Chapter 4:

You read the Bible, I read JEE organic chemistry books. We aren't the same...

No Kiss Before JEE...

“Josh… do you want to get expelled?” the chairman asked as he snapped his finger. From nowhere, multiple security guards captured Josh and pinned him down to the ground. Men in black suits surrounded the chairman, their backs facing him as they formed a protective circle around the chairman.

“Josh D’zousa...a second year...aren’t you on the verge of being expelled already? Your grades have been consistently very low. Ha! Looks like I don’t even have to expel you!”

“YOU BASTARD! You knew he would end his life. You knew it all! And yet…YOU DIDN’T DO A GOD DAMN THING!”

“Ah ah, so this is what all this fuss is all about. Don’t throw baseless accusations around. You have no proof. All I did was tell him that he will be expelled. After all, he was just worthless scum.”


“You just seem to not like the competitive nature of this world. It’s survival of the fittest. The strongest will survive, while the weak will die. There is no need for weak people in this school.”

“Suicide isn’t a rare occurrence here. As the chairman, you should be doing something about it?”

“Why? Do you want me to have a ‘Mental health seminar’? You live in India. Mental health doesn’t exist. If you are weak, you are doing society a favour by dying. This country already has too many people.”


“Well, if he was this weak, he was gonna die sooner or later. He wasn’t going to clear JEE anyways. He’d remain unsuccessful his entire life, with no hope of happiness. He’d live a life without dignity and respect. Every single person in this country would look down on him. All I did was tell him that death was a better option than a pathetic future like that. Ah, I’m such a kind man.”

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!” Josh screamed. He struggled to get up with all his might and pushed three guards off him. “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!”

The men in black suits grabbed Josh’s hand and held him back. Josh struggled violently, his eyes were blood red, but he wasn’t able to break free.

“Josh… Next test, if you do not score well, you will be expelled. Not only that, I shall sue you for trying to assault me. I shall run the litigation till your parents cannot afford to pay the lawyers. I’ll send you to jail and bring your family into poverty. And when your mother comes begging to me for mercy, I’ll spit on her face.” the chairman said sadistically as he grinned.

The rage in Josh’s blood rose to a whole new level. He let a guttural scream as he broke free and violently smashed a guards face into the ground. “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE TRY THAT! I’LL RIP YOU INTO PIECES!!”

The men in black suits fired their tasers at Josh. The electricity seeped through his body, immobilizing him immediately. He fell to the ground as the other men in black suits, placed handcuffs on him.

The chairman walked towards Josh and bent down as he looked at him in the eye. “If you do get in the top 25% in the next exam. I won’t do anything. Maybe, I will listen to your requests if you can do that”

“Wha-...You don’t plan on honouring your promise, do you, you fucking bastard?”

“HAHA, if you want to know what I get out of giving you a deal like this, you should just ask. I’ll tell you the answer. You give them hope and then crush it. Only then, you can send them into despair. I love the faces students make when they fail the exams.” The director said sadistically.

The director stood up and showed his sadistic smile as he licked his lips.

“And I can’t wait to shatter your dreams.”