Chapter 2:

Without JEE, No Life And No Wife...

No Kiss Before JEE...


the top educational institution in the world, where 100% of the graduates end up cracking JEE. Most CEO’s of huge tech companies, space industry, banking etc, hail from this school.

Millions of students have admired the school from afar, but getting into the school requires very high grades or a lot of money. Even though this school was the literal path to success, most people struggle to get into the school. Out of 1.5 million students, only ten thousand were admitted into the main central campus, while the next 490k students were admitted in the other branches, all over the world. The applications of the remaining 1 million students, were rejected instantly.

Although it seems easy to get into one of the branches of the prestigious RESONANCE PRIVATE SCHOOL, it is common knowledge among the public that the other branches, apart from the main branch, is nothing but any other ordinary revenue stream. The fees of the 490k students are exponentially high and the percentage of the students who crack JEE is very low. But parents still choose to break their bank accounts to admit their kids into the side branches, as there exists a small possibility of transferring into the main branch based on academic performance.

It was truly hell.

Reyansh was a smart student. He had always topped his class. Even though he hailed from a small city, a town to be precise, he believed that he had a shot at cracking JEE.

That naive but optimistic belief was further reinforced by the fact that he had made it into the top ten thousand students in the entrance test and was admitted to the main central branch.

He felt good about himself. He was good at studies, cleared the entrance exam with a good score, made it into the top 10k students and was on the perfect golden path to clearing JEE and becoming successful.

Reyansh was a symbol of optimism. He now had to just walk down the road that the school would pave for him. Success and happiness were now guaranteed to him since he made it into the central branch.

He stood at the gates of the main central branch of the RESONANCE PRIVATE SCHOOL. He would be living in the dorms of this school for 4 years before he shifts to the dorms of IIT.

He stood next to his suitcase at the huge gates of the school and admired the high tech infrastructure. This branch was the pinnacle of knowledge in the country. His journey was just starting.

“Ah, what a beautiful school. It looks amazing! I’m gonna graduate from here, clear JEE and become successful! Wait for me, Kiara. I’ll come for you.” Reyansh muttered to himself as he walked past the humongous gates of the school.


Ignorant Optimism…

After all, the truth is indeed bitter.

There was a huge crowd of people surrounding the entrance of his dorm.

‘Are these the new students too? Or is there a celebrity over there?’

Reyansh stood with his suitcase and tried to look at what the fuss was all about. The crowd was dead silent and the air was heavy. No one seemed to be excited. The despair filled the atmosphere, making it hard to breathe. He couldn’t see anything clearly, so he stood on top of his suitcase to figure out what was happening.

a body splattered on the ground, resting on a pool of blood. The student was dead…

“W...what?” Reyansh muttered in shock.

‘What the fuck? A murder?’

But the crowd didn’t seem to be too surprised. Rather, they seemed to have gotten used to such sights. Few students stood and cried while the rest just watched.

“Umm… what’s going on?” Reyansh tapped the shoulder of a student and asked.

“Huh? Can’t you fucking see?” He swatted Reyansh’s hand off his shoulder and looked forward, at the dead body. “I fucking hate this school because of this. The school just considers this as ‘A natural form of weeding out the weak from the diamonds. Natural selection...’ They think of our lives as fucking toys.”

‘Natural selection…’

Everything suddenly made sense to Reyansh. A sudden wave of despair ran down his bones. His optimistic mindset and dreams instantly crashed. It wasn’t a murder.

It was suicide...