Chapter 63:

Chapter 63 [Footage]


I open my eyes again, but instead of a bright sun that greets me, it was the Incandescent white light and my warehouse room ceiling. As I try to move my body, I notice that my body felt sore and moist. When I look downward of my body, there was no cloth on from my waist to head and the only thing I'm wearing is my pant.

I wince in pain as I sat up from the bed then a quite cute snore grab my attention from the left, my eyes glance on the left side of my bed, I see Kusagi head resting on the edge of the bed, a bloody moist rag on her right hand and her rabbit's ear twitch a little while she slept.

"She knocks herself self out after an hour of cleaning your body," Cindy said as she leans in the doorway.

"Tony said that she the one that finds you, after you ... fall from that building." Cindy continues.

My eyes still on Kusagi, I move my hand to pat her head but I stop myself and retract my hand back.

"She one tough kid." Cindy continues.

"Tougher, compare to me..." I mutter under my breath.

"You know I found a Pen drive in your pants," Cindy said.

When I turn my head toward Cindy, I can see a screen tablet on her hand and the look of pain that people have when they have to tell you bad news.

"You might want to watch this," Cindy said.

I turn my eyes to Kusagi, sleeping beside me.

"Don't worry I will bring her to my room, she can sleep there," Cindy said.

Cindy then walks to Kusagi, lifting her up gently with both hands after placing the tablet on the bed, Kusagi let go of the bloody rag in her hand as she is being lifted up and carry out of the room by Cindy.

I watch them both leave the room, then I turn my eyes toward the tablet, I was about to reach it but my hand hesitated, it recoils back and my finger starts to dig into my palm.

Do I really want to know?

I have to.

I reach the tablet, pressing the screen, the tablet light up, looking at it and on the screen a video is ready to play. My finger presses the play button and the video starts to play.



A man in an orange and black hero costume that I don't recognize show in front of the camera lens. It looks like he is messing with the camera, the screen keep blurring and zooming until it finally has a perfect shot.

"I think it recording now. There. My name is ... I shouldn't tell you my real name, how about my super name. My super name is Energize. My power is I can conjure up energy in my hand and blast people with it, sounds cool right?" Energize said.

"What the hell are you doing?" a woman voice interrupts him.

Energize turn around to see a superheroine, in blue and red costume with a cape.

"Oh let me introduce you guys to my partner, Cyclone girl!" He exclaims.

Cyclone girl raises one eyebrow as she looks at him.

"Can I ask you again, what are you doing?" Cyclone girl ask.

"I just recording some stuff." Energize answer.

Energize then place the camera on top of a table and I finally notice that they stand on a large balcony or some sort; there is a railing at the edge and tables with chairs. I can see the horizon but at the horizon, I can see some kind of bright white light shaped like a rectangle, like a doorway.

"Why are you recording?" Cyclone girl ask.

"I don't know, I'm scared I guess." Energize answer.

"What are you scared of? we probably at the safest place in the world. Where all the superhero and supervillain in the world assemble to save the world" Cyclone girl said.

"Like, I don't know. I just... Ok, everytime that thing out there send a wave of monster and every time we defeat them. The wave kept getting bigger and the duration for the next wave kept getting shorter, don't you realize that?" Energize said and point at the bright doorway in the distance.

Cyclone girl look at him then she averted her eyes, "I realize it also, but we have the entire superpowered force behind us. I know we can stop this" Cyclone girl said.

"But I'm still scared, Mary. I afraid that somehow things gonna change after this, not a good change but a bad one and I'm afraid of losing you." Energize said.

"You are not gonna lose me, you know that. We have been through tougher things than this. I guarantee you that we gonna be fine." Cyclone assure.

Cyclone girl grabs both of Energize hand to comfort him, Energize let a let out a small smile and they both close in each other and lay her lips on his lips and they passionately kiss with each other for a few minutes until Cyclone girl interrupt their session.

"Come on, we have a meeting besides this not a good time or place for that." Cyclone girl said, backing away, and fixing her black silky long hair.

