Chapter 5:

This is Exactly Why I Hate Holes… And Snakes… And Don’t Forget Spiders

ReAscension- The Cries That Reached The Heavens

Well this is no surprise now. It seems that the major incidents in my life will always involve me falling.

I fell into a hole.

My head hurt because of the impact. Luckily it wasn't too deep or I would've died. I was feeling heavy, woozy. I opened my tightly closed eyes. I am sure there was something but my vision was blurry…

I was recovering from the fall when I heard a hissing sound. Watery liquid was falling on my face.

'What is that?' I thought.

And as soon as I said that, I started to wish my vision could've stayed blurry forever. Because if I didn't die because of the fall, I will definitely die now.

Because what I saw before me was four huge, drooling snakes with hungry eyes and a menacing look. The light I saw was an antenna each on their heads... bizarre... 

My mind was working but my body was acting so random. I crawled because I couldn't get up. My legs were in pain. Did I break them? Probably. But there was no time to worry.

My mind was racing with thoughts. Crawling quickly as the snake chased me wasn't doing shit. The snake was catching up to me. No matter how quick I was with this because of my months of hunting, I was going to die.

I am going to die.

That was the one thought that resonated within me. Before I could do anything, before I would redeem myself for the mess I've made. I was going to die in this shitty cave.


I wasn't going to let this stand. Even if my legs hurt like hell. Even if I felt sick as fuck. Even if the snakes were inches away from my face, their mouths covered with drool and their breaths as bad as the smell of rotting corpses. I wasn't going to let it end here.

I will redeem myself. And for that, I must survive.

A weird feeling passed through my body. I could feel the calm of the earth inside me. The ground shook, the sound echoed throughout the cave. Instantly, a bright light shone around the snakes. The quaking increased, the cave was threatening to collapse.

Then something big happened. A huge pillar formed from above, smashing one of the snakes in front of me. And before I knew it, I was covered with snake blood. The other snakes hissed violently and lunged towards me. I wished I had protection around me at such a point…

And almost instantly, my wish became a reality. A huge rocky dome formed in front of me. The snakes smashed into it but the dome hardly budged. And then an idea formed in my head. I noticed stalactites and then willed it to fall. The ground shook again and instantly the snakes were impaled with sharp stalactites.

“Ha!” I shouted, “Serves you guys right!”

I was dazed and couldn’t process what had happened. Was this some sort of magic? Earth Magic? If yes, then I know just how to put it to use.


I continued to explore the hole as soon as my pain went away. It seemed like a trap set for creatures by… whoever came here before me. And I just happened to get caught in it.

How the snakes probably got in here? Well, there were two possibilities; either they just lived here in this part because the hole was too small for them to fall through. Or they fell when they were smaller and were stuck in here ever since.

One thing was for sure, the snakes weren’t the only ones here.

And to illustrate my point, let me tell you. I discovered something weird as soon as I walked away from where the snake massacre happened.

Something sticky was on the ground, a sticky string-like thing.

I touched it out of curiosity and got my hand stuck in the process. It was tough, durable and extremely sticky as if it was wet.

I was feeling uncomfortable about this. Like I was missing something obvious. A rotten smell was coming from up ahead, like rotten corpses.

Then it hit me….


If I were to continue ahead, I would have to be careful.

I did continue ahead though. I had no choice unless I wanted to die in that crime scene.

And then I felt something crawl on my right hand. Feeling the sweat drip from my forehead, I looked down…

A huge spider was crawling towards my face. I bit my lip to avoid screaming and just stood still, paralysed with fear.

Wait, what was I doing? This was just a tiny spider. No need to be frightened.

I just smacked it away.

But it wasn’t the end. More of those critters started coming at me. This was a spider web.

‘’Shit!’ I thought, ‘It was so damn obvious. Shit, shit, shit!’

I tried to brush them off but then they quickly made a huge web, trapping me with it.

I was stuck. And it's just getting worse.

As the smell of corpses grew stronger, I noticed a huge silhouette in the distance….

And when I saw it up close. I knew I was doomed.

A huge, black spider three times my height was facing me with angry eyes. I made a weird hissing sound… unusual for a spider. And then it prepared to devour me.

I felt like I could take it, I have a new power. It was time to put it to the test!

These small monsters were a pain. Well, it’s because of how small they were. It wasn’t that dark now but I still couldn’t see much. I had to restrict their movement.

What could be a way for this I wondered.

‘Well I did domes ones, I’ll do it again.’

I lack originality, please let me survive with that.

The spiders were getting close. I wasn’t particularly arachnophobic but damn they creeped me out. I quickly encased them in a dome, grinning.

‘That will keep them occupied.’

Or so I thought.

I was hearing cracks from the dome I made.

‘It wasn’t strong enough!?’

I decided it was time for a change of plans. I had a little time so I’ll do what I can to escape. I faced the big spider.

I willed the earth to crumble beneath its feet. Sure enough, the ground did that and the spider lost its balance. I again willed for stalactites to form and fall on the spider. It will impale it, but that probably won’t stop it.

The dome was breaking quickly and I just needed to escape.

Stalactites rained down on the spider, some impaling it, some missing. This was my chance.

As the spider gave out an earth-shaking screech, I ran past it not looking back.


After my grand well planned out escape (definitely not). I spent three days trying to get used to my powers. Designing traps to trap the monsters who would come. Thinking about what I could do using the limited skillset. And naming the moves I’ve come up with in my idle time. Like the stalactite attack. I call it ‘Spears of the Earth’...

Again, I can’t name things well.

There came a point where I had to eat monster meat. It’s not bad once it's cooked and has no ill effects on the body (surprisingly).

Things were going well. I was finally making some progress with my exploration and survival.

Until I came across my next big challenge.

A monster that looks unkillable. No, it’s definitely not killable.

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