Chapter 2:

THAT sweet Form

ALTaccounti's Roasting Book!

Its not even necessary here, since I can see everybody profile name lol.Bookmark here

Just say the name of your book and if it is Mature and if it has THAT GAE ENERGY in it so:Bookmark here

Book name:Bookmark here

Mature: yes/noBookmark here

THAT GAE energy: yes/noBookmark here

(Btw I read everything, so don't worry about not being accepted. It is just purely for me to know.)Bookmark here

I will keep the amount of chapter at 5 for now or less if the author has less then 5, if you want to get roasted for more chappies, you gotta apply again mah dude by saying 5 more on your original comment.Bookmark here

P.S: I am too lazy to make a cover, so imma do it later today!Bookmark here

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