Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 [End]

Raining Diner

Lily get up from her seat and walk pass by me, heading somewhere behind me; I turn my head and saw a retro jukebox at the end of the room. The jukebox shines a brightly color light like a circus light with many records inside of it.Bookmark here

Since when do we have a jukebox.Bookmark here

She bends her body to look for a perfect tune to lighten up the mood. After pressing a couple button, the jukebox moves it hand to pick a record and places it on the record player. The jukebox begins to play a song.Bookmark here

At first, the music was foreign to me, but as I listen to it more. I recognize the music more and more until a name pop in my mind.Bookmark here

Barns Courtney - Hellfire.Bookmark here

Lily slowly tap her feet to the rhythm and swaying her hips. When the music kick on the high gear, she begins to move her body, violently matching the rhythm. I could see the freedom of her movement mirroring how she lives her life. Her wine-colored hairs flutter as she shakes and sways her head. The way she dances was intoxicating and somehow drawing me in.Bookmark here

She looks at me, gesturing her hand toward me, she wants me to come and join her. How could I say no? Even if my body still sore and hurt, I push through it.Bookmark here

As I stand close to her while swaying my body carefully. She places both of her hands on my shoulder, and pull me closer until her breasts press against my chest. Then she grab my uninjured hand and place it on her buttocks, I felt its softness and firm. she began to sway her hip and intoxicating me even further with her dance.Bookmark here

"Li-Lily?" I mutter.Bookmark here

She places her finger to my lips, silencing me. She turns her body now her butt pressed against my crotch while she sways it against mine. My eyes widen and I quickly try to think of something else to calm my inner lust.Bookmark here

Oh my god!, I scream in my mind.Bookmark here

Eiffel Tower. Shit wrong one.Bookmark here

Einstein theory of relativity.Bookmark here

Suddenly, I grunt in pain, as a massive pain run through my brain, it's like my head is hit by something really large. An image of a tree foliage and night sky with a heavy droplet of rain flash through my eyes, I blink my eyes and it's gone.Bookmark here

"Liam? are you okay?' Lily asks worriedly.Bookmark here

"My head, never mind. Just a little headache" I replied.Bookmark here

I notice Lily has stopped dancing. She looks at me with both of her blue eyes, a small frown on her lips showing sign of her worry.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?" Lily ask again.Bookmark here

"Yeah it is gone now," I said as the pain finally subsided.Bookmark here

"I should have taken it easy with the dance," Lily said.Bookmark here

"I mean the pain was worth it though, to see you dance like that," I jest.Bookmark here

Lily let out a giggle and lean her head against my shoulder, as she did that the jukebox changes its music to a slow and vocal song.Bookmark here

"Care for a dance?" I said.Bookmark here

Lily looked back at me and let out an agreeable smile. She then places both of her hands on both of my shoulders then I wrap my hand around her waist and we begin to slowly sway our body left to right. Matching the slow rhythm.Bookmark here

We slow dance to Ellie Goulding - Dead in The Waters.Bookmark here

"Liam?" Lily let out.Bookmark here

"Yeah?" I ask back to her.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, that I forget about you." Lily apologize.Bookmark here

"You mean the first day I met you? It's okay, I'm not mad about it" I said.Bookmark here

"N-no aahh..." Lily said then let out a sigh.Bookmark here

"Lily?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I'm not apologizing to you because I forgot the first time I met you," Lily said.Bookmark here

"Then why are you apologizing?" I ask.Bookmark here

"It's complicated, just forget what I said," Lily said.Bookmark here

There was a short silence between us.Bookmark here

"I forgive you," I said.Bookmark here

Lily let out a small laugh.Bookmark here

"You dummy, you don't even know why I apologize. How could you forgive me," Lily said.Bookmark here

"I just did. Nevertheless, I forgive you, no matter what you did, I will always forgive you" I said.Bookmark here

"That sweet and stupid at the same time," she said and hit the side of my biceps.Bookmark here

"Ou-ouch" I let out.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry," Lily said.Bookmark here

"I forgive you like I said before, I always forgive you," I said and let out a laugh.Bookmark here

