Chapter 12:

Cap 12 - Council of Supremes

Eyes of the Mind

“Very well, ladies and gentlemen, I appreciate you all being present today, I know my order was very short-term, so thank you for arriving so quickly.  "Said the old Apollo.

The council of elders had the custom of summoning all world and supreme rank hunters when they needed to discuss an important matter, as they always answered the elders' call at the same time.

Sebastian of the Paranormal Hunters Association, ACP Japan, world rank, a dragon magic user, known as the dragon master, his title was acquired after Sebastian single-handedly defeated an S-rank ancestor-class dragon.

Hisumoto from the Paranormal Hunters Association, ACP Japan, world rank, he is white, wears a black dress shirt, with a light gray dress shirt and a black tie, his hair is black and he has purple eyes, Hisumoto rarely talks to anyone and has a very calm atmosphere around him being a totally private person, a user of shadow magic, known as the child of the shadows, his title was passed to him after the man surpassed his master in the hierarchy of magical powers in the middle of his training in the shadow art.

Lara from the Paranormal Soldiers Guerrilla, GSP Russia, world rank, she was a young girl who looked to be around 12 years old, she is white, has medium gray hair, wears a dark green vest along with a gray t-shirt, not her neck had an identification tag with her data, she wore green camouflage pants along with a black boot, Lara is a totally unmotivated girl and loves to sleep, despite her hunter rank she usually prefers to stay at home doing nothing , a user of the explosion magic known as the explosive fists, the girl acquired her title after killing a creature named as rank behemoth. The nuclear class, at the time Lara was still a national ranked hunter, after the GSP failed to stop the creature with its best hunters, Lara volunteered to kill the creature,after 5 arduous days of fighting behemoth, Lara defeated the creature with an ability she named nuclear fist, the destruction caused by the girl's explosive abilities earned her the title of explosive fists.

Helen of the Order of Iron Ladies, ODF Spirit World, world rank, she is white and wears blue and white medieval clothes, her hair was yellow and very straight, her eyes are blue and fully focused, her appearance was a woman calm yet serious, a user of the magic of light, known as the golden angel, she received her title in the war between the ODF and the ogre realm, in the middle of the war as the iron ladies were outnumbered, Helena emerged, she was the only fighter not to take a single blow, after her arrival she was the inspiration and motivation of all iron ladies, after the end of the great war with the victory being won by the ODF,Helena signed the first non-aggression contract with the ogre king being known as the first human after spiritual isolation to sign a contract with the beings of the spirit world, the woman's decision was not well accepted by the elders, however, Helena showed no regret in her decision, this ended up earning her the title of golden angel within the order of iron ladies.

Gael from the Brazilian Supernatural Army, ESB Brazil, world rank, he is dark haired and dreads wearing, his eyes are brown, he is usually seen wearing a green tank top accompanied by blue denim shorts along with a black slipper. a black glasses he normally leaves on the collar of his shirt, the man had no reputation for being sociable, a user of reality-breaking magic, known as the freedom warrior, his title was given to him by his master after he defeated alone an entire army of high-level magical creatures that were attacking the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Dominique from the Spiritual Combat Initiative, ICE Spain, ranked World, he is brown and wears a black leather jacket, ripped pants accompanied by brown leather boots, a red cloth around his neck and a dark green shirt, he has a long brown hair. black color, is extremely proud, music is his life to the point that even his heart beats in a special rhythm, a user of the magic of sound, known as the conductor, his title was given by himself, for being a man totally in love with music, Dominique reached his current rank devastating spiritual creatures with his guitar, after a long time acting as a hunter Dominique was recognized by the elders themselves, however, Dominique doesn't care about ranks but about the sound he creates in each fight .

Vladi from the Spiritual Control Force, FCE Europe, rank supreme, he is pale and wears rather old dress in dark red and black color, he had long black hair that reached almost to his knee, his eyes were red as blood , he was a man with dubious morals within his organization as well as in others, people usually had a dislike of being around him, user of blood magic, known as the blood count, his title was given by his organization , Vladi was known for not being a patient person, in several missions he ended up executing his own allies, sometimes by mistake and others by choice, his fame ended up being negative within his organization causing all hunters to have a certain fear of missions in which he would participate,in a containment mission Vladi ended up executing an entire battalion of paranormal hunters for not following his orders properly, after this event he was almost expelled from the organization, however, because of his strength the elders gave him another chance for fear of losing a so powerful hunter and for fear of him turning against the organization, knowing that the hunters of his organization gave the title of blood count to Vladi.knowing this the hunters of his organization gave the title of blood count to Vladi.knowing this the hunters of his organization gave the title of blood count to Vladi.

