Chapter 13:

Cap 13 - Start of Progress

Eyes of the Mind

"You are too weak.

"Don't do that, girl.

"It won't do you any good to say anything old, your destiny is set, you will die by my hands.

"How are you able to do these things?!

"Get ready i'll pass the cerol on you!

Using a unique skill, Haruka's character delivered a burst of pressure that defeated Sebastian's character, securing a perfect for girl along side a double knockout against his master.

"You suck at old, that must be why people your age play chess or any other old people's game.

" This game makes no sense, a magical burst of pressure cannot be made by clicking 3 buttons... Wait a minute, why am I playing this with you? In your messages they said you were in danger and that you needed my help as soon as possible.

"But I was really in old danger, there is no greater danger than getting bored on a Sunday morning.

"You called me here just to kill your boredom by playing a game?

" ... It's possible, very possible, quite possible, I thought it was of course, are you a beast?

"Enough of that I'm leaving, I have work to do and I can't waste time here.

"Easy old, stay a little longer.

Haruka then swerved his eyes for a second and something caught his eye, the girl at the same time pulled Sebastian by the blouse making him sit on the floor again.

"I thought of something cooler.

Haruka then looked at Sebastian with a totally evil look and I doubt it, he then realized that by the girl's look something good was not to come.

"Be kind to that part...

"That's not right, that's not how you do it.

"Calm old...


"Watch out, or you could end up hurting...


"Now slowly you're going to use this to get in here...

"Why the hell are you talking like that without a notion girl!

At the same time Sebastian said that his game ended with his patient coming to death.

" I'm not the one who takes care of my recoveries, you seem to be no good to be a surgeon, i'm sorry it was just a simulator, poor innocent girl, she just needed a transplant and ended up losing her life.

"That's enough of that, I'm leaving.

Sebastian then got up ready to leave, before he could leave Haruka's room the girl entered in front of the door preventing her from passing.

"The old man that, don't be so upset.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd get out of my way.

"A girl calls you into her room and you want to leave? I see you do very well your role as a boring old man.

"I didn't come all this way to play games with you girl. "Sebastian said in a stressed tone.

"But... Don't you feel sorry for your favorite apprentice staying all day with nothing to do?

"Why don't you call your teammates?

The girl at the same time was left with a dry and cold look, totally unmotivated and caricato.

"I tried, the battery saw my messages and said it would not come, then he even answered me, dry like the Sahara desert, the lamp after he saw my message I ask what kind of mission we would do, when I tried to explain to her that it would not be a mission the situation got even worse so I gave up, When I tried to call the rock boy he laughed and hung up on me.

"What kind of relationship is this that you have with your companions.

"They love me in a different way I think.

From the girl's gaze anyone could tell she was being extremely ironic in that last comment.

"Look, girl, I'd love to stay longer, but I've been too busy, so I can't afford to stay here wasting time with you?

"Do you see me as a total waste of old time? "The girl crouched in the corner of the room said as she looked at the wall with a depressing tone.

" No girl! That's not what I meant.

"As life is sad, happiness is a lie, death is the solution.

"I... I'm going to stay a little longer...

"Wonder what we're going to do then?! "He asked Haruka with his eyes shining in a totally different tone of happiness from a few seconds ago.

Sebastian at the same time noticed that he had fallen in the girl's game, yet he decided to stay a little longer at Haruka's house.

"What do you usually do on your days off here girl?

"Sleep, play something, eat, sleep, read manga, listen to music, sleep.

"Do you do anything useful at least? Like training your magic control or hone your magical abilities?

"... No, I find that very annoying.

"How can you be so lazy...

Haruka was a peculiar type of person, her motivations were something very dubious, the girl whenever she thought of getting stronger, the only thing she thought about was the results, when she tried to put her workouts into practice, she gave up at the same time.

"Girl, why don't we train your magic flow?

"What do you think of a chocolate cake?

"Girl, you're trying to get away from my suggestion, aren't you?

"Yes, did you get too much in your face?

