeded to sit on the floor like I always do when talking to her. Bookmark here

“I’m going to let that slide for now. Anyway, I need help with clothes. Can you be serious for a minute and help me?”Bookmark here

“Kazu. I was seriously worried about you. If something happens to you….”Bookmark here

“Maki. Were you really that worried about me? I promise I’ll do better in the future.”Bookmark here

“You better.”Bookmark here

“Can you help me now?”Bookmark here

“Ask your question peasant!”Bookmark here

“We’re going to talk about this peasant thing, shrimp. Anyway, I told you this woman is super tall right? How can I get clothes for a woman that tall?”Bookmark here

“Have you thought about learning to sew?”Bookmark here

“Me? No way. I like my fingers.”Bookmark here

Maki stretched her hand out to me. She was trying to get the numbers from me.Bookmark here

“You have measurements right? I know you write everything down, nerd boy.”Bookmark here

Maki has always been a brat. But she was always trying to help me out in her weird way. I pulled out the measurements which I wrote on a long sheet of paper and rolled up. It looked like a scroll as I unfurled it and put it in her hand.Bookmark here

“Nerd.”Bookmark here

She was pushing it so I picked up one of Maki’s teddy bears and threw it at her. As usual I hit her right in the middle of her forehead.Bookmark here

“KAZU! You’re going to give me brain damage if you keep doing that! How is your aim so good anyway?!”Bookmark here

“Guess I’m not such a nerd afterall.”Bookmark here

“Yeah right. You probably calculated the trajectory or something…”Bookmark here

“Can you be serious Maki?”Bookmark here

Maki started to look over the numbers and realized just how tall the woman was that they we were talking about.Bookmark here

“Ummm...Kazu...this can’t be right. That would mean she’s like 8 feet tall.”Bookmark here

“She might be...”Bookmark here

“Wait a minute. Are you telling me that you measured her yourself? With your nerd hands? Your nerd hands touched a woman?!”Bookmark here

“Hey! You’re making it sound like I….”Bookmark here

It was then when I remembered I haven't had a girlfriend yet so my sister was not wrong in her amazement, I guess. Though she seemed more amazed that her brother, who she deemed a nerd, had touched a woman. Give me some credit...Bookmark here

“Going to finish that sentence mister!?”Bookmark here

“No.”Bookmark here

“So you measured her hips too? And her chest?’re finally growing up!”Bookmark here

I got up from the floor and walked over to her. Bookmark here

“Maki. Forgive me for this.”Bookmark here

“For what?”Bookmark here

With that, I flicked her in the middle of her forehead with enough force to make her fall back. She grabbed her forehead with both hands before screaming at me.Bookmark here

“KAZUHITO!!!”Bookmark here

“Are you done making fun of me?”Bookmark here

“Yes….stupid nerd boy.”Bookmark here

I went back and sat on the floor again and started digging through my bag for another piece of paper that I handed to Maki.Bookmark here

“This is what I drew. This is what I’m thinking for an outfit for her.”Bookmark here

“Wow Kazu. That’s so elegant. But why tights under a skirt? That might get hot.”Bookmark here

“She has very fair skin so it’s to protect her from sunlight. I want to do some type of long gloves too.”Bookmark here

“I don’t know how we can do this Kazu. No women are this tall. Maybe if you buy something then buy some extra material and sew it together. I can teach you.”Bookmark here

“Really!??! Thank you Maki. Thank you. I’ll give you anything. You’re the best.”Bookmark here

“You already know what I want Kazu. Make it happen.”Bookmark here

“If we can do this and make clothes for her then I will let you meet her when the time is right.”Bookmark here

“I won’t push you anymore. But if you break your word I will never talk to you again.”Bookmark here