Mary from the Union of Combatants Anonymous, UCA United States, Supreme rank, she is white and wears a white tank top, gloves that came up to her elbows, white cloth pants and white sneakers, her hair was medium length and colored light blue, her eyes were a similar color to white, she was known to be a somewhat abnormal woman, she was totally traveled in her thoughts, almost never appeared to be in the present, as if her mind lived only in the past and the future, outside that she was a fully bipolar person, a user of ice magic, known as the blizzard weaver, her title was given to her after a massive invasion of Carbons that were beings made of lava in Texas, knowing the danger that those creatures represented for the whole country,Mary was forced to create an intense blizzard that totally froze the entire state of Texas, killing all the creatures and all the people who could not evacuate the place in time. data from the mission that proved the creatures were extremely lethal and that there was no other way to save the population, Mary was then eventually forgiven by the population and given the title of blizzard weaver by the UCA.Mary was then eventually forgiven by the population and given the title of blizzard weaver by the UCA.Mary was then eventually forgiven by the population and given the title of blizzard weaver by the UCA.

Kali of the Order of the Followers of the Sun, OSS India, supreme rank, she is brunette and wore traditional Indian clothes, she had a red circle-shaped tattoo in the center of her forehead, her hair was long and orange and she had yellow eyes like the sun, she had a calm and serious appearance, even in serious discussions Kali didn't even sketch any expression of sadness, grief, anger or hatred, she always remained calm, a user of sun magic, known as the living sun, Kali received her title by the elders themselves, she was the first user of magic in her country, after her discovery as a user, Kali was worshiped as a Goddess by the inhabitants of her country, her powers ended up being controlled by other organizations around the world, however, Kali saw herself being forced to follow other countries instead of her own,she then created the Order of the Followers of the Sun, she was then recognized as the first hunter to lead an organization of hunters, her powers in the end were discussed and restricted by the other organizations on account of being a threat to life on earth, her title of Living sun realized that Kali could transform into a perfect representation of the sun.

Dao Xan of the Supernatural Warriors Empire, IGS China, supreme rank, he was a white man with short hair and black eyes, he wore a black tank top that showed off his muscles accompanied by blue pants and black sneakers, he was very well known being a hunter with total focus on hunting the demons of the spirit world, he was usually Impulsive, intense and radiant, his spirit powers were so powerful that he was appointed to become a hunter of Celestial rank, but he refused several times. this position, hero magic user (name given by himself), known as the last hero of the earth, Dao xan received this title by the world population, after defeating a demon that was known as the right arm of the causer of the cataclysm, the same incredulous.

"With the exception of the celestial rank hunter Iris, all the most powerful hunters in the world are present. "Sebastian said to the old Apollo.

"Very well, the reason for summoning all of you here today is to discuss the current situation of the spirit world, I would also like to say that this meeting was called at the request of the hunter Helena.

"Why is the spirit world the subject of this discussion? "asked Sebastian.

"A few things caught our attention, in the latest reports we received from the hunter Helena, she said she located her former apprentice, Sebastian. "Said the old Apollo.

"Which? Where was he found?! "asked Sebastian.

"First of all, as an ODF representative, I need to reformulate the information, unfortunately we lost the location of the individual named as G, however, we discovered one more thing, when we located G for the first time, it was found that he was not alone, a woman was following him, after researching a little about this woman, we found out that her name is Naomi. "Helena affirmed.

After hearing Helena's words the hunters were silent for some time, except for two of them, Sebastian and Hisumoto, they had some knowledge about who Naomi was.

"This woman, is Naomi the reaper? "asked Hisumoto.

“Exactly, the hunter who disappeared 8 years ago on a mission investigating the demon Unbeliever. "Helena affirmed.

The hunter's name was not as well known by the other hunters, except for the elder Apollo and the hunters Sebastian and Hisumoto, no one else knew her.

"What is it about this woman that caused us to be summoned here? "asked Lara.

