A world was filled with many things as the world was so vast that even the biggest stars in the past can't compare today planet, as the world will soon fall to chaos as a Demon who walked among the land of living soon arise with his true form as he began ruling the land with his demons. Lucifer the greatest evil, who fell from heaven into the land as God as hasn't send him down to Lake of Fire. Unknowingly a being shall be born anew and powerful in the future to strike down chaos. A beam of light struck the other side of the continent from space and away from where Lucifer began his ruling . As its struck a small island that send the entire lake and land around it beautiful. As Grasses are filled with 4 Leaf Clovers, Trees became Cherry Blossoms, the dirty water turn pure clear, dirt under water turn rocks and sand. As spirit appears in light orbs as they floats around the lakes. A world that this being shall show the world what he carries.

UpdatedNov 08, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count4,640
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