Chapter 45:

Quarter Finals begin

Spirit Guardians

Announcer 1- Well everyone welcome to the last match in the 1st round it'll be Shinkei Sutanrì from Spirit South and Suru Kyushu from Spirit East.

Migan- You 2 ready? 

Shinkei- Yea

Suru- waiting on you

Migan- not needed but Ready…..Set.....Fight!!

Let's go Shinkei!!!!

Sharin- Shinkei!!! 

Aria- ShinShin!!!

Shinkei- My family is here so I can't lose here.

Suru- Well???

Shinkei- Why won't he attack? Scorch Laser!!!

Suru- Ha Absorb Wall!!

Shinkei- Huh we're did my laser go??

Shinkei he absorbed it!!

Shinkei- that's ok hand to hand combat it is.

*Shinkei starts duking it out with suru in close combat.

Suru- Sorry man but my ability is so lame that I focused all my training on combat alone so you won't win this one.

Shinkei- I don't know absorption seems kinda convenient to me.

Suru- true, oh yes you can have this back Scorch Laser!!!

Shinkei- woah so he can use my ability when he absorbs it also….what do I do?

Suru-you can't win just give up

Shinkei- He's pissing me off Scorch Laser!!!

Oh no he's losing it. Shinkei Calm down!!!

Suru- This doesn't work on me. You're wasting your time.

Shinkei- Shut up!!!! Scorch Launcher!!!

Suru- Yes, Give me more!!!

Shinkei- Freaking Die Already!!! Pyrus Scorch Laser!!!

Suru- What is this I can't take in anymore of this heat. 

*Suru jumps out of the way, burning his arm up.

Suru- Why you little! I'll blast you away with all your Spirit Energy that you gave me. 

Stop the fight Migan!!!

Suru- Maximum Output!!!

*the energy fires at Shinkei

Aado- Holy Shield!!!

Aado- What do you think you're doing? Do I have to disqualify you for trying to kill another guardian?

Suru- I'm….im…..sorry I didn't mean it I was just so angry.

Aado- Go back to your seat Now!!....there's no winner here, they're both done here. Please continue to round 2.

Sharin- Oh I hope Shinkei is ok. You all know how he gets when he's upset. I'll have to calm him down then.

Don't worry about it, mom Yoku is taking him to the nurse now. He'll be ok

*Everyone Quiet

Migan- Everyone ready for the Quarter Finals!?!?

*Everyone shouting and screaming

Migan- S.E.I.D if you'd please.

S.E.I.D- The first match Suna Kessho vs. Diane Gale.

(and so the first fight of the second round began. The battle raged on for 5 minutes, Suna was actually giving Diane a run for her money. Until he messed up and used his tornado on the literal Wind spirit user).

Announcers 2- wow what an amazing start of the second round. Both contestants were amazing.

Announcer 1- But the Winner of this round is Diane Gale!!

Migan- Good job you both S.E.I.D next round if you'd please.

S.E.I.D- the next round is Ichiji and Tekai jikan vs.

Kamira- please be me…

S.E.I.D- Romaji Jon-zu and…

Kamira- come on…..

S.E.I.D- And Kamira Yusei

Kamira- Let's freaking go!!!

*Kamira jumps down from the crowd

Migan- Geez someone's ready and raring to go.

Kamira- You bet I am.

Kalira- Let's go kam!!! Kick their butts!!

Kamira- oh I will Kalira.

Tekai- Why are you so happy to lose kapigga

Ichiji- Yea I don't know why you are so confident all of a sudden.

Kamira- Romaji!

Romaji- Yea kam I know

Migan- Everyone ready?!?!

Kamira- Yup

Migan- Ready.....Set….Fight!!

Kamira- HULKEN Rage!!!!

Announcer 1- And Kamira is straight out the gate while Romaji is…..

Announcer 2- What's he doing?

Romaji- I'm staying back. This isn't my fight.

Aado- Mind if I sit here Ms.Kalira

Kalira- Oh Aado, long time no see.

*Aado looks at Kalira in the wheelchair.

Aado- I never got to apologize for what happened back then

Kalira- it's ok it wasn't your fault

Aado- it was I was the leader of that mission. If I just chose to take a different route you wouldn't have to lose your legs that day.

Kalira- Hey, I don't see it that way. I'm grateful for you. Not only did you take the lead when no one else wanted to, but you also molded my little sister into what she is today. So thank you.

Aado- no, thank you

Kamira- Rage Combo!!!

(Kamira starts throwing fist after fist at the twins landing one after another)

Kamira- you 2 had enough?

Twins- Sorry Kammy you were fighting our afterimages.

Kamira- What?

Twin- Temporal Strike!!

*The twins launch Kam out of the ring.

Romaji- BEAST TRANSFORMATION: GORILLA!! Geez, can you be more careful? I can't keep catching you.

Kamira- Yea thanks FURY FEET!!

now I should be able to keep up…

Twins- Nope! Not fast enough!

Kamira- Ahhh!! Stop doing that!!

Twins- What is this??

*The twins launch kam into the air and kam starts falling down and hits the ground hard.

Romaji- Kam!!!

Kamira- No, I got this Huh….

Romaji- Why are you powering down?

Kamira- Shut up I'm ok.

Kalira- wait, she's not gonna…. No kam your body isn't ready for that.

Kamira- Anger Shroud!!!

Well this is new…

Kamira- Combine with my body!!!

*The piece of cloth starts to cover kams body.

Mashù- Wow, it looks kinda like a dress almost.

Yoku- yo what did I miss? Woah, why is Kam in a dress!?!?

Tekai- What's a dress supposed to do?

Kamira- Oh you'll see. Ready for round 2?