"Naomi, the reaper, she was a hunter of National rank, she was one of the only hunters who survived the mission that failed to stop the unbeliever from coming to earth, after failing the mission, she was sent to the spirit world again to investigate where the demon had gone after causing the cataclysm, the mission lasted about a year, on his return from the spirit world, unfortunately, excluding Naomi herself, all the other hunters who returned died mysteriously, Naomi brought a child with her from that world , at the time she was related to a hunter who died on the same mission, this girl, the girl that Naomi brought is called Haruka, she is Naomi's daughter, what I'm wondering... is if Haruka isn't a spy of the enemy. "Helena speculated.

"This is nonsense! "Sebastian was saying as he quickly got up from the table.

“Sebastian, I'm going to ask you to sit down right away. "Said the old Apollo.


"Don't get it wrong Sebastian, I'm not saying anything, the girl has shown to be a productive and obedient hunter, however, I find it strange that she is the daughter of a hunter who disappeared and had full contact with the unbeliever's case, I'll also point out that the girl received a weapon straight from the spirit world by the reports of hunter Speack, even with all these coincidences, I will not condemn her apprentice, but I must say that if you are covering up this girl in any way, you can and will be accused of treason, even elders cannot go against this, hunters who conspire with the spirit world must and will be executed, as written in the rules. "Helena said."

"Helena, I'm going to ask you to be careful with your next words, you don't have the authority to decide anything in this council. "Apollo said.

"Whatever... I also need to say one more thing, we noticed suspicious activity in the spirit world recently, our forces noticed that several high-ranking creatures disappeared from the world, it was as if they had simply disappeared, our records noticed a difference of 10 % of each race simply disappeared, two of the races being black dragons and shinigamis, we also lost contact with four ODF bases of operations, when we went to investigate what had happened we found the place totally destroyed and no human or spiritual bodies, this must be more than clear, something is going wrong in the spirit world. "Helena said.

"10% of each high-level race... if we do the math at best we have an army of 5,000 creatures, but what's more doubtful in my opinion is about the ODF hunters that are gone, it's undeniable that something is happening in that place. "Mary claimed.

"Yeah boy, this is ominous in a way, spiritual attack activities have been dropping a lot lately... "Dominique said as she adjusted the strings on her guitar.

"Sorry, I have to say that this conversation of yours doesn't interest me one bit, whatever you decide, I vote in favor, no matter what it is, so I'm leaving. "Lara said as she got up and left the room.

“I would like to suggest something if I may. "Hisumoto said.

After Hisumoto's pronouncement, the hunters were silent, but after a few seconds, the hunters agreed to hear Hisumoto's suggestion.

"My proposal is to send a battalion of hunters from each organization to the spirit world to investigate the disappearance of the hunters and the creatures that disappeared, I believe that this way we can resolve this situation faster. "Hisumoto said.

Hisumoto's proposal was an interesting idea, however, it did not please some of the hunters, after a time of deep silence, the hunters decided to vote whether or not they would accept Hisumoto's proposal, after the vote was over, Hisumoto's proposal was accepted by 6 votes in favor against 4 votes against, these votes being made by Dao xan, Gael, Helena and Vladi.

"I believe that we do not need any help to investigate this ancient Apollo case, in the order of iron ladies, we are sure that with more time we can resolve all this. "Helena said

"Mobilizing a battalion of hunters is not something that will weaken our forces, however, I do not like the idea of ​​making a man available even knowing that we can be attacked by an army of high-level creatures. "speculated Vladi.

“I'm not in the mood to be the black sheep here at the table, but a battalion of hunters is an account we're not willing to provide right now, we don't have as many hunters available to supply for this mission, a battalion is almost half of what we have available. at the moment, besides ODF, ACP and GSP, are the organizations with the most hunters available for this type of mission, besides that I think exploring the spiritual world with only one battalion from each organization is crazy, taking away the existing threats. in that place, the spirit world is very large, a mission of this size would take a long time, a time that we cannot supply by dividing our hunters. "Gael said in an impatient tone.

"The ODF is the organization responsible for the spirit world, if they cannot solve a single problem of disappearance of paranormal beings and their own hunters, then the topic of this discussion should be whether we will still keep the ODF in charge of the spirit world or if we should replace them with someone who can do their job right. "Dao Xan said in a serious tone as he faced Helena.

