Chapter 71:

Chapter 71 [The Hercules]


"Haru, I'll make sure to protect Catty with my life," Kusagi said as I hug her for the last time.

I look down at her hands and saw the flip knife being held tightly in her hands. I pat her head and said: "Thank you, but remember you are not replaceable. Make sure to protect yourself as well."

Kusagi smile and nod her head. Then, I move on to hug Catty. Our mind connected, and we exchange word through it.

'Haru, you didn't need to do this. You could grant my wish, and everything would be easier'.

'I know, but I need to try. You have so much to live for. I promise you that I will get you the life you deserved'.

'You can't keep that promise, believe me'.

'Watch me'.

I smirk as I let go of her, she has worried look, but I can see hope behind her worried expression. I stand up and Lina quickly hugs me. I was surprised by the hug at first, but I return it.

"Please come back safely," Lina said.

I let her go and notice the woman behind Lina that is wearing the metal pot on her head.

"Can I ask what with metal pot?" I jokingly ask.

Lina turns to look at her friends.

"I don't know..." Lina said.

"It's for my protection," the woman said.

"Protection from what, Li?" Lina asks her friend.

"Him," Li replied.

"You do know a bullet can pierce through that metal pot like butter?" I said.

"Ohh... yeah...," Li said, she embarrassingly let out a laugh and takes off the metal pot.

Lina brought her palm to her face while I, Kusagi, and Catty let out a laugh.

"Goodbye. No, see you later," I said.

"See you later," Kusagi and Lina said as they watch me leave.

I wave my hand to them, as I walk down the stair and into the front door again. Opening the door, I enter the street again and walk to the station wagon that is parked on the side of the road. When I get close to the car, I look inside to see Cindy is talking on the phone and she looks like she is having a serious conversation.

I knock on the window and she turns to look at me. She unlocks the door, and I open the car door before getting in the station wagon.

"I miss you too..." Cindy said before ending the call.

"Who were you talking too?" I ask.

"Luci, I just want to let her know that I'm fine," Cindy said as she places the phone down.

"I thought we agreed to not contact each other so we can keep them safe," I said.

"I couldn't resist. I just miss her so much, besides this is our last mission together," Cindy said.

I shrug my shoulder, agreeing with her words.

"Are you ready?" Cindy asks while smirking at me.

"let's get this done," I said.

Cindy changes the gears, stepping on the pedals and the station wagon move again. It took us about an hour to get to the airport outside of the Lunarhaven city. After we pass the security checkpoint of the airport, we finally arrive at the giant cargo plane that is used to transport Cindy's armored personnel carrier.

There is an older brown-skin man wearing a bomber jacket and aviator sunglasses standing under the wing of the cargo plane; he is waving at us from the distance. The car drove until it stopped in front of the man, Cindy turns off the engine and get out of the car. I follow her by getting out of the car.

Cindy walk to the man and hug him. The man returns her hug and lets out a chuckle. They both seem very close.

"How are you doing Yuri?" Cindy said after letting go of the man.

"I'm doing well, Miss Cindy," Yuri said with an Irish accent.

"Yuri?" I said.

"Yuri Connor, the name." The man introduced himself.

"My mom is from Red Federation and my father is from Ireland," Yuri continued while extending his hand toward me for a handshake.

"Ohh. So how do you know Cindy?" I ask while shaking his hands.

"It's a long story, my daughter and I used to work for the mob. Cindy is the one that helps me get out a long time ago. I have been grateful ever since." Yuri said as he nods in a thankful manner toward Cindy.

"I didn't know that," I said.

"It's supposed to be a secret that I help him, but sometimes Yuri has a big mouth," Cindy said while rolling his eyes backward.

"I'm sorry, Miss Cindy" Yuri apologize as he let out a smile.

"So where is Elena?" Cindy asks.

"Oh, she is in the plane. Let me called her," Yuri said.

"ELENA! COME DOWN!" Yuri called out.

I can hear a noise of several metal tools falling down and a running footstep coming from above us. I take a couple steps back, suddenly a brown-skin girl the same age as Cindy jump down from the plane wing and landed on her two feet at where I used to stand.

The girl has a nice muscle toned body from the first glance and she is wearing a white tank top with an overall as a pant.

"This is my rude daughter, Elena Connor," Yuri said as he shakes his head disapprovingly at her action.

"Hey!" Elena said with an Irish accent and energy.

"This is... I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name" Yuri ask.

"Haru Tashikawa," I answer.

"This is Haru and looks who here," Yuri said.

"CINDY!!" Elena screams in excitement and quickly charges toward Cindy; to hug her.

Cindy giggle as Elena run her hand all over Cindy's body; She tries to push Elena away, but fail as Elena tickling are hard to resist.

"S-stop Stop it!" Cindy said as she wheezes and giggles.

Elena finally releases Cindy and back away after Yuri scolded her. Cindy's eyes widen as she tries to breathe in fresh air and I can see the sweat dripping from Cindy's forehead to her chin. I rub my hand on her back to help her breathe in more easily.

Elena really did a number on her.

"Ok. Ok... Huh... I'm fine," Cindy sigh then let out a short cough.

"Miss Cindy, with all due respect. While we were on the phone, you sound like there something serious you want to discuss. I doubt this visit is a mere social event," Yuri said.

"I need a favor," Cindy said.

"What kind of favor?" Yuri ask.

"You know, the decommissioned armored personnel carrier. That I bought?" Cindy said.

"Yeah?" Yuri ask.

"I want you to drop it on a building..." Cindy said.

"Ok, not what I expect..." Yuri said.

Elena laugh aloud and said, "This gonna be fun!".

"Before I agree to this, I need the specific. Which building are we talking about?" Yuri asks.

"The Anomaly HQ tower," Cindy replied.

"That is a tower with a height of 450-meter and it is located in the middle of the city," Yuri said.

"Can you do it?" Cindy ask.

"Of course I can!" Yuri chuckle.

"When do you want to drop it?" Yuri ask.

"Tonight at 12 a.m," Cindy answer.

Yuri turns to Elena and said, "Elena! Prep the plane, I going to talk with Cindy about the detail".

Yuri and Cindy move to the station wagon to discuss the plan in detail. I dint joining their discussion instead, I took a walk around the plane to examine it. When I get inside the cargo part of the plane.

I finally able to see the armored personnel carrier that Cindy bought. It has a wedge design on the front and it looks more like a tank that has eight wheels with a mounted M2 Browning machine gun on top of it.

I place my hand on its cold metal body.

"She a beaut, right?" Elena said.

My eyes glance at the source of the voice and saw Elena jumping down from cockpit door.

"Yeah. By the way nice plane you have here," I said as I tap my feet on the metal floor.

"It's dad favorite plane, the C-130 Hercules," Elena said as her eyes wander the interior of the plane.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Elena asks.

"Fire away," I said.

"Does Cindy seeing anybody right now?" Elena ask.

My eyes widen a bit and ask "what do you mean?".

"I mean does she dating anyone right now?" Elena asks as she twirls the lock of her brown hair and biting her lower lips.

Seriously, Cindy. I let out a long sigh.

"She is seeing somebody," I answer her question.

"Is it you?" She asks.

"No. No, we're just friends. But, there is this girl that she has been with for three years now," I said.

"Oh thank god, it's a girl. I mean no offense to you, but if she is in a relationship with another girl. I still have a chance to get in," Elena said.

"Cindy pretty serious about her relationship with the girl," I said.

"Oh, I don't mind. I mean maybe I could scoop in like a three-way thing. I'm totally into that," She said as she licks her lips.

"Ok... I'm going to leave now," I said as I quickly turn my body and walk away.

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