Chapter 19:


heaven's hell

"How was the date????"

Asks Ino with curiosity clearly showing in her eyes as the usual team sit in the dining table for dinner.

"It was really good"

Kakoroshi starts day dreaming, blushing red.

"Not surprising, any man will fall for her charm"

Mio butts in.

"But its really surprising that she was the one to reach out to you first"

"yeah, I never thought that she will be the first one to ask"

"By the way, the leader of the fire household, Kento came in today for Toshiro after you left"

Says Ino to change the topic as she starts pointing towards Toshiro who is silent, focusing on the food on the table, violently gulping it down.

"Don't tell me that Toshiro and Kento went on a date!!!!!!"

Shouts Kakoroshi as the imagination of Toshiro and Kento going on a date freaks him out more.

"Toshiro, I completely approve this" Kakoroshi suddenly calms down, showing thumbs up to make his approval clear


Toshiro finally speaks up to shut down Kakoroshi .

"Then why was he here?"

"You don't remember?? Toshiro is now a fire representative"

Answers Mio

"So he came to collect him as training of fire representatives started from today"

"I see, from that, I remembered, Kia said that I will also be trained by the leader of the wind household from tomorrow. How the training went though Toshiro?"

"It was......... good"

Answers Toshiro with uncertainty as the flashbacks of his first day pops up (Running dozens of mile, doing countless pushups and using arts which leaved burn marks)

"It was not good, we went to the fire household today, me and Mio for and he was near death to say the least"

Says Ino.

"It is necessary. To become stronger"

Says Toshiro, justifying his day.

"That means I will go through that as well"

Kakoroshi shivers, hearing how Toshiro's training went. Silence fills the room for few minutes as everyone focuses on the food on the table

"This has way too much salt"

Says Kakoroshi as he takes the first bite of the food 

"Yeah, I also thought that too, it doesn't taste good"

Toshiro joins in as he agrees with Kakoroshi.

"You.... didn't like the dinner"

Ino suddenly turns her head sideways, giving a death stare to both Toshiro and Kakoroshi.

"Its so good man, I am definitely taking a refill"

"Me too"

Kakoroshi and Toshiro quickly change their words to survive as the put forward their plates for a refill, Mio is silently eating whats on her plate without complaining, watching the drama

The next day

"How was the date yesterday?"

Asks fumino.

"It was soooo goooood"

Answers Kakoroshi, blushing red. Fumino and Kakoroshi are walking on a sidewalk towards the wind household which is a rectangular area covered by walls with a huge gate up front. Both enter from the front gate. Kakoroshi looks around and notices that the area is very similar to the blood household except colors are different, Minkas are smaller and differently placed and area is also smaller than compared to the blood household. Both walk towards the training ground where already wind representative are training with the leader standing on the sidelines wearing a silver suit(even the wind representatives are wearing the same), reading a book. As they both reach the wind household leader, he closes the book in his hand and turns his body sideways to directly face them.

"I am Kakoroshi, the leader of the blood household"

Kakoroshi introduces himself energetically.

"It will be so embarrassing to train a leader"

The wind household leader is a tall muscular man with shiny black hair, brown eyes and sharp jaw which gives him a serious look as a serious tone in his voice adds to it as well.

"He is Kenchi Furukawa, the leader of the wind household"

Fumino introduces him. Kenchi suddenly leans forwards towards Kakoroshi , staring at him for few seconds which makes Kakoroshi feel uncomfortable.

"You don't understand the vast ocean of your powers, do you?"

"Vast ocean?"

Kakoroshi curiosity strikes in

"The respective representatives of a household have a major control over their respective aspects, like wind representatives can control wind to a certain extent. Now think about it, you are a blood representative "

"That means I can control.... blood?"

Answers Kakoroshi after few seconds with uncertainty.

"Well, I will leave him to you, I have a meeting with the elders to attend to"

Says Fumino.

"Don't worry, I will make sure he becomes a strong representative"

Assures Kenchi as Fumino takes her leave.

At the meeting

Fumino walks in the room where the 3 elders sit in a rectangular table in the middle of the room which is lit by the natural sunlight coming in from the windows.

"You wanted to say something?"

Asks the male elder.

"I heard that the blood household was only paid 5% of the revenue"

Fumino puts her concern up front.


Answers the male elder.

"Kakoroshi was one of the major reasons why we got information out of Haruna, his household deserves more percentage of the revenue."

Fumino keeps her calm.

"He is the household"

The male elder replies with a straight face.

"Doesn't really matter. I request that in the next mission, his household should be paid according to the contribution in the accomplishment of the mission"

"If the next mission:- getting information on the 5 demons from Reyna is successful, I will give 10% of the revenue to the blood household"

"Make it 15%"

"Why do you show so much concern on this?"

Asks the male elder as he has never seen Fumino be so persistent on something. 

"Things needs to be fair"

Answers Fumino.

Ishigami's house

Ishigami takes off his suit after a long tiring day of work. Suddenly cold air hits his face as he clearly hears the window opening, he turns around to look but sees no one.

"Long time no see, little brother"