Chapter 62:

Chapter 62 [Destruction]


"How are you even alive?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Who is?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"Her!" I replied angrily.Bookmark here

"Who is her?!" Cindy fumed.Bookmark here

"Kagome Tashikawa," I said.Bookmark here

"M-my ... mother" I continue.Bookmark here

"Just hold on Haru, help is coming!" Cindy saidBookmark here

She kicks me on the right side of the helmet, I fall down to hit my left shoulder on the concrete floor first before laying down on it. When I try to get up again, she steps on my helmet keeping me down and close to the floor.Bookmark here

"I'm not your mother," She said coldly.Bookmark here

"Don't you recognize me? It's me, Haru" I said then she pierce my leg with the Katana; I scream in pain.Bookmark here

"Don't you dare use that name!" Kagome hissed.Bookmark here

"But it's my name!" I wince.Bookmark here

Kagome eyes look at me, her left eyebrow raise and then she let out a small smile.Bookmark here

"Oh Shadow, what kind of cruel joke are you doing to this boy?" Kagome laugh.Bookmark here

"What joke?" I ask.Bookmark here

"You really don't know, do you?" Kagome said.Bookmark here

My head filled with confusion, I don't know what's going on, why are my mother still alive and why did my uncle lie to me. My whole world is crashing down... What have I done?Bookmark here

Kagome pulled her Katana out from my leg, and suddenly everything went black for a second. Before I know it, my back was leaning on one of the concrete beams at the edge of the floor. Kagome places the tip of Katana on my shoulder and pushes it into the concrete beam; piercing my bone and muscle easily.Bookmark here

I scream in pain and Kagome step back. I try to grab the handle and pulled it out but the katana remain unmoving no matter how many strength I put in trying to pull it out.Bookmark here

"What do you know about Touka Tashikawa, enlighten me please?" Kagome ask.Bookmark here

"He's my uncle, he the one that took care of me after you're both disappear. He taught me everything I know, he said you were once a great superhero and that you both will always love me till the end," I said.Bookmark here

Kagome snigger, "Everything he told you is a lie. He always knows where I was because he always keeps track of me. The only truth that he told you was the part about me being a great superhero but that was a long time ago..." Kagome said.Bookmark here

"W-what?..." I said as my head begins to swirl.Bookmark here

"He knows that you were alive?" I ask.Bookmark here

"He always knows," Kagome answer.Bookmark here

"Then why, did he kept all this quiet?" I ask again.Bookmark here

"I don't know, he always been a weird one in the family," Kagome said.Bookmark here

"And one more thing, I didn't love you, you were a mistake. The only one I ever loved is my son," Kagome said then walked away toward the metal briefcase.Bookmark here

"But, I'm your son..." I mumbled.Bookmark here

"Your not him," Kagome said, he grabs the metal briefcase and looks at it then she let out a laugh.Bookmark here

"I guess you weren't stupid enough to bring the Catalyst with you," Kagome said, opening the metal briefcase simple lock, revealing nothing in it.Bookmark here

"BUT, I AM HIM!" I scream my heart out.Bookmark here

Kagome drops the metal briefcase and walks toward one of my Kunai. She held it in her hand and examine it. Then, she blinks away and appears in front of me; she stabs the Kunai slowly in my gut.Bookmark here

"Your Not Him!" Kagome hissed.Bookmark here

I scream in pain as she twists the Kunai inside of my gut as she looks at me with pure rage. After I scream in pain, she let go of the kunai and left it in my gut.Bookmark here

I clench my teeth as I try to take off my helmet, wishing to show her the truth that I am Haru, but I was stopped by Kagome punching me in the gut, taking out the Kunai and stabbing me in the thigh with it.Bookmark here

"Don't show your face to me" Kagome warned.Bookmark here

Kagome let the kunai in my thigh and step away, I start to cough out more blood and sob inside of my helmet.Bookmark here

"Pathetic! My son wouldn't cry like you even if he comes to face a mortal danger," Kagome snorted.Bookmark here

The chin of the helmet drip blood and tear.Bookmark here

"Mom please believe me that I'm your son!" I called out to her.Bookmark here

"SHUT UP!" Kagome shouted.Bookmark here

"You don't know anything about my son, don't you dare claim his name as yours" Kagome growled.Bookmark here

