Chapter 60:

Chapter 60 [30 minutes]


"30 minutes," I said.

That word that came out from my mouth cause Lina to stop her track just a few feet away from me, her eyes look at me, confused then she realized something.

"you know...that you can't fight me using physical force but you just stood there, unflinching of my incoming attack. what did you do?" Lina asks worriedly.

"I always know that you can catch on my scheme. I appreciate your way of view that you saw nothing wrong with me but I'm sorry. People change and so do...I" I said.

"What did you do!?" Lina asks again, her tone becoming louder.

"There are 13 hospitals in this city. I have asked my little friend to place two red backpacks containing 12 pounds of C4 each, at the reception of two of the thirteen hospitals," I said.

"The chosen location for the bombs is unknown to me, so using force to get an answer out of me is useless," I said.

"I know you! you wouldn't dare to do this!" Lina denied.

"Are you sure though? I change Lina. I will not anything stand my way... not even you" I said.

I see Lina clenching her teeth tightly, she has this disappointment glare toward me when I look at her fist, both of them slowly turning into open palms.

"You still good Haru, deep down and I won't give up on you," Lina said.

Her word still hurts but I stand in my resolve, not showing her word has affected me.

"30 minutes," I said again.

"I'll be back," Lina said.

"I know you will," I said.

Then boom, she takes off from the building and into the sky while breaking the speed of sound. The aftermath of her launch is followed by another gust of wind that brushes my body and cloth. I look at her as she goes, heading to the nearest hospital to find and dispose of the bomb.

I press the button to change my loud spear to radio communication again.

"We got 25-minute at least," I said, my voice sounds serious and not my usual witty tone.

"I can't believe your plan worked, " Cindy said.

"Is Kusagi safely on her way back to base?" I ask.

"Yes, Tony just message me that he on his way here with Kusagi" Cindy replied.

"Good, let move on to the next checkpoint," I said.

"are you okay Haru? you sound like you in pain" Cindy asked.

"It's her when I meet her, some feeling just resurfaced again" I replied.

"Are you gonna be fine?" Cindy ask.

"Yeah, let just head to the next checkpoint," I said.

The motorcycle roar in the distant as its head to where I'm standing and I sling the shotgun back behind me beside the metal briefcase. The motorcycle stopped in front of me and I lift my leg over the bike and took a seat on it; then the small screen on the middle between the clutch and throttle handle turns green; giving me control of the bike. I turn the throttle playing with its engine.

Changing gear using my feet and the motorcycle move again as I turn the throttle. I ride the bike down the spiral ramp, reaching the ground floor, exiting the multi-story car park and into the street again.

"I think this a good time to tell you about my plan," Cindy said.

"I'm listening," I said as I cut off the car in front of me.

"The first part of the plan is to steal the Catalyst, check. then we use the catalyst to bait them so they come out, check. right now, we are slowly dwindling their force for our last part of the plan that is attacking directly their HQ but we need to take out the masked woman first. Sound good?" Cindy said.

"Arent that the same plan that I suggest three years ago?" I joked.

"No your plan is stupid, what you suggest back then were to directly attack their HQ which is dumb. My plan is to slowly take out their force then we attack their HQ" Cindy replied.

"Well tomayto, tomahto," I said.

"Nobody called them Tomahto Haru..." Cindy said.

"Well I do," I said.

I heard a snigger from Cindy,"glad to have you back" Cindy said.

"Yeah... thank you for that" I thank Cindy.

"So where are my next checkpoint?" I ask.

"Just go straight, 2 Klicks away from your location" Cindy replied.

"What is that?" Cindy let out in surprised.

"What is it?" I ask worriedly.

"At the construction site, 300 meters away from you, on your right side, at the top floor, there a person there," Cindy said.

"A construction worker?" I guess.

"No, nobody is there except for this one person—Oh my god! he just disappears" Cindy said.

"What do you mean disappear?" I ask

"Shit, I just lost my drone!" Cindy exclaim.

"what happened!?" I said.

As I was about 10 meters away from passing the construction site. My instinct lights up like fireworks, and I could feel bloodlust suddenly appeared at my right side. I let go of the handle and push my self backward when a blade passes through and cutting the middle of my motorcycle.

I duck and roll backward, the bike split into two and crash into a both parked cars on the right side and the left side of the street. It suddenly catches on fire and exploded into a fiery ball of light.

Suddenly I notice that there is no car using this road and most shops are closed and no one human can be spotted here.

"Haru! what happen?" Cindy ask.

"I know what happens," I said.

My gaze went to the woman standing in front of me, a black tight suit, a Katana on her back and wearing a fox yokai mask.

"She here!" I fumed.

"What, switching to helmet cam now—Oh shit, please be careful Haru," Cindy said worriedly.

The woman walks toward the construction site and entering it. I quickly get up on my feet, sling my shoulder back to my chest and run after her.

When I turn to the entrance she was nowhere to be seen but when I look at the top floor, I could see she standing at the edge looking down at me, my blood starts to boil and my heart beating fast.

"Haru.. listen it would be stupid to follow her, it a trap. if you enter that site, I cant guarantee your safety" Cindy warned.

"I don't care!" I growl.

I start running toward the unfinished building with the shotgun in my hand and full anger surface in me, I could feel my teeth clenching and my eyebrow furrow under the helmet.

"Haru!" Cindy called.

"HARU!" Cindy called again, I ignore her word.

"aah, shit" Cindy sighed.

I start to climb the stair toward the top floor, skipping the step and not once of energy I felt lost.

I just want to go there and shoot her in her face! for my uncle! for me! and all the pain that I been through. My anger even reaches my brain as it starts pulsing against my skull.

"There she is... please at least make sure you come back after this Haru" Cindy pleaded.

I ignore her plead and focus on the woman 5 feet away from me, the katana now unsheathe and wrap between her fingers.

The katana! NO WAY! HOW!!

I press the button on my left gauntlet; turning on my loudspeaker, so I can speak clearly.


"What is it?" Cindy ask.


"It just a sword Haru," Cindy said.

"It not just a sword! it's my UNCLE SWORD!!" I scream in anger.

I look at the Katana in hands, the silver blade with waving line running from top to the black wooden handle and the bell with a red long piece of fabric. It's my uncle sword I recognize it, the moment I laid my eyes on it.


Raising my shotgun, I aim down the sight toward the woman, I fire an incendiary shot, the bullet spread into a ring of fire and closing in the woman, the woman suddenly just disappear leaving a little black smoke behind.

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