Lord Tsukabe and the Servants

Lord Tsukabe was a normal boy in Tokyo untill one day everything changed, he fell asleep in his bed and when he woke up he was in a world he had never seen before.
Apparently in this world people looked up to him, and they knew more about him then he knew about himself. He found out that he was a Lord that owned the largest mansion in the city.
His name was the same as before, Tsukabe Mugen, every girl in town wanted to marry Tsukabe and everything changed for him as this happend.
He went to his mansion one day, and instantly fell in love with his servants, they were all of different races. But one of his servants really caught his eye, her name is Shera Galeu, he thought she was the most beautiful, smart, and lovely girl in the city.

This is the story of Lord Tsukabe Mugen!

GenreActionAdventureMilitary / WarRomance
UpdatedDec 19, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count1,159
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