Chapter 2:

Worm Chapter 2: Splitting Worm


Worm Chapter 2Bookmark here

Splitting WormBookmark here

I’m a slime and all I can do is dissolve things. Maybe I can make a small arm and use it to whip the monster, but I don’t think it’ll be that effective. Insects are very fast, I won’t be able to hit it with the current level of <Telekinetic Movement>.Bookmark here

Immobilizing it before killing it is a good strategy, but how do I do that?Bookmark here

Setting up traps? How do I do that if I can’t even make a single arm?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

What if I become the trap itself?Bookmark here

I’ll use <Reform> to spread out myself in one spot.Bookmark here

I’m at an advantage since slimes doesn’t need to breathe, so when in a still state its movements cannot be detected. I’ll be disguised as a sticky liquid.Bookmark here

But how do I bait it to step into me?Bookmark here

I felt the vibrations in the air. The insect stopped and started chewing onto something. Liquid came out of the thing that it was chewing on.Bookmark here

Is it eating? But there are no bodies there.Bookmark here

This shape… a sphere fruit?Bookmark here

I approached the insect slowly. As I approach, I felt more fruits nearby.Bookmark here

So, this place has fruits near the walls… I didn’t notice them because I didn’t stick that much to the walls.Bookmark here

…I think the insect will eat for a while. I’ll take the opportunity and make a move while its distracted.Bookmark here

I spread out my body to all directions. I feel my shape changing into a thin layer of slime.Bookmark here

It took 30 minutes for me to do it. The insect is still eating fruits, just how much can it eat?Bookmark here

Well, I can a hell lot as well so it’s not surprising…Bookmark here

Skill Update: <Reform Lv. 3> has upgraded to <Reform Lv. 4>Bookmark here

Oh, I leveled up again! Is this because I put in so much effort in so little time?Bookmark here

I slowly moved my body that is like a thin puddle of water towards the insect.Bookmark here

I came into contact with its feet… did it notice me?Bookmark here

…No, it didn’t.Bookmark here

Based on the knowledge I gained from who-knows-where, most insects cannot feel pain. This insect seems to be the same.Bookmark here

…It’s not reacting to me dissolving it, how is this possible?Bookmark here

I know insects don’t react that much, but to this much?Bookmark here


<Worm Slime Dissolution>: Ability of the being to dissolve other beings via body contact. Health, Mana, and EXP are gained from dissolving beings. Dissolution slime cannot be felt by other beings.
Bookmark here

Oh, so that s it…Bookmark here

The panel answered my question clearly, it emphasized the last sentence… is this what that part of the improvement due to the increase in Panel Intelligence Level?Bookmark here

The ant is slowly being dissolved. I noticed that it doesn’t find it unusual that its body is shorter than usual. Insects have small brains so they’re pretty dumb… not that I’m one to talk.Bookmark here

Insects only react when danger is present. It doesn’t detect my slime as danger.Bookmark here

The insect is almost dissolved with only its head left.Bookmark here

The panel that says I had killed it and gained EXP hasn’t shown up yet… does it only die when its head is fully dissolved? Insects are tough…Bookmark here

Time passed and I fully digested the insect.Bookmark here

[Abyth Ant] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

Level Update: Level has risen. Current level: 9.

[Abyth Ant] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

Level Update: Level has risen. Current level: 10.

Racial Ability Update: <Reform Lv. 4> has upgraded to <Reform Lv. 5>. | <Worm Slime Dissolution Lv. 3> has upgraded to <Worm Slime Dissolution Lv. 4> | <Telekinetic Movement Lv. 3> has upgraded to <Telekinetic Movement Lv. 4>.

Skill Update: <Dualism Lv. 2> has upgraded to <Dualism Lv. 3>Bookmark here

Being Update: Level limit of current race has been reached. Evolution conditions are met. Evolution is available.

