Chapter 5:

TITS Or BITS Pilani?

No Kiss Before JEE...

The chairman snapped his finger, and the guards took Josh out of the auditorium. The students were completely dazed by the incident that had just transpired. Someone had the guts to scream at the chairman, the top official of the institute, and probably the most powerful man in the country. Inside every student’s heart, Josh’s words resonated. Yet, they knew that showing a form of support for Josh would just get them expelled.

Not a single student said a word. Reyansh was too shocked by the incident. This wasn’t what he had expected. His first day at a new coaching school had been so traumatic. A suicide, a chairman who talked about life like it was disposable, a student who tried to rebel against the system… A lot had happened on his first day.

“Now that you know how this world works, go back to your dorms. Tomorrow, your classes start. Let’s see how many of you remain in this academy after a year…” the chairman said as he laughed sadistically.

Most of the students walked out of the auditorium silently. There were few conversations that sprung up, but soon died out. Talking about someone who ended his own life, was disrespectful. Every student knew that. It was probably a bit too traumatic for them.

After all, they weren’t used to such sights, unlike their seniors.

Reyansh quietly made it back alone to his dorm.
‘Man, that was a lot to take in. But, by their reactions, I’m guessing things will just continue as usual.’

Reyansh stood in front of the door to his dorm. The door seemed to be unlocked.
‘Oh yea, I’ll be living with my roommates… I completely forgot. Oooh, I can’t wait to meet them.’

He let go of the door handle and practised his introduction lines. Then he visualised his roommates in front of him and shook their imaginary hands. He couldn’t hold back his excitement anymore. After all, he was gonna stay with them for a year!

Reyansh slowly opened the door, excited to meet his new roommates. But inside, there was something much better than any other roommate. Something unimaginable to someone pursuing JEE. Something that might not be approved by God. Something he had only seen on incognito tabs…

A girl was sleeping on his bed, half-naked.