Sebastian had a reputation for being a patient man, but when he was with Haruka his patience seemed to be unwell.

"The data of your mission was not very good, although you managed to defeat a strong opponent, yet you might not have come back alive from that mission, your state was deplorable and your teammates almost didn't return alive either.

"... Oh! Then old beauty, what's your plan to improve my skills?

"I have one thing or another in mind, would you like to train today? The ACP works every day of the week so we can train there.

"Good old night till tomorrow. "Haruka said as she covered himself with a blanket in her bed.

"... Girl, is your current state good for you? You told me you were frustrated about being weak, but now you refuse to get stronger, how do you plan to end that frustration?

"But it's Sunday, man, Sunday!

" Good teachers train whenever possible girl.

"That's old man's talk!

Sebastian was silent only as she stared at Haruka, the girl on the other hand was completely distressed to learn that her laziness was preventing her from getting stronger.


" It's okay... Let's just get it over with, i hope you don't make me miss my old Sunday atoa.

The girl then got up and took her sword going against the exit door, Sebastian then followed the girl towards the exit.

After arriving at the ACP, Sebastian asked Haruka to practice a technique he named spiritual control, she aimed to better adjust the user's magical flow, the girl then began to meditate.

"Girl, focus on your magic flow, with this you will be able to better manipulate your powers, just relax.

"You can make it old.

After a quiet time Haruka deepened in her mental state, she managed to fully see her magical power flow, the vision of the girl showed distorted and deformed lines of magic, her magic was totally disconnected and uncoordinated, the girl then began to work hard to fix her magical powers little by little, letting the lines reshape and adjusting the flow of magic through her body.

Watching the girl closely Sebastian can notice the simulations of the magical power that echoed out of Haruka's body, his simulation of the magical power was a totally white and transparent soul with the shape of the girl, little by little the magic power simulations became even more constant, her simulation numbers began to grow from one to two and soon after to three, it was as if the girl was increasing her amount of manipulation.

"All right, girl, keep going at this rate, if you can fix your magic manipulation your powers will get even more powerful.


Sebastian then noticed something wrong in the girl, the fourth simulation of the girl's soul had a different coloration from the others, a color that simulated a dark red, that representation of the girl's soul was somehow getting bigger than the others, it didn't take long for the girl's quiet expression to begin to change to a serious and troubled expression.

Haruka, while casting his flow of magic had begun to be affected by a completely dark and corrupted magic, the tattoo on his left hand began to heat up quickly.

"Are you all right, girl?


The simulations of the girl's soul began to get intable and uncontrolled as that corrupted version of the girl's soul began to become more apparent, while the girl begins to see her mental representation change to something gloomy, Sebastian noting that there was something wrong approached the girl and put her hand on the girl's head, using the same meditation technique he broke the girl's meditation bringing her back to reality.

The girl at the same time rose frightened and looking around while looking at the room around her Haruka had not yet realized she had returned to reality.

"All right, girl?

"... Old? Did you bring me back?

"What happened during your meditation? You were impatient and you didn't seem well.

"I felt a unique pressure, I'm not sure how to define.

"Have you been able to adjust your magic flow?

The girl after hearing sebastian's question tried to use her magic, to the girl's surprise her magic was now much more consistent and firm, with a much better and almost physical representation.

"Apparently you've managed to adjust your magic, haven't you?

"No, I didn't finish adjusting it completely, I'd say I could only get 30% of it, before I finished something started bothering me, that's when you brought me back.

Sebastian had become curious about the state of his apprentice, however, he decided to set aside for hours and continue the training of the girl, he then got up and walked towards a closet that was corner in the room.

"All right, girl, let's see how your powers are now.

"Humm? What's on your mind, old man?

"During the first years after the cataclysm, threats of Rank D Class Prime emerged, they were somewhat strange, some call them corrupted knights.

"And what's in there?

"After a long time fighting them our organization managed to capture some of these creatures.

"Have you separated the parents from the children? Poor children who will never be able to see their parents again. "Haruka said while simulating a cry.