Evolution Process Update: [Splitting Worm] evolution has been unlocked due to evolving with the skill: <Dualism>.
Bookmark here

Evolution again! Wow, just by killing a monster myself, I’ve gained a lot of EXP!Bookmark here

Unlocked a new evolution? So, the skills I gain prior to evolution effects the evolution as well?Bookmark here

Okay panel, show me the evolution options.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Evolution Options

[Elemental Slime Worm]
[Ailment Slime Worm]
[Splitting Worm]Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Elemental slime worm? Is this some kind of slime that can control things like fire?Bookmark here

[Elemental Slime Worm]: A Slime Worm that has the ability to use elemental properties on their dissolving agents.
Racial Skills: <Elemental Worm Slime Dissolution>
Example: Ability to freeze beings instead of dissolving them using <Elemental Worm Slime Dissolution: Ice>.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

The panel is getting better! It’s giving me examples now…Bookmark here

The skills this evolution has can burn things by having them in contact with the slime?Bookmark here

What about Ailment Slime Worm?Bookmark here

[Ailment Slime Worm]: A Slime Worm that has the ability to put ailment inducing effects into their bodies.
Racial Skills Added: <Ailment Slime>
Example: Ability to paralyze beings upon prolonged contact when using <Ailment Slime: Paralysis>.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

This evolution makes monster killing a lot easier. I can paralyze and poison monsters for as long as they don’t notice me doing it.Bookmark here

Dissolving will be noticed by monsters smarter than a dumb insect, but they won’t notice being poisoned or paralyzed. It’ll be too late before they notice it.Bookmark here

…And the last one?Bookmark here

[Splitting Worm]: A Slime Worm that has the ability to separate parts of its body while still being connected to the slime.
Racial Skills Added: <Split Body>
Example: After using <Split Body> the being can still feel the sensation of vibrations around the split body part. Using skills through the split body part is also possible.
___________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

This one was the unlocked. This enables me to operate in different locations at one time.Bookmark here

Being able to operate at different places… I think this is the best choice. It was unlocked as well, gives me the feeling that its better than the other choices.Bookmark here

Okay, I’ll choose [Splitting Worm].Bookmark here

[Splitting Worm] has been chosen to be the superseding race.
-Being will be in a stasis state during evolution process.
-Being will be in full recovered status after evolution process.
-Evolution time is set to 5 seconds due to ‡Knight of Sloth‡.
-Level will not reset after evolving due to ‡Knight of Sloth‡.

Evolve to [Splitting Worm]?

Confirmation: [Yes][No]
Bookmark here

[Yes].Bookmark here

I lost consciousness.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Race Update: Official race has been changed from [Slime Worm] to [Splitting Worm].

Title Update: ‡Knight of Sloth‡ has changed to ‡Baron of Sloth‡.

Evolution Level Update: Evolution Level has risen. Current Level: 2.

Panel Intelligence Level Update: Panel Intelligence Level has risen due to acquiring the ‡Baron of Sloth‡ title. Current level: 3.

Racial Ability Update: <Split Body> have been acquired due to the change in race.

Special Skill Update: {Inventory} has been acquired due to acquiring the ‡Baron of Sloth‡ title.Bookmark here

Excess EXP from before evolution has been acquired.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

I woke up after 5 seconds.Bookmark here

I feel like my body is slightly larger than before.Bookmark here

Name: Worm
Being Category: [Monster]
Race: [Splitting Worm]
Racial Classification: [Formless]
Title: ‡Baron of Sloth‡
Evolution Level: 2
Panel Intelligence Level: 3

Level: 10
EXP: 2%
Health: 172
Spirit: 159
Strength: 169
Agility: 163
Magic: 164

Racial Abilities
<Reform Lv. 5>|<Telekinetic Movement Lv. 4>|<Worm Slime Dissolution Lv. 4>|<Split Body Lv. 1>

