Chapter 2:

Vol.01 Ch.02 - Mansion and Maid

Lord Tsukabe and the Servants

Tiny recap from ch.01:
Tsukabe Mugen went to bed, as soon as he closed his eyes he fell asleep, he soon appeared in a world full of new creatures, magic, and a lot more. He was soon to realise that he was one of the richest Lords in the land, and had a bunch of tasks ahead of him.
End of Recap
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"Hey by the way, I forgot to ask your name" Tsukabe said.
"My name Lord? Why would a Lord such as yourself ask for a low-life like me's name?" the maid said instantly. Tsukabe was very confused, he wants to be friendly to everyone, and asking for one's name is important.

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"Will you please tell me your name ms?" Tsukabe really wants to know this lovely girl. She's beautiful, she seems smart and mature. He feels that she's really special.Bookmark here

The maid answers quite shyly "My name Lord? My name is Hinedaki, Zakuro"

Author's Notice: The last name is written first and first name is written last. So in my case it'd be Senpai Neko instead of Neko Senpai! ENDBookmark here

"Would you mind if I call you Zakuro? It's a bit sudden, I can call you Hinedaki if you wish?" Tsukabe says
"No, no Lord! You can call me Zakuro, it's just embarrassing Lord" Zakuro says.Bookmark here

"Alright Zakuro-chan" Tsukabe says and smiles.
"Zakuro is a little shy but she's my dream girl Tsukabe things to himself. Maybe she's the girl I've been wanting all this time"Bookmark here

"By the way Zakuro-chan could you show me the way to the mansion?" Tsukabe asks.
"Sure thing Master" Zakuro responds
"Oh and one more thing Zakuro-chan" Tsukabe says.
"Yes, Master?" Zakuro says with a light voice.
"Could you call me Tsukabe instead of master, it really embarrisses me when you say that!" Tsukabe says shyly.
"O-o-oh, ehm, sure, uh, Tsukabe-kun." Zakuro says with a happy but shy voice.Bookmark here

Zakuro and Tsukabe goes into a cart with 4 white and beautiful stallions
"Why do you need me to show you the way to the mansion Mast- cough I mean Tsukabe-kun?"
"It seems I've forgotten where my own mansion is, I've forgotten most things even the fact that I was a Lord until some little boy jumped up to me, asked me for gold and told me I was a Lord" Tsukabe says with a rough voice.Bookmark here

The cart arrives at the mansionBookmark here

Tsukabe looks suprised as he sees the mansion
"I-I-I OWN THIS MANSION?!?!" Tsukabe screams with a really loud voice.
Zakuro looks scared, "Y-y-yes youBookmark here

The two of them walk inside
The rest of the maids are just standing there bowing waiting for the door to open, and it does.
All the maids see Lord Tsukabe walking in.
All the maids at once "Welcome home Master!" Tsukabe gets overwhelmed and this is too much for him, he can't handle it, Tsukabe passes out and wakes up in a huge bed, with a mysterious girl on his arm, it's one of his maids and she has bunny ears!Bookmark here

What is lord Tsukabe going to do?
Find out in the next chapter of Lord Tsukabe and the Servants!
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