Chapter 44:

Not a Battlefield

Spirit Guardians

Oh yea Mashù where did everyone else go?

Mashù- oh yea they went home already everyone's tired.

Ok that makes sense, did you want to go see Yoku before we turn in?

Mashù- Yea sure why not?

(Me and Mashù travel to the Nurses office)


Mari- come in

Mashù- Hey Doc how's yoku?

Mari- He's fine he'll be back for tomorrow's match. He's sleeping right now.

Mashù- Nice, alright we'll get going then.

Mari- Ok have a good night then.

(Mashù and I headed back to the dorms)

Goodnight Mashù, see you tomorrow man.

Mashù- Yea same night.

Man today was a lot(I turn on my light and see Jeremi sitting in my chair)

Woah!!! What are you doing here, Jeremi?

Jeremi- Shhh…. I just wanted to give you this.

What is this?(he hands me a vile of purple liquid).

Jeremi- it's the antidote to the poison that hit you.

Thanks, but how did you know about the poison and what type it was to get the correct antidote for?

Jeremi- Oh… your friends told me a little earlier and I asked that ruisu guy for an all healing antidote since he has the spirit of poison.

Poison huh?? Oh yea he's the one who forfeited against you.

Jeremi- Correct well I'll see you around I hope to fight you soon.

*Jeremi left Anjero's room. Leaving an awkward and cold aura behind.

Hm...Jeremi seems kinda different now….Anyways I'm not gonna worry about it right now it's time for some sleep.

*The Next day

Yawnnn….(I look around my room and outside my door thankfully no one's here...for once)

Shinkei- oh hey Anjero. I'm kinda pumped today seeing I'm the last to go in the first round today.

(I stand corrected, I guess everyone was just running late). I bet you are. I'll be cheering you on. (He says this but is shaking nervously).

Shinkei- You wanna catch breakfast before we go?

Yea sure.

Shinkei- oh yea, mom is going to watch today apparently she had some school business to deal with yesterday.

Oh ok cool let's get breakfast before everyone eats it all.

*Anjero and Shinkei head to the cafeteria. Once they get there they both get breakfast and spot the crew sitting at a table.

Yoku- Hey!! The Sutanrì bros. We left a seat for you!

Thanks, why are you so loud?

Yoku- Because of this atmosphere here right now. Everyone is here you haven't noticed?

I did but really think too much into it.

Mashù- Everybody is sitting at their own school's table. It's so quiet.

Romaji- Probably because we're beating everyone and they're just surprised how strong we are…..oof sorry Mashù

Mashù- no worries I'm ok I just need to train more.

I'm not going to lie Mashù, how do you not get fat?

Mashù- What do you mean???

Bro there's a mountain of food on your tray.

Kamira- You get used to it after a while.

Mashù- Well I work out a lot so I need a lot of food to have enough energy to train.

I guess you're right.

Mashù- Plus who doesn't love food?

*Everyone was laughing.

Nanshi- Excuse me Mr. Anjero, Shinkei can I sit here? I don't feel comfortable sitting over there.

Shinkei- Sure it's a Cafeteria not a battlefield anyone is welcome.

Nanshi- Thank you!!!

Diane- I guess I'll join you guys over here also.

Suna- My how I love a beautiful group laughing together.

*Devanga sits at the table also

I see you finally join us big guy.

Devanga- Shut up I just don't feel comfortable in silent places.

Shinkei- Well I don't see anything wrong with that.

Aoi- I never got to talk to you guys but I'm Aoi and I'm a big fan of your mom especially since I have lightning also.

Kamira- oh yea you're that girl with the blue lightning. Girl you beat that guy so quickly. Hats off to all the Females in here….ahem except the twins.

Twins- What did you say pig!?!?

Kamira- Meet me outside now!!!!

Mashù- Kam save it for the Tournament.

Romaji- Speaking of....Shinkei, shouldn't you be getting ready?

Shinkei- I forgot what time is it?

Romaji- Its um….. That time.

Shinkei- Crap I'll catch y'all later.

See ya.

Mysterious kid- I better go also.

(That must be Shinkei's opponent wish I knew what spirit he has) aye yo kam you got anything on that guy?

Kamira- He might be Suru Kyushu since he's the only one who hasn't fought yet.

His Spirit??

Kamira- Not sure we just have to wait and see.

Hm ok.

*Everyone heads to the Arena