Lily lips form a genuinely happy smile, but I can't help myself feeling something else from that smile. A deep longing and guilt.Bookmark here

"I'm just a normal girl, who want to live a happy life," Lily mutter under her breath.Bookmark here

"Liam, there is another reason why I want to get out of this town," Lily said.Bookmark here

"What is it?" I ask.Bookmark here

"When I was a teenager, my mom passed away because of a heart cancer," Lily said.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said.Bookmark here

"It's okay.."Lily said.Bookmark here

"I remember on her deathbed, the last thing she ever said to me is, 'live a full life'," Lily said.Bookmark here

"That why I want to get out of this town, to live a full life just like she wanted me to. My dad said it a stupid reason to get out of this town, does my reason sound stupid to you?" Lily ask.Bookmark here

This is it, Liam. What you said right now could make her stay here with you, but how could I be the one that prevents her from achieving her goals? I want her to stay with me, but I don't want to chain her wings, goddammit what should I said!Bookmark here

This is stupid, why I debating about this, I know what the correct answer is.Bookmark here

"It's sounds... like a perfectly good reason to get out of this town. Screw what your dad said. It's your damn life and you are the one behind the wheel" I said, my heart beat painfully.Bookmark here

"Thank you..." Lily said as she smiles at me.Bookmark here

"You know, one of few things I gonna miss when I leave this town is you, I couldn't have asked a better friend," Lily said.Bookmark here

Her word pierces me like an arrow, now is a good time just said it! Say I love you!, SAID IT!.Bookmark here

"Lily? can I say—" I was about o confess, when one of the diner telephone rings, interrupting my words.Bookmark here

"Wait here, let me get that," Lily said after letting me go.Bookmark here

She walks toward the telephone and picks it up. She begins to talk about something serious with the other person behind the phone.Bookmark here

I begin to curse myself and the world in my head.Bookmark here

I let out a long sigh and took a seat at the edge of the booth.Bookmark here

This is why you not gonna get her! Why can't you just say those three words to her? It not like it the end of the world, she gonna leave and find another man, that better than you and what do you get? You get nothing because you just can't confess to her like a normal person.Bookmark here

Oh F you brain, thank for the motivation, it not that easy okay?Bookmark here

Yeah, yeah, keep on complaining chum.Bookmark here

I notice outside of the Diner that the rain has finally shown sign of slowing down. She gonna leave... and I'm going to be alone again.Bookmark here

"Liam?" Lily ask.Bookmark here

"Yeah?" I ask back.Bookmark here

"Mr. Krux said that we should get home as soon as we have a chance because he said that the storm going to get worse from here," Lily said.Bookmark here

I let out another sigh.Bookmark here

"Also my dad just calls and he is on his way here," Lily said.Bookmark here

"We should close down the Diner" suggested Lily.Bookmark here

"Your right" I agree.Bookmark here

Standing up from the booth and ready to close the Diner.Bookmark here

"I clean up the kitchen while you do the front," I said, walking toward the kitchen, with a sour face.Bookmark here

"Liam, whats wrong?" Lily ask.Bookmark here

"Nothing!" I said, entering the kitchen.Bookmark here

After 15 minutes of cleaning the kitchen and turning off the power switch. I was wiping the kitchen metal counter and I could see my reflection, as I look at the reflection, blood drip on the counter. I close my eyes as I open it again, the drop of blood has disappeared.Bookmark here

I toss the rag on the side and exit the kitchen. I saw Lily sitting at one of the booths wearing her normal cloth. A white t-shirt and blues jeans while gazing outside of the dinner. I walk past by her to the locker room and change my cloth. Bookmark here

I wear my leather jacket and black jeans, then I exit the locker room. With me, I carry my motorcycle helmet and place it on the table where Lily is sitting.Bookmark here

"What wrongs?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I don't know, it just sad that we have to leave" Lily mutter.Bookmark here

"It's not like I can't see you again, we can message together, send pictures to each other, live chat and stuff," I jest.Bookmark here