"I will ignore this idiotic comment of yours, going back to what matters, these prime-class creatures were considered very dangerous, often hunters of rank greater than or equal to those of the drone when there were more than one of these creatures.

"Cool, but what does that have to do with my training?

"It turns out we have some of them here, so for your next practice, I'm going to summon one of them that we have over our control here to fight you.

"You're kidding right? You said yourself these bugs are lethal old.

I'm here in case something happens.

Sebastian then pulled a scroll out of the closet and placed it on the floor, after opening the scroll Sebastian placed his hand on it and released his seal of restraint, soon after a wait of red energy left the scroll and opened up shaping a physical body of a medieval knight, his armor seemed to be part of his own body, he had a totally peculiar appearance, a totally gloomy shape with red colors and black tones and wore a sword that appeared to be part of his arm.

" How cool, it looks like the infernal knights of an rpg game that I play.

" Forget these girl games, a real fight is very different from a game.

"Do you swear?" If you don't talk, I was going to try a Speed Run here right now.

"... Well, let's get back to the point, are you ready?

" I was born ready you're ready, Dad?

"Um, Dad?

Haruka after realizing that she had called Sebastian father, turned her back hiding her face, she had been left with a fully blushed and ashamed face.

"Forget that, beauty?

"... All right, let's get back to your training. "Sebastian said while taking a deep breath.

After the girl recovered from the misunderstanding, she prepared to fight the creature by snaking her sword while staring at the monster, Sebastian then freed the creature from her last seal.

After seeing the girl the creature began to walk towards the girl, Haruka then again bathed his sword while staring at the creature, instantly the creature advanced toward the girl quickly, reaching near the girl he raised his sword and struck a blow from top to bottom toward the girl, Haruka instantly drew his sword and severed the creature's arm.

The monster seeing that she had lost her arm, at the same moment punched the girl with her other arm, she then defended herself using her left hand, Haruka then held the creature's arm and threw it toward a wall, crashing it into the wall.

"Tell me an old stop there, the creatures of the spirit world, do you think they have motivations to attack us or do you think they do it by nature?

"Not all creatures of the spirit world attack simply by attacking girls, many of them live in society like us humans.

Haruka listening to her master's words could not help but look in a thoughtful way at the creature that stood in front of him, the girl then swum his sword again and stood in a neutral position as if not intending to fight.

"What are you doing girl?

"This face is far from like that prime-class demon I faced, besides being weaker than him, that demon could speak and he expressed a lot of distaste for us humans, so I want to test something.

After standing again the creature walked towards the girl ready to attack her, Haruka in counter part was standing just staring at the creature, coming face to face with the monster, Haruka just waited to see what his actions would be, the creature after facing the girl for a few seconds turned his eyes to his arm on the ground, he then took his arm and broke the blade that was fixed on him, soon after he returned to look at the girl.

The monster then threatened to attack the girl, Sebastian for a moment made it possible to kill the creature, however, before the monster blade hit the girl, he stopped her movements himself

"You blew it old...

"What do you mean?

The creature at the same time turned its gaze to Sebastian, she had felt his will to kill, when the monster turned to attack Sebastian the girl at the same time cut him into 4 pieces.

"What did you intend to do girl?

"I didn't feel any desire to want to fight coming from this guy after I stopped my movements and didn't sketch threats against him.


"It's like you said old, there are creatures that attack by nature and creatures that can live in society, the question is what happens when neither party wants to fight?

"That's not possible, girl.

"I figured it wasn't, after all it's us or them, good whatever.

The girl after saying those words looked directly at her sword, after staring a little at the blade she kept her sword and turned her eyes to Sebastian.

"And then old, what is your next teaching to me? "The girl said as she stretched.

"All right, I'm going to teach you the ways to fight.

"Forms of combat?

"First of all clean up this mess you've made.


After removing the creature's body back to the scroll and sealing the creature again, Haruka returns to the center of the room while Sebastian was preparing his training plan.

"Okay, I got rid of him?


"And now?

