Chapter 1:

World Relapse into a new world


I shall explain, The world isn't what it use to be. This is not the planet Earth, nor any known planet by normal means. It doesn't seem to add up, because it all went into chaos in beautiful way yet destructive. It all changed but returns into anew, first the story needs to begin where it all change before a ideal became reality.

It all begins on planet Earth, a young man at the age of 16 was struck by a beam of light, leaving nothing behind. He has had a story of his own, but it isn't about that because this is when Chaos begin. After the sudden appearance of the beam light, people of planet earth are questioning that strange appearance of light. Soon people are recognizing strange phenomenon around the world when they see the sky, as more strange planet begin appearing around solar systems. As 2 months past by with the growing strange phenomenon suddenly one day between the twilight zone where supernatural and reality mix, the world of planet Earth's habitat see their world turn black. Earth was absorbed by a strange phenomenon as the entire universe mass and space twisted and pulled, galaxy far and close crush into a ball as pocket of universe came together and crushed itself into singularly.  Becoming the worlds that is the result of the end of what it came from Big Bang.

The one world of the result became to named Photolife, for that it self sufficient with life beyond worlds. A world where all fantasy to reality became one, Human living in the same world as Elves, Angels, Monster but humanity also live among from many worlds, and parallel universes. Where Earth's human are meeting magical human and many other types. As this world had many history of wars, ideals, beliefs, and it established powerful nation, countries. All of these are meaningful but failed to prepare, as long period of time passes on as demonic being made his ways down from the chaos between the world and heavens. He is known in the Bible the fallen angel who became even worser as he is a Devil himself, as he named Lucifer or Satan. He had steps his feet into the world of Photolife as he causes chaos and ruled the land with his fallen angels, demons and followers. He slowly makes his way to rule the land. 

A time has pass, they have arrive to world. To fix the chaos that has settled on the world. His named is Rakki Fuechee, as he will show the world that something he carries within. 

~End of Chapter 1~