"Enough of that, after all of you votes, it was decided to accept Hisumoto's suggestion, now I want you to organize your battalions, because of your statement Gael, I will let you assemble a team that has at least 6 people, except from ESB, all other organizations must send a battalion of 48 soldiers to the spirit world, you have exactly 4 months to form your battalions, after that everyone will be sent to the spirit world. "Said the Elder Apollo.

The atmosphere among the hunters was not very good, however, after the speeches of the elder Apollo, all the hunters started to leave the room.


"Yes Elder Apollo, what can I help you with?

"For some reason, elder Miranda has a great interest in her apprentice, I don't expect you to know her reasons, I myself have to say that I also don't know the reason, so after her apprentice returns I want her to join the battalion of the ACP for the spirit world.

“But sir, send a hunter of her level to the spirit world on such a mission.

"No matter what her current level, I also need to remind you that she's already been in that place with the Huntress Speack, don't forget Sebastian, the hunters are the weapons of this organization, none of them are allowed to refuse or go against our orders, I want that girl to join her team on this mission, regardless of what you say.

“A certain elder Apollo, I will follow your orders.

“Thanks for the excellent work Sebastian, you're dismissed now.

The elder Apollo's statements brought out that one of the elders had a special interest in Haruka, however his motives until then were uncertain, even so, Sebastian found himself in a situation that he would like to avoid at all costs.

Returning to Haruka's mission, the girl had found a path that led to a kind of catacomb that was at the bottom of the building, at that moment while the girl was exploring the catacomb, she started to have a totally abnormal headache, so she he went into a mental struggle against that figure that was in his mind.

"How many of them must you have already killed?

"Get out of my mind! "Haruka said while trying to keep upright because of the intense headache.

“You're no different than me, you know, you see these people as worms, you're completely dying to kill them all.

"I don't like killing one bit.

“I realized it as soon as you succumbed, this sword you carry.


“Your name is Disdain, the ruin of the gods, I wonder how that man got this sword, but that doesn't matter, now that it's in my hands, when you're fully mastered, I'll love having a weapon worthy of being used by me.

"It was bad, but I don't care a bit where that sword came from.

'It's too bad, especially since she's not awake from her sleep.


Before Haruka had a chance to ask anything else, she instinctively felt a completely insane pressure coming from the path she had used to reach the catacomb, Haruka had no idea if she could fight what had caught her attention.

The girl then, knowing her current condition, ran into the catacomb, after running for some time inside the catacomb, Haruka stopped feeling that pressure that had called her attention, looking around the girl noticed a strange light, taken by curiosity a girl went towards the light, after arriving at the place where the light originated, Haruka had a vision which she didn't know how to define.

Haruka was now in a kind of cave, there were several glass tanks with a kind of purple liquid inside, all full of deformed people, looking around those tanks Haruka found Hyper inside one of them, at the same moment the girl hit the tank, however, its material was so resistant that it repelled the girl's blow, the girl then carried her sword of magic power and with a top-down attack she managed to break the tank and remove the girl from inside it, for the relief of Haruka, Hyper was still fine.

"Why did you take it out of the tank?" - Scarlet asked who had just arrived.

"Who are you?

“You don't need to know, at least not right now, but then why don't we talk a little?

"To talk? I don't know if I'm really into it...

"Relax, let's talk a little about your current situation.


"You know, these tanks you're seeing, they bring all that is good in people, humans are weak and useless, after a while, we were selected by one person, he gave us a purpose, something that's bigger than all of us, for this purpose to be fulfilled, need these pathetic beings that are humans.

"You talk a lot about humans being pathetic, what are you then?

"Make no mistake, I'm also a human, but I'm different, just like you and that girl in your lap, we were born special, we are the perfect beings, born to replace these people.

"You sure don't hit it right, do you?

“These people in the tank, we're giving their lives a purpose, making them better.

“What the hell are you talking about?

“We're making these people corrupt.

“That doesn't make sense, normal people can't become corrupted.

“People who don't have magical powers can't really turn corrupted, however, this tank that was provided by our creator, he manages to bring these people back to their true beauty.

"You are totally crazy that yes.

"Whatever, now let's get down to business, why don't you join us?

"Not dead that I'm going to join a bunch of crazy people.

