Chapter 3:

Student Interrupts Chairman's Private Session...

No Kiss Before JEE...

“Tch, the officials still turn a blind eye. Look, they’ve sent their lackeys to do the dirty work.” the student said as Reyansh could feel the rage radiating from him.

“Move it! Go back to your dorms and study, second years. First years, go to the main auditorium. Your orientation session is going to begin in 15 minutes.” The man announced. As the crowd began to disperse, a whole team of medical workers and cleaners moved in, and removed the dead body. Within seconds, everything was back to normal. There wasn’t even a mark remaining.

The part that caught Reyansh’s attention was that, none of the medical or cleaning staff seemed to be surprised. Plus, they had arrived completely prepared. Why was the school prepared for dealing with suicide? Was this a common occurrence in this school? Why?

This was the top school in the country, where everyone who graduates, ends up in IIT. Reyansh couldn’t comprehend the motive behind the suicide.

“Look at that. Cleaning up the place as if it was a dead rat on the floor.” The student snapped. “Get lost, first year. Go fucking attend your orientation session. And let’s hope your body isn’t taken away by the cleaning staff.”

Reyansh backed away from him and walked into the dorm. That student seemed to be very triggered. It was best for Reyansh to ignore him.

‘What a way to start the day…well, it can’t get any worse, right?’

He was running late. There wasn’t any time left. He threw the suitcase into his room and immediately ran to the orientation session.

“Finally...I...made it” he mumbled as he tried catching his breath. The auditorium was filled with students. Luckily, there were few seats remaining.

Reyansh took a seat and tried calming his heartbeat.

It was a very traumatic experience to start your JEE prep journey by witnessing a suicide. But he didn’t have time to think about that. The orientation session had started. Silence filled the air, and the chit chat between the new students completely came to a halt as the chairman of the school walked onto the stage.

The devil of the education industry…

Reyansh instantly understood why the chairman was called that. Those cold eyes, his posture, everything sent shivers down the students’ spines. Everyone feared that man. With a snap of a finger, he could expel you and ruin your whole career.

He probably held more power and influence than the Prime Minister too. If he wished, he could start a revolution and oust the Prime Minister. His eyes seemed like a lion. The battle-hardened body stood firm, his chest mighty and high in the air.

“Good morning, young students. You all are the future of our country. As you grow, once you graduate from this school, you will become an IITian, and change the world. The country will prosper and you will be successful.”

“He doesn’t seem too scary. Probably all those rumours are false.” the student sitting next to Reyansh muttered.

“Well, I hope you all can study well and change the world. In 4 years, I hope to see every single one of you, graduating from this school and clearing JEE. To accomplish that, the school will do everything to help you succeed.” The director announced enthusiastically.

The audience began to cheer. Everyone was clapping. Every single student seemed to be excited to take on the challenge of clearing JEE. After all, they were in the central branch of RESONANCE PRIVATE SCHOOL. Their admission into IIT was guaranteed.

“HAHA, yes! Clap harder! Was the joke really that funny?” the director said. The applause immediately stopped.


“You already know that everyone who graduates from this school has always gotten into IIT. But have you ever checked the number of people who graduate from this school? It’s not TEN THOUSAND, it’s only THIRTY students. Why don’t you clap now?”

Everyone in the audience was perplexed. Not a single person said a word. The air was silent again.

“We conduct weekly tests. Students who don’t perform well, are expelled. By the end of the 4th year, only 30 students remain. Do you know why we do that? BECAUSE NONE OF YOU HAVE ANY TALENT. HARD WORK CAN NEVER BEAT TALENT. ALL OF YOU ARE JUST STEPPING STONES FOR THE ELITE. This isn’t a fucking nursing home, this is WAR. IT’S KILL OR BE KILLED.” The director shouted.

Reyansh was shocked. Not only him, everyone was. This was the reality of JEE. It wasn’t a mere competitive exam anymore, it was just a cruel bloodbath.

The director tapped the microphone. The static sent shivers down their spines. “Every one of you sitting here, could either be a sheep or a wolf in disguise. Only the wolves will make it to the top, while the sheep will just be food for the wolves. The talented people will remain on the top, while the worthless scum will remain beggars forever. If you can be at the top, then you will indeed gain happiness. If you aren’t, you will probably end up like that student. I doubt he will have a decent funeral.”

The audience began whispering amongst themselves.

“What student?”

“The one who committed suicide?”
“It was a suicide?”

“Is that common in here?”

Suddenly the door slammed open. The student who had talked to Reyansh was standing at the door, his eyes were full of rage.

“YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!” he screamed as he charged towards the stage, where the chairman stood. “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU, BASTARD!!”

The chairman didn’t flinch at all.

He just had an evil grin on his face.