Chapter 42:

That was Quick....

Spirit Guardians

Migan- Well let's keep chugging along S.E.I.D if you'd please

S.E.I.D- The next match will be…juryoku space from Spirit west vs. Diana Gale from Spirit North

I wonder who that is??? Wait??? I thought her name was Ashuri?

Shinkei- Dang I think she lied to us bro

But why when we were gonna figure out her real name sooner or later?

Diana- I was just poking fun at you all Lol.

Migan- Ms. Gale please get down here

Diana- Of course!!

Migan- Both fighters Ready?!?!?

Space- I lost last time in that stupid event….but I'm telling you now I won't be losing here.

Diana- Oh really? Please try to not bore me.

Space- What did you say?

*Diana sticks out her tongue and starts giggling.

Space- Why you little! Nebula Wave!!

Migan- Hey I didn't even say ready yet!

*The attack hits Diana

Space- Hm...announce the winner already.

Diana- And why would they do that?

Space- Huh? Why are you still up?

Shinkei- Woah there's not even a scratch on her.

Diana- Sorry about his rudeness please continue the sound off.

Migan- Ok girl I see you...Ready..

Space- Comet Catastrophe!!

Diana- wow you really are rude. Set, Go!! Tornado Slash!!

Oh my goodness, this wind is ridiculous.

*Diana blew away the comet's

Space- What? Woahhhh!!!

Diana- Such wasted potential

Announcers- Diana pushed Space out the ring The winner is Diana from Spirit North!!!

Spectators- That was quick.

*Diana walks over to space.

Diana- Such wasted potential. With that spirit you should be stronger than that.

Space- Shut the hell up, it's none of your business.

Diana- Hm...practice more and you may be able to beat one of the Original 7.

Space- Really now? Hey, are you single?

Diana- I am but I already have my eyes set on someone.


Shinkei- you ok bro?

Yea just got a weird chill down my spine.

Migan- S.E.I.D if you'd please

S.E.I.D- The next match will be Kamira Yusei from Spirit South

Kamira- Finally my turn to fight

S.E.I.D- Vs. Nanshi Furōresu from Spirit West Middle

Kamira- What the heck is this? I can't fight a little girl!

Nanshi- Yea. Can I forfeit please?

Migan- Sure you can….Nanshi forfeits the match.

Announcer 1- and the Winner is Kamira Yusei.

Romaji- Kam what's wrong?

Kamira- I may never be able to fight….