"I see, so I'll take you by force anyway, I'm crazy to find out what you'll look like when you're corrupted.

After the girl's lines, Haruka didn't even have time to prepare, Vitor in his corrupted form came down from above the ceiling and swallowed Haruka and Hyper.

"Don't kill either of them, I want them alive.

Haruka in that situation couldn't get out of the water form that was Vitor's body, even trying to swim out, it was as if she didn't leave the place.

"And then? What did you think of this wonderful corrupt? It didn't take me even 5 minutes to wake up this beautiful shape that he left suppressed, he was a wonderful study material, I had no idea I could create a corrupt one by messing with his head, I just wanted to test it when I found it and searched the memories of him, now he's one of my favorite toys, if I'm not mistaken his name was Vitor, but now I'm thinking of a better name.

After hearing that Haruka was totally in shock, knowing that one of her colleagues had turned into a creature left the girl with an unparalleled rage, however, the girl couldn't move yet.

While losing consciousness Haruka had already tried many things, because of not being able to move Haruka couldn't use her offensive skills and her ability that made the girl invulnerable didn't let the girl move inside that environment, before losing her consciousness Haruka remembered of one of the techniques she had caught a glimpse of in the confrontation against G, that day Haruka saw a swift, almost imperceptible silhouette of G's soul protruding outward and leaving her body even faster than normal.

The girl then risked doing something she had no idea would work out, Haruka calmed down and after a few seconds she projected her soul out of her body so that she didn't lose total contact with it.

Haruka's soul then grabbed the collar of the girl's shirt and pulled it out of Vitor's body, soon after throwing the girl at a safe distance from the creature and returning to her body right away.

"So cool! This magic of yours is really cool dude, I've never seen it before, what kind of user are you? Scarlet said as she stared at Haruka.

"Did you make him this?

"Very cool, isn't it?

“…I'm going to hit you so hard that you're going to wish you hadn't even gotten up today.

“I'll love to see you try this.

Vitor then went towards Haruka and Hyper ready to attack them, at the same moment Haruka grabbed Hyper and dodged the attack by running away from the creature, while running Haruka could see a glimpse of Vitor's corrupted form chasing her, he was extremely fast , Haruka in the current situation focused only on fleeing that place, however, escaping Vitor while carrying Hyper was a difficult task.

In an unfortunate moment Vitor fired a pressure jet that hit the girl causing her to drop Hyper and be thrown into one of the tanks.

"This girl you were carrying is going to be a perfect corrupt, a light user, her form besides being beautiful is one of the most dangerous, when she is under our control, the hunters will have a big problem.

“Rock boy…you got me in a mess, you idiot.

"Come on, why don't you surrender? You will not experience any pain in your transformation process.

Haruka at that moment couldn't hear anything, she was losing her consciousness.

"Come on Haruka... give me what is rightfully mine." - Said the strange figure in the girl's mind.

"Shut up, insufferable beast.

Haruka then stood up staggering and drew her sword, Scarlet seeing that the girl would not give up began to like the girl even more.

"This is awesome, even in this situation you don't give up, you'll be my favorite toy after you transform...

Scarlet then ordered Vitor to attack the girl, when the creature was towards Haruka, the girl drew her sword and delivered her soul cut towards Scarlet, before the blow hit the girl, Scarlet threw herself behind one of the tanks and dodged the attack, Vitor then for a second stopped his attack and returned to attack Haruka.

"You have an interesting weakness, you know! - Haruka screamed as he fled from Vitor's corrupted form.

"Weak point?

As Haruka ran away from Vitor she managed to notice that the control Scarlet had over him was something the girl needs to concentrate hard to maintain.

“Why don't you stop and let me get this over with?! asked Scarlet.

Scarlet was so focused on Haruka that she didn't notice Hyper slowly getting up behind her.

"Let Vitor finish it at once!

Haruka then stopped running from Vitor's corrupted form and stopped in a straight line for Scarlet as he faced her.

"You've damned yourself by stopping running now!"

"No... you were the one who was doomed."

Scarlet looking to the side came across Hyper, before the girl could react Hyper hit her in the face with a punch knocking the girl to the ground, almost at the same moment the corrupted form of Vitor stopped his movements, after stopping his movements, the Vitor's corrupted form got out of control and he started attacking everything that was close to him.

