Chapter 13:

Where The Gods Of The East Reside.

Valkyria Squadron

In some room, HeavenBookmark here

I don't know how long I was asleep, but when I woke up suddenly because I couldn't waste time, that could cost me my life. But when I open my eyes to see where I was, I was able to see that I was in the room of some kind of hospital ward, I was in a bed and even had an IV in my arm, I was also bandaged all over, I was being treated. I kept looking around to try to discover who was helping me, only to discover that again I was in some strange place because the place did not have the design of a purely capital, the room was white and had things that looked like medical instruments, but their designs were Asian and old-fashioned, for example, the pulse monitor had dragons on the sides and its screen was monochromatic, green, the door was sliding and paper. But in it, there was a ventilation duct that you would expect to see in a factory.Bookmark here

Finally, I checked the other side of the bed, there was a normal chair, different from the living room, this one did look like a western one, and in it was a small girl with wings, her hands transparent like glass were holding mine, it was Momo and she was completely asleep with her head on my bed. I breathed in relief to see a friendly face near me right now. It seemed that when I moved a little, I woke her up because she opened her eyes right after, she saw me awake and made a surprised face when she saw me.Bookmark here

"you're good?"
"Does nothing hurt?" she asked.Bookmark here

"Calm down" I replied.
"I'm fine"Bookmark here

Then I smiled a little to try to calm her down and show her that I was fine.Bookmark here

"Where I am?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Right now you are in the hospital of Oriente 6, we are in the eastern division of the earth" She answered me.Bookmark here

"And in human what does it mean?" I said sarcastically.Bookmark here

"We are in the part where the Asian gods of the earth reside, for the believers of them" she added.Bookmark here

"So am I in heaven again?"Bookmark here

"But don't worry you're not dead"
"It was all part of the plan to get you out of the hands of the Alliance"
"Although we were never so close to being discovered by humans before that time"Bookmark here

"So you did help me escape"Bookmark here

"We have been helping you from the beginning !!"
"First we had to prevent them from closing the project ahead of time, so we had to press for them to use you and prove your worth in the war"
"Then in the following missions, several teams take care of your missions for you, to avoid putting the Codex at risk"
"Then came the real headache, because we had to see how we did so that you escaped without the humans realizing what you were doing. That's when the idea of giving you stimulants came, but we had to try to guess in which house to put them and how to do it so that you would get them without causing suspicion".
"But seeing that if you realized that we left them there we can then devise the next step for your escape"
"And it is that taking advantage of the plan they had to get rid of you, we would use the portal that the Empire left and adjust its coordinates so that you would come to heaven and help you escape".
"Only that guy Brandon moved the last rune, so we didn't know which of all the doors you would go through, so we had to put everything on hold and prepare medical equipment in all of them, just in case something bad happened."
"And how good we got ready because you were all hurt".Bookmark here

"You're dragging this out too long, can you please summarize?"Bookmark here

"The good news is that we have been able to heal you completely in record time thanks to the magic".
"The bad news is that you have been completely unconscious for a week and because of the sedatives they used, you probably feel that you have not slept at all".
"By the way, thanks to the grenades that you threw, the portals of Oriente 6 are under repair. The solar rail that brought the new components arrived a short time ago, so we will have to wait a couple of days for them to finish repairing and working".
"But it is a good time for you to give yourself a good and deserved rest!"Bookmark here

"And you were by chance here among all the possible millions of portals that must exist in heaven?"Bookmark here

"I came on the train, thanks to you I haven't been able to sleep since yesterday because I had to prepare everything to repair what you broke." She answered a little angry.Bookmark here

"So if I am already conscious and healthy, does it mean that I can withdraw from the hospital?"Bookmark here

"Well yes, but why the rush?"Bookmark here

"I have to talk to the bank before my father uses up my pension fund!!!"
"It may even be late by now!"Bookmark here

