Chapter 61:

Chapter 61 [How?]


I felt a slight pain the back like something just cut me, I felt the belt holding the metal briefcase slide down my back and hear the metal briefcase hit the ground behind me.Bookmark here

As I was about to turn around to see what happen, I was suddenly kicked on my spine and throwing me forwards. I stumble a couple feet to the front when I turn around, I can see the woman standing behind me with the metal briefcase laying in front of him and her blade is mear by blood.Bookmark here

I reach my upper back, there a wetness spreading, I touch it with my finger, a slight pain course through my back when I look at the finger I could see blood.Bookmark here

I growl.Bookmark here

I aim my shotgun and fire a couple shot toward The woman, she disappeared again, I try to predict her next attack by raising my shotgun on my right side to block her blade but it was a failure, as she cut my left upper arm.Bookmark here

I aim the shotgun on my left side and let out a shot but she disappeared again. I felt a slight pain in my right ankle as the woman cut me with her Katana.Bookmark here

"I WILL END YOU!!" I scream.Bookmark here

I aim my shotgun again but the woman swings his blade cutting my shotgun into two half making the shotgun completely useless, she roundhouses kick me on the right side of my helmet, tossing me to the right and I fall down hitting my right shoulder first.Bookmark here

I let go of the broken shotgun and raise myself before I could fully stand. The woman kicks me again in the chin causing me to fall backward hitting my back on the concrete floor.Bookmark here

"That not your sword, IT BELONG TO A TASHIKAWA!" I yell.Bookmark here

Taking out the CZ-b handgun out of its holster, I aim the handgun at the woman and fire a couple shot at her but she disappears again into thin air.Bookmark here

She whips her Katana downward, splashing my blood on her blade to the floor and cleaning her sword. I look at my power screen on my left gauntlet; I only got 50 percents left then I look at my handgun checking it magazine and I'm low on ammo.Bookmark here

I could feel him rising inside of me again, I try to keep him down low but it useless he already is out and he wants payback.
Bookmark here

My vision begins to redden and my head starts to twitch occasionally then lastly my mouth from that evil smile under my helmet.Bookmark here

I break into a charge toward her, as I was charging, I aim my handgun at him and unload all the bullet at her. The woman jumps from left to right avoiding my bullet and closing in on me.
Bookmark here

The handgun make a clicking sound and the trigger stuck, I saw the woman bring her blade upward and ready to slice me horizontally, I squeeze my left hand and the shield emit from the gauntlet.Bookmark here

The sword hit the shield and bounce back, but that doesn't slow her, she uses the momentum to keep on attacking my shield.Bookmark here

I throw the handgun toward her, and she slices clean the handgun into two half. I back away to catch my breath then I throw a couple kunai at her, she avoids it by blinking away but I already have taken out my revolver and aiming at her.Bookmark here

Squeezing the trigger, explosion escapes the end of the barrel following it a bullet heading straight to her, but she didn't blink away only bring her sword to her right side and in a swift movement, she cut the bullet in half.Bookmark here

"Oh, that is so bullshit" Cindy let as she watches what just happen.Bookmark here

But that only angers me more, I charge straight on toward her, she turns her head at me and ready her stance. I aim the revolver and fire a bullet straight at her head but she ducks down when I finally close to her I was about to hit her with the shield but she avoids by moving to the right and the way she moves the blade was like water and in a smooth movement; she slices horizontally toward my stomach.Bookmark here

Then she kicks me back with her feet, I fall down rolling backward on the concrete floor.Bookmark here

I touch my stomach, I could feel the blood pouring from the long cut on my stomach, I wince in massive pain that I finally felt form that attack. My breath begins to panting, but I get up and charge toward her again.Bookmark here

I fire another shot with the revolver, she slices the bullet in half like I predict and I cover my front with the shield when I finally close to her, I was about to roundhouse kick but she blinks out again.Bookmark here

I felt a massive pain on my back, I turn around and fire another shot with the revolver. She blinks again, and another pain jolt on my calves and I turn again firing another shot. she disappears again then she hit me on the left side of the helmet with her the Katana hilt.
Bookmark here

I fall down on my right side and accidentally let go of my revolver. It falls to the floor with me, I look at the revolver in front of me; as I was about to grab it. The woman kicks it away from me.Bookmark here

I grunt and begin to desperately get up but she kicks my chin forcing me to fall back to the floor. my sight begin to blur and twisted, I feel my body getting tired when I look at the left gauntlet power screen and I could see that it glows red telling me that it has run out of the energy.Bookmark here

"Haru, hang in there, I'm sending someone to help you!" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"I DONT NEED YOUR HELP!!" I yell.Bookmark here

The woman walks away toward the metal briefcase leaving me. I took the chance to get up then I proceed to take out my last Kunai and hold it in my right hand.Bookmark here

"LOOK AT ME!!" I yell at the woman.Bookmark here

The woman turns her head to me, and I could feel her pitiful stare at me.Bookmark here

"I'm not weak!!" I mutter.Bookmark here

"I will kill you!!" I mutter again.Bookmark here

She raises her free hand toward me and gestures me with her fingers, inviting me to attack her and mocking me at the same time. I took a long breath and charge toward her. When she is in my reach, I block her kick first then I try to slice her with the Kunai and she blocks it with her Katana.Bookmark here

I throw in another punch with my left hand she blocks it with her hand but I used that opening to throw the Kunai in my right hand. she brings her blade close to my chest and slices it before blinking away. The Kunai manage to hit her on the middle of the mask when she blinks away the Kunai fall to the floor instead of wedging itself in the mask.Bookmark here

I fall to one knee as another cut open in my chest but I let out a smile under my helmet, I finally hit her. I could do this again, I just to get up and attack again.Bookmark here

When I try to get up, I cough out blood inside of my helmet causing me to fall to my knee again. The blood flows out and dripping from the opening under my chin, the blood flow down my neck and I cough out blood again; smearing my the visor inside my helmet.Bookmark here

But I stand up again and when I look at her. The woman is looking at me, her mask starts to crack and break. I took that chance to charge toward her again.Bookmark here

A few feet away from her I suddenly in my tracks. The mask broke into two half and fall to the floor.Bookmark here

"What?!" I let out.Bookmark here

"How?" I let out again.Bookmark here

The cold wind blows her black hair causing it to flutter in the winds, the moonlight beam off her yellowish white skin and a frown form on her thin lips.Bookmark here

"How are you alive?" I mumble.Bookmark here

"What is going on!!" I barked.
Bookmark here

I fall to both of my knees as I look up at the woman from below. My anger completely disappear, there was no trace left of it but my heart felt like it falls deep into my gut.
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