Chapter 44:

Not a Battlefield

Spirit Guardians

Oh yea Mashù where did everyone else go?Bookmark here

Mashù- oh yea they went home already everyone's tired.Bookmark here

Ok that makes sense, did you want to go see Yoku before we turn in?Bookmark here

Mashù- Yea sure why not?Bookmark here

(Me and Mashù travel to the Nurses office)Bookmark here

*Knock,knock.Bookmark here

Mari- come inBookmark here

Mashù- Hey Doc how's yoku?Bookmark here

Mari- He's fine he'll be back for tomorrow's match. He's sleeping right now.Bookmark here

Mashù- Nice, alright we'll get going then.Bookmark here

Mari- Ok have a good night then.Bookmark here

(Mashù and I headed back to the dorms)Bookmark here

Goodnight Mashù, see you tomorrow man.Bookmark here

Mashù- Yea same night.Bookmark here

Man today was a lot(I turn on my light and see Jeremi sitting in my chair)Bookmark here

Woah!!! What are you doing here, Jeremi?Bookmark here

Jeremi- Shhh…. I just wanted to give you this.Bookmark here

What is this?(he hands me a vile of purple liquid).Bookmark here

Jeremi- it's the antidote to the poison that hit you.Bookmark here

Thanks, but how did you know about the poison and what type it was to get the correct antidote for?Bookmark here

Jeremi- Oh… your friends told me a little earlier and I asked that ruisu guy for an all healing antidote since he has the spirit of poison.Bookmark here

Poison huh?? Oh yea he's the one who forfeited against you.Bookmark here

Jeremi- Correct well I'll see you around I hope to fight you soon.Bookmark here

*Jeremi left Anjero's room. Leaving an awkward and cold aura behind.Bookmark here

Hm...Jeremi seems kinda different now….Anyways I'm not gonna worry about it right now it's time for some sleep.Bookmark here

*The Next dayBookmark here

Yawnnn….(I look around my room and outside my door thankfully no one's here...for once)Bookmark here

Shinkei- oh hey Anjero. I'm kinda pumped today seeing I'm the last to go in the first round today.Bookmark here

(I stand corrected, I guess everyone was just running late). I bet you are. I'll be cheering you on. (He says this but is shaking nervously).Bookmark here

Shinkei- You wanna catch breakfast before we go?Bookmark here

Yea sure.Bookmark here

Shinkei- oh yea, mom is going to watch today apparently she had some school business to deal with yesterday.Bookmark here

Oh ok cool let's get breakfast before everyone eats it all.Bookmark here

*Anjero and Shinkei head to the cafeteria. Once they get there they both get breakfast and spot the crew sitting at a table.Bookmark here

Yoku- Hey!! The Sutanrì bros. We left a seat for you!Bookmark here

Thanks, why are you so loud?Bookmark here

Yoku- Because of this atmosphere here right now. Everyone is here you haven't noticed?Bookmark here

I did but really think too much into it.Bookmark here

Mashù- Everybody is sitting at their own school's table. It's so quiet.Bookmark here

Romaji- Probably because we're beating everyone and they're just surprised how strong we are…..oof sorry MashùBookmark here

Mashù- no worries I'm ok I just need to train more.Bookmark here

I'm not going to lie Mashù, how do you not get fat?Bookmark here

Mashù- What do you mean???Bookmark here

Bro there's a mountain of food on your tray.Bookmark here

Kamira- You get used to it after a while.Bookmark here

Mashù- Well I work out a lot so I need a lot of food to have enough energy to train.Bookmark here

I guess you're right.Bookmark here

Mashù- Plus who doesn't love food?Bookmark here

*Everyone was laughing.Bookmark here

Nanshi- Excuse me Mr. Anjero, Shinkei can I sit here? I don't feel comfortable sitting over there.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Sure it's a Cafeteria not a battlefield anyone is welcome.Bookmark here

Nanshi- Thank you!!!Bookmark here

Diane- I guess I'll join you guys over here also.Bookmark here

Suna- My how I love a beautiful group laughing together.Bookmark here

*Devanga sits at the table alsoBookmark here

I see you finally join us big guy.Bookmark here

Devanga- Shut up I just don't feel comfortable in silent places.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Well I don't see anything wrong with that.Bookmark here

Aoi- I never got to talk to you guys but I'm Aoi and I'm a big fan of your mom especially since I have lightning also.Bookmark here

Kamira- oh yea you're that girl with the blue lightning. Girl you beat that guy so quickly. Hats off to all the Females in here….ahem except the twins.Bookmark here

Twins- What did you say pig!?!?Bookmark here

Kamira- Meet me outside now!!!!Bookmark here

Mashù- Kam save it for the Tournament.Bookmark here

Romaji- Speaking of....Shinkei, shouldn't you be getting ready?Bookmark here

Shinkei- I forgot what time is it?Bookmark here

Romaji- Its um….. That time.Bookmark here

Shinkei- Crap I'll catch y'all later.Bookmark here

See ya.Bookmark here

Mysterious kid- I better go also.Bookmark here

(That must be Shinkei's opponent wish I knew what spirit he has) aye yo kam you got anything on that guy?Bookmark here

Kamira- He might be Suru Kyushu since he's the only one who hasn't fought yet.Bookmark here

His Spirit??Bookmark here

Kamira- Not sure we just have to wait and see.Bookmark here

Hm ok.Bookmark here

*Everyone heads to the ArenaBookmark here

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