"You don't understand, Liam..." Lily said.Bookmark here

"What?" I joked.Bookmark here

Two headlights appear in the distant and getting closer to us.Bookmark here

"It's not something to joke about!" Lily fumed.Bookmark here

"Lily, why are you mad? It's not like this is the end" I said.Bookmark here

"IT IS!" Lily barked.Bookmark here

There was a long silence fell between us after Lily sudden lashed out. The two light stop revealing a pickup truck that Lily dad drive.Bookmark here

"We can't see each other after this!" Lily said, grabbing her bag and walk out of the doors.Bookmark here

I grab my motorcycle helmet and chase after her to the outside in the rain.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?!" I yelled back.Bookmark here

Lily stopped in her tracks.Bookmark here

"Don't you realize it yet? you and I are dead. Don't you remember and all of this is our last stop before we go to our places." Lily said.Bookmark here

"Dead? that can't be true, I mean I can still feel" I said.Bookmark here

"You have been dead for 12 years, Liam. You die in a motorcycle crash on a stormy day just like this one, on your way back home" Lily explained.Bookmark here

" I don't remember any of those things" I said.Bookmark here

"12 years?.." I said, suddenly, something warm flowing down my cheek.Bookmark here

I touch it and saw it blood that is dripping down, then I finally remember. I was driving back home when my front wheels slip off road and crash into a tree. I did die on that day. my whole body froze, I let go of my helmet and it falls on the wet ground.Bookmark here

The rain kept pouring on top of me, wetting my whole body.Bookmark here

"The news, the headache, the flashback... It was signed... To show me the truth" I mutter.Bookmark here

"Liam... I'm sorry, but I had to tell you" Lily said.Bookmark here

I look at Lily and realized that she is the same as me.Bookmark here

"How did you?..." I ask.Bookmark here

"Heart cancer... Just like my mom on my 39 birthday" Lily answer.Bookmark here

"39?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes Liam, 39 and I had two kids and a loving husband," Lily said.Bookmark here

"Then why are you here with me?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I don't know, I just don't know" Lily replied.Bookmark here

"I'm leaving... This last time we will ever meet, goodbye." Lily said, turning her body to face the pickup truck, she begins to walk toward it.Bookmark here

"WAIT!!!" I scream tears begin to form on the corner of my eyes.Bookmark here

Lily turned around, she looks at me her eyes redden as tear flowing down and mixing with the drop of rain.Bookmark here

Say it!Bookmark here

"I LOVE YOU!!" I yelled out at the top of my lungs.Bookmark here

Lily face turn into shocked as she hears my confession. She places her hand on her mouth while her eyes gaze toward me. I look at her trying to smile while tears flowing down from my eyes. I sniffled and walk toward her.Bookmark here

When I finally close to her, I reach out to her and embrace her with my arms. she returns my embrace.Bookmark here

"I didn't know..." Lily said.Bookmark here

"I did a good job of hiding it" I jest, sniffled a bit.Bookmark here

"If only things could be different..." Lily mutter.Bookmark here

"I don't care, just said it," I said.Bookmark here

"I love you too," Lily confessed.Bookmark here

"Those days that we spent together, I never realize my own feeling until the day you were gone," Lily said.Bookmark here

"I wonder did you manage to live your full life?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes. but I have only one regret. You" Lily answer.Bookmark here

"Do I get to kiss you?" I joke.Bookmark here

"Of course, dummy," Lily said.Bookmark here

Lily place both of her hand on my cheeks and bring my face closer to her. Our lips met each other, it was warm, it was raw, it was something otherworldly, fireworks, atomic bomb anything you could think of. It just a wonderful feeling that I would never forget.Bookmark here

The whole world starts to shake, I could see the roads and Diner start to break apart like a piece of puzzles and start to float up into the sky. Bookmark here

It's like the end of the world.Bookmark here

Lily tighten her embrace around my body, I could feel her arm shaking because of the fear of the end. I embrace her even tighter, to calm her, to tell her that I will always be by her side until the end. We didn't stop our kiss but only continue until the bright white light shine and envelope us both.Bookmark here

THE END.Bookmark here

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