<Dualism Lv. 3>

Special Skills
{Mind Activation}|{Inventory}
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Hmmm? My statistics has increased by a lot. Before I evolved, they are only in their 20’s. Now they are three times the amount. Leveling up increases it by a bit but evolving multiplies them.Bookmark here

It was said before that evolving resets levels but because I didn’t reset, my stats were just converted to the evolution counterpart of the same level. Meaning I didn’t need to level up from 0 to 10 again. I skipped 10 levels just because of the sloth title. Hooray for sloth title!Bookmark here

I think it upgrades upon evolution. What changes happened to it?Bookmark here

‡Baron of Sloth‡
-Increase EXP gained by 50%+(Level*1%).
-Increase skill level up rate by 50%+(Level*1%).
-Increase skill acquiring rate by 50%+(Level*1%).
-Grants {Mind Activation}.
-Grants {Inventory}.
-Level reset when evolving or class advancement has been removed.
-Upon evolution or class advancement, the world average of the statistics of the superseding race will be applied. If conversion of statistics from previous race or class to the superseding race or class is above the world average, the conversion is done instead of applying the world average.
-All evolution process lasts 5 seconds.
-Increase Panel Intelligence Level.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

The only changed that happened is {Inventory}.Bookmark here

What does it do?Bookmark here

{Inventory}: An ability to create a gate connected to a separate space.
-Activation command to open inventory: {Open Inventory}.
-Activation command to close inventory: {Close Inventory}.
-Inventory gates are locked when the being is separated by 3 meters from the gate.
-Opening or Closing with an obstruction will cause the skill to fail.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

…Hmmm? What? Does that mean I get to store anything in there? I should try it!Bookmark here

I created a tentacle arm using <Reform>. I can make one instantly now! Is it because I leveled it up to 5 already?Bookmark here

I extended the tentacle with <Reform> and moved it with <Telekinetic Movement>. I grabbed one of the fruits on the nearby wall.Bookmark here

Now, to open it… I can’t use vocal commands, but I can use internal monologues as commands due to {Mind Activation}.Bookmark here

Let’s see, I need to have the intention of using the skill in order to use it.Bookmark here

…{Open Inventory}!Bookmark here

I can feel a sudden change in airflow. It feels like there is a floating hole.Bookmark here

I put the fruit that I was grabbing with the tentacle into the hole. Is it stored? It probably is. But just to be sure…Bookmark here

I put the tentacle inside the hole. Hmmm, this dimension doesn’t seem to have anything in it. Just a floor and an endless sky.Bookmark here

…It works! With this, I’ll be able to store anything into the inventory!Bookmark here

Let’s see… to close it… {Close Inventory}!Bookmark here

{Close Inventory} failed due to obstruction.Bookmark here

Obstruction? Oh, I still have my tentacle is still inserted into it making it an obstruction.Bookmark here

I see, I can’t use it to cut off body parts. It should’ve been great to use it as a weapon to slice off enemies.Bookmark here

I removed my tentacle from the hole.Bookmark here

{Close Inventory}!Bookmark here

The change in airflow disappeared. I guess the hole is closed now.Bookmark here

Next to look at is the skill, <Split Body>.Bookmark here

<Split Body>: Ability of the being to split its body part. The body part is still able to use skills. If a body part dies, the remaining body parts can regenerate the separated body parts.
-Splitting speed depends on level.
-Number of separate body parts is limited depending on level.
___________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

So, this means that I won’t die unless my main body dies…Bookmark here

Wait, is there even a main body? but how do I know where is my body? In fact, where is my brain? Where does this consciousness come from?Bookmark here

A slime worm’s main body is the whole body.

