Chapter 1:

Prologue: It all starts with one action.

Black Witch Tsu-To-Yu!

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The poor boy was bored.

This is how he describes his life right now.

All his life, he lived in a quiet town called Fatajika. There was nothing special in that town. It wasn’t bustling—it was quiet. It wasn’t lively—it was quiet. It wasn’t exciting… because it was quiet.

He turned upwards, seeing the crystal blue sky adorned with small clouds.

Spring has arrived as cherry-blossom trees were fully in bloom, a breeze flowing in and blowing several petals across the air, creating a serene image for the weary mind. The streets were deprived of trash and gunk, and the nearly greyish-white houses and buildings that would pass by only made his mind grow numb.

He turned around, spotting the bright sun that blinded his vision, causing him to look at nothing but white before his view recovered a few short seconds later.

The breeze hit the young boy’s body. The young boy was wearing his middle-school uniform—a black blazer with golden buttons in a vertical line down his chest, opened completely to show his white dress shirt, with black pants to go along with them. He carried his official middle school bag, a suit-case like bag which carried all of his messed up notes.

This boy would be no different than anyone else, other than one crucial fact—his hair was strikingly crimson red. It was passed down to him from his genes, so it was truly a natural color, not just dyed to go against society.

A bored look was constantly on his face. His eyes were round and fiery, but behind them, a bored soul rested in his body. He was tired of living this life.

But he had no idea why. He just… was.

He couldn’t explain it, no matter how one would question him. He was just constantly bored.

Currently, blocking his ears, were earphones transmitting music at a decently high volume into his eardrums. He hears a variety of music, whether it would be rock and heavy metal, or just hip hop and even love songs.

He had no current favorite, so to speak. Rather, he doesn’t have much any kind of favorites.

Perhaps he was just bored of living his simple, quiet life. A heavy sigh escaped from his lips as he realized that.

He turned back around, having enough of the sun burning his face, and stepped forward. He was currently walking from school, where he had enough of his classmates having fun with each other.

Touyo Shikaya was the kind of boy that others would find difficult to hang around with. It wasn’t like he was a bad person. On the contrary, he is a mellow guy… he just has a difficult time to ‘connect’ with other people.

For him, ‘socializing’ was bothersome, not difficult.

He walked along the even path towards his home, where currently nobody was in there. His single mother was working at this moment, so once he comes home, nobody would be there to greet him. As usual, he would make dinner for two and watch television until his mother comes home, and as usual, they would have dinner together as they watch TV.

She would ask how school was, and he would always answer the same answer he has always given:

“Same as usual.”

Same boring day, hearing the same boring lectures and same boring chatter between students. As usual, he would be bored out of his mind.

Seeing the change in scenery, now switching from the more busy part of the town into a quieter part of town, he turns around the corner of the sidewalk, walking alongside the long brown fence that reached his height.

With the street that hardly any car would pass by beside him, the metal bar separating him from the street, he would continue to walk, hearing the music blaring in his ears.

He was enjoying a spirited rock song, specifically, an anime song that he has never seen on TV before but heard the song dozens of times. It was a part where the guitar solo was on, and he quietly enjoyed it as he imagined himself in a fantasy setting.

His hands burning red, and suddenly blasting out a beam of fiery blaze towards his enemies. He wore armor, completely black, and a crazed smile was on his face. Suddenly, several shadowed enemies, every single one having no face, would attack him, but it proved to be useless as he also mastered martial arts.

Pow! Blam! He would punch and kick his unknown enemies away with clear mastery. Powers or strength, he was unbeaten.

Then, his right foot, the big toe of his foot, hit something. The sudden shock made him somehow entangle his legs in the confusion.

In short—he fell over.

The front of his body, including his face, hit against the solid asphalt. The sharp pain on his forehead and nose caused his mind to return to the harsh reality. An extremely sharp pain, however, was on his right hand.

He lifted his head to see the pain that was on his right palm, seeing a small scratch that was already welling blood. He sees the culprit of his injury, a small jagged rock in front of him. It was possibly the rock was from the home on his right side.

“Just my luck,” Touyo spoke in a cynical tone. As if it was expected of him to receive an injury even from a light fall.

Avoiding to let his injured palm meet the dirty asphalt, he stood up with one hand, turning his head around to spot the rather thick object that was toppled over without mercy.

A black book with red markings on the front. The pages reaching several inches thick.

He tilts his neck. This never happened before.

Without needing to try, he crawled towards the book, his brimming curiosity bursting out from his eyes. He stood, the shadow casting from his head loomed over the book.

Once he took a closer look, he saw the red markings forming complicated curves to make some kind of insignia.

In other words, it looked demonic. As if it was a book for how to make evil rituals he saw on TV.

Yet, Touyo’s attention was completely absorbed by the book. He couldn’t help but admire the book, as if it was calling for him.

Calling him to take it.

“…Does this belong to anybody?”

He couldn’t explain why he wanted the book. He looked up and surveyed his surroundings on high alertness. Such a book—it was obvious someone dropped it.

At least, that’s what his common sense tells him.

But his other side, his rather curious side, tells him something his common sense is telling the opposite. ‘Take the book, nobody would miss it.’

A concern raised in his heart, thinking that he might be stealing it from somebody else. Another concern was ‘why on earth would he want this book?’.

But then, those concerns were thrown to the wind. He extends his hand towards the book.

He felt the leather-covered book, slightly warm due to the sun constantly shining down on it. Yet, having it in his hands, he didn’t want to read it.

Not until he goes home and sees it for himself.

Taking another look around, he placed the book under his arm, turned off the song on his cell phone, and briskly walked towards his home, his heart elevated and beating faster than normal.

Exciting. This was the first time the boy felt this feeling in a long time.