"How about tonight my room?" Energize ask with a grin on his face.

"Stop it. maybe?" Cyclone girl said biting her lip and walk away.

Energize look at cyclone girl as she leaves when he was about to leave. He immediately stops and turns back to grab his camera. He carries the camera while it still records. He brought the camera into what it seems like a briefing room and takes a seat next to cyclone girl.

At the front of the room, a man in a green tight suit, and his face is so familiar. Is that who I think it is, the one who gave the briefing is Lina father. Yeah, I recognize him.

"Hello everybody. First off, I know you people have realized the duration that it took for the next wave have become shorter, and the wave of the enemy has multiple since the first invasion," Lina father said.

Superhero and Supervillain in the room begin to murmur.

"Okay, quiet down. After hours or brainstorming and research of the combined force of the superpowered community, we have found a way to stop that portal." Lina father said.

"How?" one of the superhero seating in the same row as Energize speak up.

"Our research has found out that the four-piece at the corner of the portal is the one that keeping it open." Lina father explains.

"Also, we find out that the four-piece is siphoning energy from the other side to keep it open." Lina father continue.

"The four-piece is basically indestructible and the way to close it is to reverse the energy flowing and shut it down from this side" Lina father continues.

"By using a specific energy, we blast that energy to the four-piece, generating more energy from this side, pushing the power from the other side, instantly cut off that energy so this side of the portal lose it energy, and it will close the portal on it own. It like flicking the switch." Lina father continues.

"Here the bad news, this feat can't be achieved alone since we need a megaton of energy to use. we also don't have the time and resource to build an energy converter." Lina father said.

"So, what now?" A woman asks after standing up and I instantly recognize her. My mother.

"We have a way but it is dangerous. We need someone who has the power to convert energy." Lina father answer.

"This person will change a megaton of energy into a specific energy to power the four-piece but doing this he or she will have 80 percent chance of destroying his own body," Lina father said.

"So basically a suicide mission? nobody will agree to that!" protested one of the supervillains sitting in the front row.

"Listen up, you don't understand how dire is it out there. Our force has begun to tire out fighting those things. Sooner or later, we will lose this last defense. If we lose this last defense, the world will be consumed by them, and believe me, it will be the end of our world." Lina father said.

Everyone begins to quiet down as dread begins to set upon them.

"Shadow! bring him." Lina father said.

Uncle Touka comes out from the door wearing a black suit, the tashikawa Katana on his back and wearing an Oni mask. Everyone looks surprised as they saw the child beside Uncle when I look closely at the child, he looks just like me but younger.

"Shadow, what is the meaning of this?!" Shouted my mother.

"It okay Mom, I'm the one who asks Uncle to bring me here," The younger Haru said, calming her mother.

"Listen, your son has that power to help us close the portal, please I'm asking you for your permission," Lina father said.

"No, I ain't gonna put my son in danger!" Mom said.

"Where is my husband? he will not agree to this!" My mom said.

"Mom, I can do this!" younger Haru said.

"No, you are still young. I will not let you do this" Mom said to the younger Haru.

"Mom this is the only answer" Younger Haru said.

"No, DAIKI!" My mom called out to someone.

That name; Daiki. It's my father name.

"I'm afraid Daiki is in confinement cell," Shadow said.

"What?" My mom said.

"He wouldn't agree to this either, so he to fight it. I defeat him and sent him to the confinement cell"

"You betray us? that is my son, your niece that you putting in danger!" Mom barked.

"It the only way," Shadow said.

Mom suddenly disappeared and appeared again behind Haru.

"I'm getting you out of here, Haru!" Mom said.

Younger Haru back away from mom and Mom face drop as she saw her son backing away from her.

"This is the only way, I have to save you," younger Haru said with resolve.

"No.." Mom said but was immediately knocked out by Uncle.

"Sent her to the confinement cell," Uncle said, and two of the superhero stand up, lifting mom, and carry her out of the room.

"Blame me, if you want. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good" Uncle mutter as she looks at mom being carried away.

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