This being’s consciousness resides in spirit. Consciousness will only disappear upon disintegration of all body parts.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

The panel even answers my questions? Amazing, panel intelligence rocks!Bookmark here

Since you are getting intelligent, I’ll give you a name.Bookmark here

Since you named me painful name like “worm”, I’ll name you Pane.Bookmark here

As a being that has no known names, it’s all I can think of, okay!? I know the word “hero” but I don’t know specific names of any individuals to use as a reference.Bookmark here

Okay Pane, I’m going to ask some questions.Bookmark here

What was the fruit that I ate that gave me all this knowledge and gave me the ability to see… or is this think? The panel?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Where is this place?Bookmark here

……Bookmark here

No answer, so Pane doesn’t answer every question. Was it just a fluke?Bookmark here

What about… How many beings are there within this dungeon?Bookmark here

Unable to obtain information. Panel Intelligence Level is insufficient.Bookmark here

Oh? Pane didn’t ignore me this time! Does this mean that as long as it has the ability to answer a question, it will be answered? Like asking the name of this place won’t give me anything, but asking information about beings is allowed?Bookmark here

Okay Pane, I’m going to evolve more to make you smarter!Bookmark here

To do that, I need to split my body into two… how do I do that?Bookmark here

Splitting Worms have the ability to split instinctively.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

…Okay? I don’t understand.Bookmark here

I guess I’ll try it out.Bookmark here

I grew a tentacle with <Reform> and tried to pull it off my body by using <Telekinetic Movement> without using <Reform>.Bookmark here

The tentacle was removed after some time.Bookmark here

So… this is what it meant by it being a part of my body. Even though it’s separated from my body, I can move it with <Telekinetic Movement>. Not only that, I can feel the vibrations around it, as if it’s part of my body. I can also move it.Bookmark here

It’s like having one mind and two bodies. This is probably the result of <Dualism>.Bookmark here

Wait, will this enable me to multiply my skill level up rate by multiple times?

Split body does not multiply the body but splits the body. But since its using different parts of the body which takes more effort, skill level up rate will increase but will take more effort.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

It can even answer questions like this… I can’t wait to increase his intelligence more!Bookmark here

Okay, now I have two bodies and one mind. What is the better option, separate the two bodies or make it go together?Bookmark here

Hmmm, I can use skills with the both of them, so hunting monsters will feel like its two against one.Bookmark here

…Wait, using skills in a separate body? What if I…Bookmark here

I moved both bodies a few meters apart of each other.Bookmark here

I’ll name the one on the left, Body #1 and the one on the right, Body #2.Bookmark here

First, Body #1… {Open Inventory}!Bookmark here

I felt the changed in airflow, meaning the hole opened.Bookmark here

…Here goes! I made Body #1 move into inventory by using <Telekinetic Movment>.Bookmark here

Next, Body #2… {Open Inventory}!Bookmark here

I felt the airflow change from Body #2.Bookmark here

…But not only Body #2, I also felt the change in airflow from Body #1, which is inside the inventory.Bookmark here

I made Body #1 exit through the dimension gate Body #2 created.Bookmark here

Body #1 landed next to Body #2.Bookmark here

Amazing! Using this method, I can move bodies around!Bookmark here

Dimension gate created by Body #1 has been locked due to exceeding the distance limit.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Oh, I forgot about that… what does a dimension gate being locked mean anyway?Bookmark here

Nothing can enter locked dimension gate. If there are any obstructions blocking the dimension gate the moment it is locked, the obstruction will get stuck into the dimension gate. The dimension gate can only be closed when there is no obstruction.
____________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Thank you for the information, Pane!Bookmark here

This means I can still close the gate even though I’m far away, as long as it has no obstructions.Bookmark here

{Close Inventory}.Bookmark here

…Hmm? Even though I used {Close Inventory} only the first gate closed, the second gate remained.Bookmark here

This is probably because I didn’t have the intention to close it. {Mind Activation} is amazing for knowing what I want!Bookmark here

{Close Inventory}.Bookmark here

This time I closed the second gate.Bookmark here

I’ve got the hang of my new skills… time to hunt for some monsters!Bookmark here

I made Body #1 and Body #2 go into different directions and had them dissolve each dead monster they find.Bookmark here

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