After convincing the doctors that I was discharged from the hospital since we were in the capital of the planet, I took the opportunity to stop by the bank to see how much money I had left. But to make my situation worse, it turned out that my father somehow saw all this coming and withdrew all my money that he had earned honestly and with it is trying to remodel a neighboring island near my house into a casino. So now I was on an unknown planet with no money or means to get back.Bookmark here

Thank God I was with Momo, seeing the situation in which I was she decided to help me. She told me that I could accompany her to the hotel where she would be staying these days since she also planned to take a vacation when she finished fixing the portal. She wanted to be far from the cities in a tourist place, but that by train it would only take him an hour to get to the place where the portal was.Bookmark here

During the trip I was glued to the window looking at the landscape like a child, it was like having traveled in time. Almost all the houses had that design that is in China or Japan during ancient times. People dressed in traditional clothes, rice fields submerged in water for several stretches. But they were not that they did not have the technology, because the train in which we traveled was very modern, even for those on earth, there was also the occasional spaceship in the sky traveling here and there. It was definitely fun to see all of that.Bookmark here

After getting off at a train station in the middle of absolutely nothing, we walked along a dirt road between the rice fields. We walked for a long time.Bookmark here

"Do you know if you plan to travel to work every day from here you will have to get up quite early and you will return late"I told my partner.Bookmark here

"I already told you that after I finish fixing them I'm going to stay here more days, so it doesn't always matter that afterward, I can do anything other than relaxing." She told me.Bookmark here

"And how did you discover this place? I don't think you know this place, in fact, if you tell me that there is a hotel around here, I wouldn't believe you in anything".Bookmark here

"I saw it on the internet, it is a place with quite old hot springs so they are remodeling it, and thanks to that it has lower prices than normal, you see I have everything planned!".Bookmark here

"How curious I thought that you would still be paying Miguel and that is why the last thing you would have would be a vacation for a long time".Bookmark here

"Well having to repair the portals helped me a little to get away with it".Bookmark here

"By the way, how is my father treating you?"
"Are you sure you want to continue taking care of my house?"Bookmark here

"I thank you for the second job you gave me, thanks to that I am able to continue living while I continue to pay. Your father is quite a case, when I am with him he behaves, but as soon as I go out to do something is when problems occur, he does not waste time in the least".Bookmark here

"With what happened today I realized that trusting him with my money was a bad idea, so I think I will leave the money to you and you better give him enough to live. Well, I'm afraid that he will really spend it all on a bet or a plan on how to get more money".Bookmark here

We were still walking and we were even beginning to see the building that Momo was talking about. When a car passed by us, it stopped right next to us and under the window. Inside it there was a typical Japanese girl, black hair, short, with white skin, she looked like a perfectly normal person from the earth. Except for the fact that she was driving a silver Mercedes Benz AMG GTR of the year down the dirt street while wearing typical samurai armor completely out of place.Bookmark here

"Can not be!"
"Are you Momo !?"
"What to do here?"
"That you weren't on Avesta 7?" said the samurai girl in the car.Bookmark here

"Sorry, do we meet?"Answered Momo.Bookmark here

"Wait, you wouldn't get out of there unless ..."
"is it really you?"Bookmark here

"Who are you??"I also asked with intrigue.Bookmark here

"Sorry for my manners!"
"My name is Urakaze, I am the owner of this Ryokan"
"I'm a big fan of the parties your father throws !!"
"Right now I'm coming back from one!"Bookmark here

"Wait what the hell?"Bookmark here

"I heard from your father your promotion to Valkyrie"
"It was not clear to me how they left you in such a position"
"But now that I see it I understand"
"You are nothing like the photos your father has of you at home, but now that I think about it that would be worse"
"But tell me what brings you here?"Bookmark here

"Right now we were walking the hotel to spend the night there" I said with shame when I saw that a stranger had recognized me despite now being in the body of a girl.Bookmark here

"Great, this fits me wonderfully"
"But out here is no place to speak"
"Come on in"
"I'll take you in the car"Bookmark here