"All right, pay close attention, girl, there are a whole 4 forms of combat.

Sebastian then explained to the girl about the 4 forms of combat most used by hunters, being them.

Lin chyn form, a form of combat that focuses on vital points known to be used by long-weapon duelists such as spears or fencing swords, is a form of fighting that aims to focus on each opponent's lethal points, focusing on the precise slaughter or incapacitation of the individual.

Kin chu form, a form of aggressive combat, it is used to press and deteriorate the physical resistance of enemies, although crude and effective, its defense is median and depends heavily on who uses it, it is usually used by martial fighters.

Form Din Ran, a form of combat aimed at defense and counterattack, it is well used by swordsman warriors, this form aims to use the force of the enemy against him, this is a form of combat created in response to the combat form Kin chu.

Ryun Fray form, this form of combat is used by fighters who use heavy weapons or just magic, it was created to help hunters in the use of their physical and magical abilities, their defense and attack are median, however, their power of response and impact are much greater.

"Calm there that I forgot my notebook of notes at home, could you repeat?

" If I may make a suggestion, in your case girl, I believe that the form Din Ran, is very effective.

"Do you use which old man?

"My form of combat is Ryun Fray.

"I'd love to see her in action, it seems to be interesting.

"Would you like to try girl? I may be old, but I'm still a hunter.

"You gave an interesting old idea, I will not hold back, I hope you are prepared.

"Sure girl, come on.

Haruka then prepared to attack Sebastian while analyzing what actions he could take, Sebastian on the other hand stood still as if the girl did not pose any threat to him, while Haruka was taking that situation entirely seriously, Sebastian was still with his hands down.

The girl then using her body enhancement and her soul magic advanced up to Sebastian by snaking his sword to attack the man, Sebastian in a sudden motion deflected the trajectory of Haruka's sword with one hand, the girl could not understand anything at that moment, when her eyes swerved from her sword to focus on Sebastian, he had already positioned his hand in front of the girl, with a simple movement without even touching the girl Sebastian pushed Her Haruka back only using the pressure of his blow.

" You are doing very well girl, if you train a little more can overcome me soon.

"Are you training your old irony?

"What are you talking about, girl?

"The pressure of your blow, if you hadn't restrained yourself, I'd be the next to be stowed along with that creature.

The girl at that moment before being pushed back, saw what she thought was death itself, she realized how strong Sebastian was by the time he had deflected his blow with the fingers of one hand, Haruka felt a power difference so gigantic that it made her tremble without even realizing it.

"It doesn't have to get so rough girl, my strength is the result of my workouts, you will one day be as for yourself.

"I think I'd rather be alone in the games anyway. "Haruka said as sheathed his sword.

"Well anyway, what kind of combat form did you think suits you best?

"I'm going to follow your boat and focus on that Din Ran.

"It's a good choice, you can go home now, tomorrow we'll start training your way of fighting.

"You can make it old, i'll see you tomorrow.

The girl then began to head to the exit door, passing by Sebastian she slapped him slightly on the shoulder while he said goodbye to it.

After the girl left the room Sebastian was heading to leave too when something called his in the room, he suddenly turned to see what it was, to his surprise was the elder Miranda, a long-haired old woman of white color tied back, she wore a black tunic and appeared to be someone very serious.

"Elder Miranda, what brings you here? "Sebastian said as he knelt for his wife.

"The girl has come a long way, Sebastian.


"Tell me Sebastian, don't you think you're getting too attached to this girl?

"I didn't quite understand your old question.

"I know she looks like her late daughter Sebastian, but I must remind you that we don't have room for sentimentality in this organization, so I must warn you not to hold on tothat too much.

"I... I understand old lady.

"In four months that mission will happen in the spirit world, no matter how I want that girl back alive.

"If I may ask old lady, what is your interest in that girl?

When Sebastian turned his eyes to the elder, she had already disappeared from his front without a trace, Miranda's interest in Haruka left Sebastian apprehensive, but at that moment he the only thing he thought was the girl's safety.