"Damn rock boy, what are you doing man?!

"He's not here anymore Haruka, he's corrupt now...

"What does that mean light bulb?

"He won't come back Haruka, hunters who turn corrupted... can't go back to normal anymore.


“We need to destroy his core.

"No... I'll bring him back even if I die trying!

While Vitor destroyed the cave wildly Haruka thought what to do to bring his colleague back, on the other hand, Hyper was very weak and couldn't use his magic, even moving was difficult for the girl.

“Foul hunters…I planned to guard you, give you a purpose, but now it doesn't matter anymore, I'm going to kill you and then kill that other pest.

Scarlet then entered Hyper's mind and started to choke the girl for her own thought, meanwhile in real life Hyper couldn't breathe, Haruka seeing that her friend was in danger tried to run to rescue the girl, however, Vitor's corrupt form began attacking the girl fiercely preventing her from helping Hyper.

When everything seemed lost, Scarlet was pulled into reality by a mental force that stopped her at the same moment, after realizing that her mental control had been broken, Scarlet quickly turned her eyes back and saw Cristy staring at her with Evy.

“damn brat.

Being a much more experienced mind control magic user than Cristy, Scarlet broke her line of control with Cristy at the same time she gave the girl a hell of a headache, realizing she was at a disadvantage Scarlet turned her back and started to run away, Evy then pointed his rifle at the girl and started shooting towards the girl, however none of the shots hit the girl who managed to escape.

While Evy tried to help her sister, Haruka struggled against Vitor's corrupted form, while running away trying to find a way to help her friend, Haruka saw Jean preparing an attack towards Vitor, realizing the boy's intentions, Haruka at the same time unleashed a soul cut hit a wall that was next to the hunter.

"What are you doing?!

"You're not going to kill him, I don't know how, but I'm going to bring him back!

After hearing the girl's words, Jean decided to help the girl, now the fight was between the two hunters and Vitor who was totally out of control and destroying everything.

With the impacts of the hunters and the creature's abilities, the cave began to collapse, while fighting Vitor Haruka noticed a huge boulder falling towards Cristy and Evy, quickly the girl advanced towards the two girls and using her physical improvement, Haruka stopped the boulder holding it while using all his strength.


"Leave it for later... get out of here!

Hearing Haruka's words, Evy and Cristy got out from under the boulder that soon after broke the ground because of its weight, knocking Haruka downstairs that hid a machine that fed the tanks with that purple liquid, while the girls were leaving the In the cave, Cristy pointed to Hyper and Evy at the same time asked her sister to leave that place as she went back to help Hyper.

While Haruka stared at that strange structure, she realized that that machine had a cooling system, while upstairs Jean was trying her best to hold Vitor, however, fighting that opponent was something difficult for the boy, his electric attacks didn't seem to do it. effect on the creature.

In a flurry of shots made of water, Vitor began to target Jean, even though he was hiding behind the tanks, Vitor's shots destroyed the structures as if they were made of paper.

The creature then began to approach the hunter while targeting the boy with several shots, after the creature reached the center of the facility, a hole opened where the creature was, right after the hole opened a frosty breeze hit him freezing him in the same time.

Haruka then came out of the hole and started facing the giant frozen water form, Jean then came out of her hiding place and headed towards the girl.

"We need to get out of here...

"We're not going to be able to save anyone, are we?" All these people are going to be buried and the rock boy... did I fail as drum leader?

“…you've done everything you can.

Haruka then threw a punch destroying the giant frozen water structure that was his friend, after breaking the structure, Haruka took Vitor's core, its core was identical to a ball made of smooth blue stone, its size was small and you could hold it with just one hand, after taking the core of your friend, Haruka turned her back and together with Jean the two began to flee the place that began to vent completely.

As they fled dodging rocks falling from the ceiling, Haruka wondered if she was ready to fight and protect someone, her recent defeats starting to rebound in the girl's mind.

With great difficulty the two managed to get out of that place, outside the building Haruka saw the ground engulfing the place where the building was, Haruka then sat on the ground while taking Vitor's core from her pocket and holding it in front of her face, while staring at that blue sphere, Cristy slowly approached the girl and sat beside her.


"Hi little creature, how are you?


"Don't thank me, I don't deserve any thanks, I couldn't save anyone inside that building... no one...

