Chapter 43:

Romaji vs. Tareik

Spirit Guardians

*Diana walks over to space.

Diana- Such wasted potential. With that spirit you should be stronger than that.

Space- Shut the hell up, it's none of your business.

Diana- Hm...practice more and you may be able to beat one of the Original 7.

Space- Really now? Hey, are you single?

Diana- I am but I already have my eyes set on someone.


Shinkei- you ok bro?

Yea just got a weird chill down my spine.

Migan- S.E.I.D if you'd please

S.E.I.D- The next match will be Kamira Yusei from Spirit South

Kamira- Finally my turn to fight

S.E.I.D- Vs. Nanshi Furōresu from Spirit West Middle

Kamira- What the heck is this? I can't fight a little girl!

Nanshi- Yea. Can I forfeit please?

Migan- Sure you can….Nanshi forfeits the match.

Announcer 1- and the Winner is Kamira Yusei.

Romaji- Kam what's wrong?

Kamira- I may never be able to fight….

S.E.I.D- Next match will be Romaji Jon-zu from Spirit South vs. Rino Purazuma from Spirit North

Migan- you guys ready?

Romaji- of course the Main protagonist of this story is always ready.

Migan- Anyways

Tareik- Sure

Migan- Ready, Set, Fight!!!

Romaji- You ready side character?

Tareik- let's just finish this. I don't feel like fighting for long. QUICKSAND!!

Romaji- woah, BEAST TRANSFORMATION: EAGLE!! What was that about? Were you the one who almost got me and Mashù?

Tareik- I don't know what you're talking about.

Romaji- can't believe I had to use this new power so quickly….oh well as long as the main character wins it'll be ok.

Tareik- Sandy Hands!!!

Romaji- woah trying to grab me now huh? I hope this works like I think it'll work. Beast Transformation: Dolphin!!!

*Romaji dives into the sand

Shinkei- Why would he do that!?!?

Kamira- Wait, just watch….

Tareik- Can someone save him so I don't get disqualified?

*the stage starts rumbling

Tareik- Woah, what's happening?

*Romaji digs out the quicksand and shows up behind tareik

Romaji- Grit those teeth!!

Tareik- Wait!!! I give up!

Romaji- What….?

Tareik- I give up...I don't like pain.

Romaji- Ok then

Announcers- and the winner is Romaji from Spirit south….

Migan- well, ok let's just get on with the last match of the day. The twins will be fighting in a double battle since they can't use their spirit separately.

And so the battle raged on Romaji looking kinda disappointed in what happened.

Mashù- It's ok Romaji...hey Let's go get some Pita Bread.

Romaji- Pita bread! You mean it?

Mashù- Yea let's go right now.

Hey Mashù are you not gonna watch your girlfriends fight?

Mashù- Nah I'm good man. Shinkei, kam you coming?

Shinkei- Sure I'll go

Mashù- Kam???


Mashù- I kinda thought so.....Alright we'll be by the food when you guys are done watching.

Yea thanks man. (kam just stood there in the stands just staring at them with nothing but hate and sadness in her eyes)

The fight ended very shortly. The other 2 were from different schools so they didn't have any coordination or teamwork at all(they didn't stand a chance).

Well this is over….kam you ready to go?(she starts gritting her teeth and clenching her fist till they bleed.)


Kamira- Huh? What? My bad Anjero I'm ok.

Your hands would say differently.

Kam- oh.. I'm seriously ok, let's just go.

Ok( we head to the food stalls and see everyone hanging out under the tent.)

Mashù- Anjero!! Kam! How'd it go?

Ichiji- Well we can tell you ourselves.

Tekai- oh kammy I really do hope to see you fight tomorrow. You know…. Got a forfeit win and all.

*Kam turns to the food vendor

Kamira- Can I have Dinner set B with extra Beef and Spinach?

Tekai- Awe of course you would want extra little Piggy.

Mashù- Hey Stop that!

Ichiji- oh, we're sorry babe

Mashù- and stop calling me that. I don't like females like you or your sister.

*Ichiji and Tekai looked shocked and lost for words.

Ichiji- This is all your fault Kamira.

No it's your fault for being straight bullies to this girl. Like grow up.

Kamira- Anjero, Mashù it's ok….i'm going to sleep.

Mashù- Kam….you two need to apologize to her.

Twins- The only way she'll get an apology is if she beat us both.

I believe she will quite easily in fact.

Ichiji- What did you say?

I mean I only knew kamira for a short time; but I can tell she'll win.

Tekai- You're lucky you're kinda cute otherwise we'd mess up that pretty face of yours.

*Anjero smiles

Have a good night.