Chapter 1:

Welcome/rules (remember to always read this first lol)

ALTaccounti's Roasting Book!

Hi, my name is Benji and I am the smexy, husband material and Humour God (Lol I should not use that title here, so let's start fresh!)Bookmark here

*ehem*Bookmark here

I am Benji a 20 year old weeb degenerate that will be roasting your book. I don't know if it be a per chapter or overall summary style (depends on ya book), but everyone who enters will get a parody/satire summary of their books, since I specialize in that.Bookmark here

The rules are simple:Bookmark here

1. Don't be triggered.Bookmark here

2. Don't go all twitter on me, because I might joke from A to Z, since I legit don't care about snowflake behavior.Bookmark here

3. Don't go reporting just because the roast was too fire. (Like legit just don't enter if your that type saves me a lot of trouble)Bookmark here

4. Lets have a fun time yall!Bookmark here

If ya want to enter apply at the next chapter!Bookmark here

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