"You are a mistake, but even if a mistake can do something right," Kagome said.Bookmark here

She takes out Pendrive that hang around her neck by a chain necklace; taking it off her neck, she slips it into my pocket and my eyes glance toward the Pendrive in my pockets.Bookmark here

"Bring me the Catalyst and I let you and your friend live," Kagome said.Bookmark here

"Assuming, if you survive this fall" Kagome continue.Bookmark here

"Who am I kidding, you have my blood inside of you, I know you will survive," Kagome said.Bookmark here

Kagome grabs my shoulder and we both blink again. When my sight return, I was at the edge of the unfinished building, I look at her, she let out a smile and push me backward; my foot slip and I fall backward.Bookmark here

I look at her, not one shred of love was on her face while I'm falling toward down below. The world that I know has ended for me, everyone that I hurt and killed was all for nothing.Bookmark here

My body hit one of the beams that stick out, the hit breaks my spine in half, the massive pain almost knocks me out but god wish me to feel the pain that I have cause toward other, I landed on the pile of sand that felt like a brick on impact.Bookmark here

My sight blurry as I keep puking out blood inside my helmet, something fall beside me a revolver.Bookmark here

I can hear Cindy voice calling out to me "Haru just hang in there, help is here!"Bookmark here

I saw a blurry shadow at the corner of my eyes, a shape of a small child, she was trying to drag me away but another large shadow came and lift me in his arm. I can see the night sky moving and experience the feeling of being insert into a car.Bookmark here

That night.Bookmark here

I died.Bookmark here

again.Bookmark here

....Bookmark here

I open my eyes to the bright yellow sun that floating in the middle of the blue sky and white clouds. I quickly seat up from my lying position, I notice that I'm wearing my regular clean cloth and a fishing rod laying beside my thigh.Bookmark here

Then a familiar song starts to play; Don't let me be misunderstood by The Animals.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a man behind me starts humming to the rhythm of the song, I know who the man is, he the reason I fight.Bookmark here

"Strange thing, even after my death, we often met here," Uncle said.Bookmark here

A sudden white-hot rage engulfs over me, I couldn't stand it anymore hearing his voice, remembering all those memories, what used to be happy memories now only reminded of me what I have done because of this man.Bookmark here

I grab the fishing rod with my left hand, standing up on the small wooden boat, I toss the rod over into the river and it sank down until it cannot be seen again.Bookmark here

"You lied to me! All this year. How could you?!" I barked.Bookmark here

"I look up to you, I willing to restore your honor, I thought we were family. I kill all those people for you! It all your fault!!" I raged.Bookmark here

"My fault?" Uncle said.Bookmark here

"In the beginning, did I ask you to kill for me? Did you try to find out why I was murder? You said you want to restore my honor, did you ever think that this is how I want you to restore my honor?" Uncle continues.Bookmark here

"I warned you, that if you choose this path, you will only cause more destruction but do you head my word. No, you keep on walking that path, here is the destruction you wanted" Uncle said.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the rainforest at the river bank turns and twisted. The sky above became dark red, the tree became dead and wilted. The ground full of char and black sticky mud begins flowing down into the river turning it into a flowing river of blood.Bookmark here

At the tree line, a dark misty human-like shadow begins to walk to the edge of the river bank, then another one appears and another one. It keeps on going until the edge of the river is filled with them,Bookmark here

I know them, they are the people I killed.Bookmark here

"No. No, I didn't pull the trigger. It's was him"I was interrupted.Bookmark here

"Who me?" His twisted evil voice appears behind me.Bookmark here

I turn around to see that he already standing, facing me and looking at me with a bloodshot eye and that evil smile.Bookmark here

"What? you gonna blame me now?" he jested.Bookmark here

"Yeah, you're the one that pulled the trigger!" I blame.Bookmark here

"You idiot. Didn't you realize it yet? That you am I and I am you" he said.Bookmark here

He pushed me with both of his hands and I fall back into the river> My body starts to sink a couple feet when I try to swim back up. Suddenly a hand grabs me by the ankle and start pulling me down. I try to pry the hand off my ankle but another suddenly grab my leg and try to drag me down.Bookmark here

And soon a thousand of hands covering my body and each of them try to pull me down into the depth of the river where no light can reach me.Bookmark here

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