Chapter 1:

Vol.01 Ch.01 - Prologue

Lord Tsukabe and the Servants

One day Tsukabe Mugen woke up from his bed, it was slightly sunny outside, he thought it was going to be a nice day, he did what he always did, brushed his teeth, made some breakfast and then ran to school, of course, he was the kid that was always late to class and the teacher would scream at.
But he was a honorary student, aced all his tests, was asked to join the Student Council but turned it down, he was top of his grade. This was a rather normal day in Tsukabe's eyes.
At school he just chatted with a few of his friends while reading a manga called "Servant and Master" it was rather Ecchi his friends thought and he shouldn't be reading that at school, but the teachers didn't really care as long as his grades don't drop.

School shortly ended, 2:30 PM to be exact, he walked home and went on his computer, he wanted to play some dating simulators, he had the looks and the brain to get a girl, but he was struggling to fall in love, so he kept turning down girls, hoping that he would fall in love soon.
He started to play this popular dating simulator called "High School Girlfriend" , Tsukabe was really good at it too, he was the dream boyfriend of most girls.
It started to get really late and Tsukabe decided that he should go to bed and not be late for class tomorrow. He fell asleep quite soundly while listening to music, he had a dream that he was in this new world, full of interesting creatures, and a bunch of cute girls!
Somehow the girls in this world was different from the real one, so he was just joking around getting in trouble, all because this was 'just a dream', he was soon to realise that he wouldn't wake up from this 'dream' and he soon found himself stuck in this weird world, he also realised that the world he was in was real, not a dream.

He was walking around and people kept staring at him with awe, he didn't understand a single thing, he started to understand more when a young boy approached Tsukabe and said "Lord Tsukabe, can you please give me some gold, my parents are very sick and I need help!", Tsukabe was thinking about this, he was wondering what the boy was talking about, and by 'gold'  was the boy talking about money?
Tsukabe was sure it was money, so he responded with "I'm sorry little boy, I don't have any gold, I'm very poor."
As he said that the little boy got very mad, and wanted to hit Tsukabe, but instead said "I thought you were nice, you are the richest Lord in the land, and you say that you are poor, you probably have rooms stacked with gold, you're just greedy huh."

Tsukabe was still very confused, and wanted to ask more questions, but the boy ran away, there wasn't really a lot he could do, but he ran after the boy, but eventually lost him.
He asked people around if he was a Lord, everyone said yes, and then he realised that it wasn't a joke, and then he stopped a girl with white and black clothing, looked almost like a maid.
The maid screamed "Lord Tsukabe! What are you doing in town like this, a-a-and without guards! What are you thinking you should go back to the mansion immidietly!"

Tsukabe said "But if I'm a Lord, why would anyone harm me?", he quickly realised that it was a dumb question, you would obviously harm a Lord for money, you'd be rich.

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