Chapter 59:

Chapter 59 [Gunfire]


I heard the sound of the tire screeching below and getting closer to my location; closing the station trunk, I duck and hide at the side of the station wagon. I peek over the hood and saw two black armored truck enter the top parking area using the ramp.Bookmark here

"They are here" Cindy warned.Bookmark here

The two armored truck stop to a screeching halt and the back door opens up; exiting it a dozen fully tactical cloth soldiers with M4 carbine ready in their hands, they spread out and cover their every blind spot. The other truck opens their back door and follows it the same dozen soldiers.
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"Wait for my signal," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Roger" I replied while lowering my voice.Bookmark here

The soldiers expand their area of coverage, peeking out from the cover, I saw as three of them are closing in on my location. My right-hand starts to shake and I clench it tightly to stop it from shaking even further.
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The motorcycle headlight beam brightly toward the armed soldiers, they all turn their sight on the source of the light and some of them that were heading my way; are distracted by the beaming light.Bookmark here

"Now," Cindy said.
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I breathe in and breathe out. Then, turning the safety off and flick the switch from single fire to auto.
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I get out from the cover while aiming for the closest person to me, I squeeze the trigger and the sound of multiple small explosion escaped the barrel and pushing the bullets toward the soldier. The soldier falls after being shot before they could react to my attack, I already aim for the next guy and take him out.Bookmark here

The next one aims his M4 carbine toward me and fires multiple shots toward me; I duck down escaping the line of fire, the noise caught the attention of the soldier's teammates and they all start firing toward the red station wagon that I hid behind.Bookmark here

Some of the bullets pass through the station wagon body and hit the ground next to me; I look at it, I lay down with the FN scar and aim the closest soldier at me, shooting his leg; the pain of getting shot in the leg forced him to lay down on the ground when his head is visible, I aim and shoot him in the head.
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I sit up again and move to the back of the station wagon, where the trunk is; I look in front of me and saw a long concrete divider that I could use for cover.Bookmark here

"Cover me," I said to Cindy.Bookmark here

"No problem" Cindy replied.Bookmark here

The motorcycle begins to rev its engine and fire the machinegun attach to the bike toward the soldier in the back, one of the soldiers that survive, ran back inside of the truck and take out a large rectangle object, he throws it on the ground and a large dome forcefield covering him and the rest of the teammates.
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The incoming bullet was deflected when it hit the force field, while their attention is grabbed by the machine gun, I ran toward the concrete divider, I was fired upon when they realized that I took off toward the concrete divider, a few bullets hit my shoulder and thigh; I wince at the pain of being shot.
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I didn't let the pain hold me down, I stand out from the cover and lay a few shots toward the soldiers, I manage to down two of them before running out of ammo in my rifle. The soldiers being suppressed fire by me and the motorcycle; retreated back to the dome and took cover in it.Bookmark here

"That forcefield is in the way" Cindy complained.Bookmark here

"I could do something about it, just keep on laying suppressing fire," I said.Bookmark here

I lean the FN-SCAR on the concrete divider and bring the shotgun forward to my chest. I check the power bar screen on my left gauntlet; the power bar shows me that it fully charge. I let another couple heavy breath out then vaulting over the divider and running toward the soldiers with the shield out.Bookmark here

Using my right hand, I aim the shotgun at the soldiers. the soldier ignores the motorcycle machine gun suppressive fire and begins to lay their own suppressive fire on me. I blocked the incoming bullet using the shield that emitted from my left gauntlet.Bookmark here

Entering the dome, I fire the shotgun on one of the soldiers, the incendiary ammo inside the shotgun light the man on fire on impact and spark fly everywhere. The kept on fire on me but I use my shield to block the incoming fire. All six of them focus their fire on me, not letting me a chance to counter attack them, my eyes wander to the forcefield generator and I aim the shotgun at the forcefield generator and shoot it.Bookmark here

The forcefield disappear and they are shredded by the incoming fire from the machinegun attack to the motorcycle behind them, the machine gun stop firing and I release the shield. Letting a long breath, looking down; I see the aftermath of what happens, body part laying around separated from the whole body, one of the men I shot with the shotgun, his chest was burned to the crisp after getting hit by the incendiary ammo.
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That machinegun really did a number of them.
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My heart beat faster, closing my eyes, I let out another long breath to calm myself.
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"Let's move to the next checkpoint," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Are you okay? I can hear your heavy breathing" Cindy worried.Bookmark here

"It's nothing, let go...," I said.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a sound like something pop from far away could be heard, following it a violent breeze of cold wind causing my loose part of my hoodie to flutter and the whole building start to shake when something landed on it.Bookmark here

I know it well who is it.Bookmark here

Turning my body to face the source of the shake, I saw Lina standing 3 meters away from me wearing some kind of gold and white tight suit with a cape covering her entire body except for her thigh. I was distracted for a few seconds, because of how the tight suit hug her every curve, I was brought back to reality when Cindy's voice echo in my ears.Bookmark here

"Oh my god, she look hot" Cindy let out.Bookmark here

"I know" I agree.Bookmark here

"Focus Haru" I mutter.Bookmark here

"Good luck. I hope your part of the plan work," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I press the button on my left gauntlet, switching from radio communication to a loudspeaker.Bookmark here

"Even if you are wearing a mask, I will still recognize you,"I said.Bookmark here

"What gives it away?" Lina ask.Bookmark here

"The freckles, you have. they always have been my favorite" I answer.Bookmark here

I could see Lina let out a genuinely happy smile as she hears my answers.Bookmark here

"This your last chance, come with me peacefully or I will use force," Lina said, her smile is long gone.Bookmark here

"Why me? why am I so important to you that you sacrifice what you want most in life just to get me back" I ask.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" Lina ask.Bookmark here

"I know you just want to be a normal girl and want nothing to do with all this violence but just for me, you willing to throw it away?" I ask again.Bookmark here

"I'm just one guy that you should forget about," I said; my hand tightens around my shotgun.Bookmark here

"I'm not throwing away anything, my goals aren't just to be a normal girl. I want to be a normal girl with you by my side" Lina said.Bookmark here

"and I'm not gonna forget about the man I love" Lina continue.Bookmark here

"The man you love is gone. why can't you see that?" I said.Bookmark here

"He not gone! He still here! and he is kind as I remember him" Lina exclaim, both of her hand turning into a fist.Bookmark here

Her word was like a burning sword going through my heart, I look down at the piled of body and viscera on the ground, I close my eyes and opening it back to the shotgun in my hands, the weapon I used to kill all this people and more.Bookmark here

"You are delusional. Look around me! look at this death!" I yell.Bookmark here

"You call this kind!" I said, raising my shotgun to her to show her the weapon I used to cause this.Bookmark here

I see her eyes averted from me.Bookmark here

"You m-must have your own reason to do this but you still the man I love!" Lina said, still standing in her ground.Bookmark here

I let out a quiet chuckle at her statements.Bookmark here

"Haru, everything is in place!" I heard Kusagi voice from my earpiece. I stop my chuckle and look directly at Lina's eyes.Bookmark here

"This is your last warning Haru! come peacefully or I will be forced to use my strength!" Lina warned.Bookmark here

I kept quiet and let out a small smile under my helmet, I waited patiently for her to come close. Lina was confused by my silence but shake her suspicion away and ready her stance; she moves to a running position and, aiming straight at me.Bookmark here

She uses her foot to push her self forward into a charge toward me, and I just stood there smiling under my helmet, unflinching.
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