“What if me and her stop talking?”Bookmark here

“NEV...ER.”Bookmark here

“Actually, you not talking might be a good thing.”Bookmark here

Maki grabbed the remote control and threw it at me. She happened to hit me in the same spot I always hit her. Right in the middle of his forehead. But I threw teddy bears at her, not hard ass remote controls. He fell back from the hit and was laying flat on my back, motionless. Bookmark here

“Holy crap. That freakin hurt Maki. What the hell.”Bookmark here

“Kazu. Kazu. Kazu! Uh oh. I think I killed him.”Bookmark here

Maki got off the couch and ran over to check on me. She kneeled down, checking the lump she gave me on my forehead. I was still lying motionless but was conscious the whole time. I wanted to play a trick on her for that one. She could have knocked me the hell out if she was stronger.Bookmark here

“I can’t believe I did that. I didn’t mean to throw that remote Kazu. Don’t be dead. Don’t be dead! I’ll be good. Wake up Kazu!! Wake up!!!!”Bookmark here

I was still lying motionless. Maki leaned in again, really close this time, to look at my forehead.Bookmark here

“That looks really bad. Why did I have to do that? Wake up Kazu.”Bookmark here

Maki started shaking me but was also crying and as the tears dropped on my face, I decided to react. I didn’t want the shrimp to cry. I just wanted to tease her a little.Bookmark here

“Maki, are you trying to kiss me? You’re way too close.”Bookmark here

“KAZU!!!!!!!”Bookmark here

I sat up and Maki hugged me like she hadn’t seen me for a year.Bookmark here

“I’m so sorry Kazu. I thought I killed you.”Bookmark here

“Yeah. Me too.”Bookmark here

“To make up for what I did I will help you and you don’t even need to bring your girlfriend here. This is my punishment for hurting you.”Bookmark here

“That’s very grown up of you Maki. You’re still a brat though.”Bookmark here

But I came to a decision that I didn’t think I would.Bookmark here

“Maki. I won’t make any promises but I might let you meet her. Soon. But you have to keep your word and help me. So let’s get started.”Bookmark here

“For me to help you, we have to go shopping. Get your wallet ready!”Bookmark here

Back at the store, Hideki was plotting something. Bookmark here

Hideki was talking to Sato about me and how he confronted me on that day he took off.Bookmark here

“Hey Sato, how do you feel about Kazuhito?”Bookmark here

“He seems alright to me dude.”Bookmark here

Hideki takes this time to try to get Sato on his side so he can have him help with his plan to figure out why Kazuhito hasn’t been heading straight home everyday when he knows he takes care of his sister.Bookmark here

“I guess you never saw his dark side. Don’t ever piss him off.”Bookmark here

“Really? He really seems kind of mellow, except when you two go at it.”Bookmark here

“The other day when I took time off, I saw him in the street and he was going to fight me right there. That’s why I came in the last few hours. I didn’t want him to kick my ass.”Bookmark here

“Hmmm…? He doesn’t seem like the type.”Bookmark here

“Remember how he always says he’s going home to take care of his sister? Well I see him going in the other direction like every other day.”Bookmark here

“Maybe he has a girlfriend or something.”Bookmark here

“Nope. I asked him. He won’t tell me what he’s doing.”Bookmark here

“So you want to spy on him?”Bookmark here

“I need to make sure he’s not getting into trouble that could fall back on the store but I can’t be the one to do it. If he notices me it’ll cause problems.”Bookmark here

“So you want ME to spy on him?!”Bookmark here

“Want a fast path to management?”Bookmark here

“That’s dirty, Hideki. But I am concerned if you think he might be getting into something. I’ll consider it.”Bookmark here

Hideki thought to himself. “Great. Now I can find out what he’s doing and I don’t have to be the one following him.”Bookmark here

“Kazuhito works tomorrow, if he goes the other direction, I’ll give you a signal. I’ll cover your spot at the store.”Bookmark here

“Ok. Hopefully it’s nothing and you’re just being worried for your friend.”Bookmark here

“Yeaaaah. Worried for my friend.”Bookmark here

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