Once inside the place, I could not believe that I was still on some unknown planet me in the middle of rice plantations in a hotel. Because while the exterior was a typical Japanese hotel with hot springs with its perfectly manicured gardens and beautiful trails. Inside the lobby were all the comforts of the modern world, air conditioning, television, there were quite comfortable occidental sofas, a fairly large and elegant restaurant, the WI-Fi key is on a sign near the reception, it had everything.Bookmark here

"By your face, I can tell that you are also surprised by what you see" Said Urakaze.
"Well, the building is quite old and the location difficult to reach does not help, but being close to the capital but with a relaxing landscape they have made it quite famous".
"But we have had to update the interior with modern times to keep attracting guests. For now we are doing it little by little to see how it works for us".Bookmark here

"I want another plate of this!"Momo said.Bookmark here

I had only been distracted for a moment and she was already with her fourth cup of food.Bookmark here

"Stop ordering so much food, we don't have much money to make you crazy either"I told.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it"
"Go ahead, the house invites"Said the owner of the place.Bookmark here

"You are very kind to us" said Momo with a smile.Bookmark here

"Well, an emergency can happen to anyone"
"Also with this, I can lower a little the debt I have with your father"Bookmark here

"Debt?"I asked her about the last thing she said.Bookmark here

The next thing was to see how a face transforms from a smiling and happy one to one of tears and discouragement.Bookmark here

"He won me the right to the hotel property in a game of poker"
"Please tell him to reconsider"
"This is all I have!"
"Without the Hotel, I will have no more way to live"
"I'm still paying for the car!" the samurai girl said to me as she hung from my feet.Bookmark here

"WHAT ??"
"But how did you bet your hotel?"Asked the crystal angel and with reason.Bookmark here

"He had also bet his island and the casino"
"I was thinking of getting the property and opening a chain of hotels!"Bookmark here

"My father bet MY island!?"
"Without my permission!? "
"Without telling me?"I screamed in disbelief.Bookmark here

Everyone was in a panic watching each other's versions of the story.Bookmark here

"Please tell him to help you and to lower it to something less serious" Said the girl begging for her hotel.Bookmark here

"I need to get out of here before he ends my financial life" I said.Bookmark here

"As I already told you, for now, only the solar train is available and it will take much longer than the repair of the portal" Said Momo.Bookmark here

"What happened to the portals, do you know something?" asked Urakaze.Bookmark here

"They are under repair due to a "leak" answered the girl made from glass.Bookmark here

"I'm finally free and this had to happen"
"I just want to go back to my family"
"Why does something always have to happen?"Bookmark here

"Well since they will stay several days"
"You can make use of all the facilities"
"I just recommend that you not go far through the forest north of here, there is not much there but some people go hunting animals before winter, so there must be quite a lot of traps right now so it is not safe"Bookmark here

"OK I'll take it into account"
"Thank you"Bookmark here

After that Urakaze took us to our room, or rather our cabin, as it was a small room that was outside the main building of the hotel, although it had everything typical that you would enter in a traditional Japanese house, the tatamis, the mattresses at level off the ground, for these cold days I also had a Kotatsu. And also things that you would expect from a hotel, such as room service, a mini-fridge, and most importantly for me a modern toilet, I had not seen a normal one intact for years, since the aircraft carrier was anything but comfortable and the cities that I visited normally they were never in good condition for some reason. It was undoubtedly salvation to find a specimen in such good and functional condition. But after taking off my pants to try to use them I remembered something that I had been less important until this critical moment in my life, now that my best friend and partner has left for a better place, I will never be able to wear one of these the same way ever. Or worse still, I did not know how to proceed now, because I do not have a manual with the steps to follow. So after resigning myself and throwing all my pride back, I had to ask Momo for help on what to do, I felt like something in me was dying as she spoke to me like a childBookmark here

After the explanatory talk, a silence so uncomfortable that it lasted the rest of the night followed.Bookmark here

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