Haruka then cringed while hiding her face in her arms, seeing that situation Jean, Hyper and Evy chose to leave the girl alone, Cristy then held the sphere in Haruka's hand.

While Cristy held the sphere she managed to get inside Vitor's mind that was still active inside the sphere, after getting into reality inside waiting, Cristy saw Vitor sitting on a square bench next to a woman with light blue hair, the girl then slowly approached the bench and pulled the boy's shirt, Vitor then looked back seeing the girl staring at him.

"You... are that girl... Cristy, aren't you?

"You have to go back, that girl will be sad if you don't come back.

"Back where?" This place is all I need, there's no one else who needs me.

"You're wrong! cried Cristy.

Vitor at the same moment was surprised as he looked at the girl, Cristy then put his hands on Vitor's face showing the current situation in the real world, Vitor then saw how Haruka blamed herself for the current situation and how the atmosphere was around her was completely sad.

"That girl needs you to come back..." Said the representation of Mary.

“Master…I…don't want to go back.

"This is not your place, it's time for you to return to reality, Vitor.


"You've already managed to find your place, now go back to it." Mary was saying as she suddenly disappeared.

Vitor after hearing those words finally came back to reality, meanwhile the sphere in Haruka's hand cracked and began to crack, at the same moment Haruka got desperate as the sphere cracked in his hand, then suddenly broke it and fell to the ground, almost in the same second the sphere began to overflow with water and in a few seconds that water that came out of the sphere began to create the shape of a body and little by little it became the human body of Vitor who woke up scared looking around.

“Hey…I'm back. "Vitor said as he looked around.

Haruka then punched him in the face at the same time.

“But why did you hit me dammit!

“You…idiot, next time I'll kill you for sure. "Haruka said while trying to hide her face to avoid showing that she was crying.

“…Okay, sorry to worry you.

“Who said I was worried about you, you…idiot.

Vitor then raised his hand towards the girl and closed his fist, Haruka seeing that gesture was not understanding anything.

“Play there…you did a great job…leader.

“…Welcome back, rock boy. "Haruka said while touching Vitor's hand.

After the destruction of the radio tower, the hunters managed to contact the ACP and ask for help, after a while of waiting, ACP reinforcements arrived at the site to assist the hunters, after returning to the organization, Haruka discovered that the The cave where the tanks that the civilians of that city were imprisoned had been found with the help of the hunter Speack along with other students who had similar powers to hers, due to the thick material that resisted physical damage from the tanks, the civilians who are trapped in them suffered only minor injuries.

Haruka's mission ended up leaving more doubts than answers, after all not all the civilians had been found and Scarlet had escaped, however, thanks to the information passed by Evy, the ACP managed to identify not only a long magical trafficking scheme that was happening. in that region of tokyo, but also an operation that aimed to create corrupts from people who did not have any kind of magical power, the data collected by Evy not only had proof of how the magical traffic was done, but also had images of those involved. that Evy had collected during the period she lived in the place, along with the data were photos of three users who had disappeared when they were still apprentices, Biyu, Scarlet and Thay, all apprentice-rank hunters who had disappeared a year ago, However,what most intrigued the organization were the reports delivered by Haruka, about Scarlet having spoken of a man who had created them, the ACP then came to the conclusion that those hunters had had their memories and personalities altered.

Sebastian after learning that the girl had completed her mission went at the same time to see if she was okay, however, Haruka had already left the organization and gone home.

While walking to her house, Haruka was totally tired and exhausted, this made the girl not realize she was being followed, right behind the girl, following her closely was Scarlet, the girl then stopped and raised her hand towards of Haruka, however, as soon as Scarlet entered Haruka's mind, she was faced with that same vision that the girl had, a completely white environment and a distant figure staring at her.

"You... are that human that was in the cave...

"Who are you?

“His magical power reminds me of a man I knew a long time ago, but his magic was infinitely superior to this garbage you use.

"Tsk, you don't know who you're messing with, do you?" I will kill you...

Before Scarlet finished speaking, the intense gaze of that dark figure entered her mind, almost at the same moment Scarlet saw what hell was on earth, that totally disturbing vision began to degrade the girl's brain, in real life, Haruka had already returned home without even noticing the girl's presence, meanwhile Scarlet had frozen on her feet and her brain had already stopped functioning.