Chapter 66:

Chapter 66 [Acceptance]


The door behind me closes itself after I walk through it. I enter a dark small room with only a large window on the wall. When I look behind me, the door has disappeared. I turn back to the silver-haired girl while ignoring the sudden disappearance of the door.
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The silver-haired girl stands and stares at the window. I walk to her side and look at the window together with her.Bookmark here

"Where am I?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Your mind, my mind." The silver-haired girl answer.Bookmark here

"So what just happens earlier?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Your memory recreating itself" The silver-haired girl answer.Bookmark here

"My memories... so what happened earlier. Happen before?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes," The silver-haired girl answer.Bookmark here

"Why am I so calm about this?" I ask.Bookmark here

The silver-haired girl looks at me and gestures me to come closer to her. I hesitated at first but I drop to one knee and lowering my height the same as her.Bookmark here

The girl extends her hand and places it on top of my forehead. I felt a warmth from her touch and my mind became clearer. She retracts her hand and stares at the window again.Bookmark here

"There is something missing in you," The silver-haired said.Bookmark here

"What is it?" I ask.
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But the silver-haired girl places a finger on her lip, gesturing me to silence myself and she keeps on staring at the window.
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I look into the window and saw another her sitting at the table in the middle of an interrogation room with two men in labs coats in front of her. One of the men places a plastic white cube on the table.Bookmark here

"Subject C, convert this plastic cube into a gold cube." The men command.Bookmark here

The silver-haired girl points her hand at the cube. Her face begins to contort while focusing on the cube. Then, the space around the cube begins to crack like broken glass. A gold tint begins to spread from one of the corners of the cube. The process is slow but eventually, the whole plastic cube became a gold cube.Bookmark here

The crack repairs itself and disappears almost instantly after the cube has transformed. My eyes keep changing form the young girl on my side to the silver-haired girl inside of the room. I was surprised to see that kind of power.Bookmark here

"Experiment A is successful. Proceed to the next phase. Subject C change this cube into a pigeon" The men said.Bookmark here

"Wait! what?" I let out.Bookmark here

The silver-haired girl raises her hand again to the cube and her eyes focus on it.Bookmark here

"I never had any memories of my father. The men in my life always seem to be distant and cold to me." The silver-haired girl right next to me said.Bookmark here

Instead of the same thing that's going to happens, the crack enlarges, and I could see the silver-haired girl in pain as she tries to change the cube. The men in the room back away from the cube and I could see the panic in their face when the silver-haired girl scream in pain.Bookmark here

The men wearing the lab coats run to the door and try to get it open. As the crack became to turn bigger, the men wearing the lab coats start to bang on the door and scream at the people on the other side of the door to open it, but no one replied.Bookmark here

A bright light fills the room like a flashbang just went off in it. The window glass cracks causing me to a few steps back. When the light is gone and the room is visible again. Nothing was there except for what once a white wall paint bloody red and the silver-haired girl sobbing while being drenched by blood. Not her own blood, but the others.Bookmark here

"What just happen!" I said.Bookmark here

"I try to control it but I can't—i'm sorry." the silver-haired girl said.Bookmark here

When I look down at her hand, I could see it's shaking slightly. I place my hand on top her head gently, her body jolt in surprise, and tense up.
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"It's okay. I have been on that road before." I calm her.Bookmark here

"I didn't mean to hurt them," the silver-haired girl said.Bookmark here

"I know. Sometimes in life... Bad things just happen" I said.Bookmark here

"But it's not an excuse to hurt people," the silver-haired girl said.Bookmark here

I let out a breath.Bookmark here

"Your right... I have to admit it's not an excuse. All this time I kept making excuse to hurt people. You are a good kid." I said as I rub her head.Bookmark here

"Your wrong. Violence is in our coding, nobody can resist hurting another whether you realize it or not" Someone said from behind me.Bookmark here

The silver-haired girl pulled away from me and into the arm of him. The other me with that twisted smile and bloodshot eyes. The other me hold a knife in his other hand and pointed the tip of the blade on the silver-haired girl neck.Bookmark here

"You think you can change just because she shows you stuff. You will never change. You will always be corrupt and twisted just like me!" The other me scoffed,Bookmark here

"Let her GO!" I barked.Bookmark here

When I was about to take a step toward her, the other me prick the skin of the girl and small drop of blood flow down the blade.Bookmark here

"What do you want from me?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I want you to feel pain" The other me responded.Bookmark here

"Why? I never hurt you!" I said.Bookmark here

"Ohh no, no, no. You did far worse than that." The other me said.Bookmark here

"What did I ever do to you?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Every time you feel pain, anger, and guilt. You always throw it to me, always blaming me but when you are done with me. You cut me off and lock me up in your deepest mind but I didn't mind it." The other me said in rage.Bookmark here

"What you anger me the most is you never fulfill the deal we made!" The other me barked.Bookmark here

"What deal?" I said.Bookmark here

"Our deal! You were supposed to kill her in return I take on your pain." The other me said.Bookmark here

"Who is her?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Uncle murderer!" The other me said.Bookmark here

"But I can't!" I exclaim.Bookmark here

"Because. she...." I said.Bookmark here

"Because she is our mom? Wake up! She isn't and blood must be pay by blood." The other me said.Bookmark here

When I look at the silver-haired girl, she shows no sign of fear only a look of overwhelming trust in me. I crack my fist and charge toward him. The other me look at me shocked, he immediately let go of the girl and raise both hands to his face.Bookmark here

"Stop!" The other me yell.Bookmark here

I slam into him and crash into the wall behind me. I push him into another empty room with no wall and only darkness. I push him down to the floor with my weight and when I was about to punch him. I saw his face in total fear.Bookmark here

"Please.... don't hurt me... I j-just want you to feel the pain I felt" he stuttered.Bookmark here

The other me start sobbing uncontrollably and that's when I realized it. He, not just my anger, he is my pain, my innocence, my anger, my sadness, my regret and everything I deemed useless I push on to him. He was a mean for me to cope with my loss and I blame it all to him.Bookmark here

I open my fist and get off him. I took a seat on the floor while looking up.Bookmark here

"Am I going crazy, I literally fighting with my self? I shouldn't have closed you off" I let out.Bookmark here

I let out my mind think as I hear the complete silence of my mind and feel the calmness of it. Then, I look back to the other me; still crying.Bookmark here

"I need to feel it. I need to move on" I said.Bookmark here

Then I get close to the other me and embrace him, that's when he starts turning into smoke and begins to envelop me. I felt everything at once, the pain, the misery, the anger, the rage, the betrayal, everything.Bookmark here

I saw my uncle face, the face of the people I love and everyone I ever hurt.Bookmark here

Tear start to run down my cheeks and fall to the floor, I felt as if the dam inside my heart broke again pouring out all my emotion into the world.Bookmark here

"i'm sorry" That the only thing I could say.Bookmark here

I cried for a long time, and not once I ever stop, but I know I need to move on. You can't spend your entire life crying.Bookmark here

The silver-haired girl walks to me and offers me her hand. She let out a smile at me. I take her hand and pull her closer for a hug, she was surprised but didn't resist it.Bookmark here

I close my eyes and feel a warmth circulate inside of my body.Bookmark here

When I open my eyes again, I was back.
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