Chapter 72:

Chapter 72 [Trojan Suprise]


I lean back on the Station wagon beside Cindy. I look to my side and notice Cindy is gazing at the starry sky above us. I sway a little bit to the side so my shoulder bumps slightly on hers.Bookmark here

"This is it," I said.Bookmark here

"The last mission," Cindy continued.Bookmark here

"So what are you going to do after this?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I don't know, maybe I will start a company. I want to go legit. How about you?" Cindy said
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"Lina offers me a way back beside I want to stay with her and also with Kusagi and Catty," I said.Bookmark here

"Like a big family," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"You know you welcome to join us," I said.Bookmark here

"Ahhh, that's sweet," Cindy said as she leans her head on my shoulders.Bookmark here

"By the way, Elena asks me a question earlier," I said.Bookmark here

"What did she ask?" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"If you single or not," I said.Bookmark here

"Oh, really," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"I said that you are in a serious relationship, but she didn't give up, she said it's kind of her thing being in some kind of a threeway," I said.Bookmark here

"Well, Luci would kill me if I let her in even though I'm fine with it," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Wait, you are fine with it?" I puzzled.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I don't mind it," Cindy said as she grins at me.Bookmark here

"Ohh god, you weird too," I sigh.Bookmark here

"I'm the weird one? You are even weirder than me. Mister, I am the Oni that seeks revenge," Cindy jest.Bookmark here

"At least, I don't eat ice cream in the middle of the winter'" I sassed.Bookmark here

"Unicornia ice cream is delicious by the way. Well, at least I'm not freaking Lolicon," Cindy retort.Bookmark here

"I'm not a!.." I let out a groan.Bookmark here

"And one more thing because of you, Kusagi now have a bad taste on picking a name for people. I mean 'Catty' seriously? it's basically short for Catalyst," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Catty is a good name, Hpmh," I said.Bookmark here

We both look at each other for a few seconds then we burst into laughter together. Cindy has been a good ally and a great friend. I wish I could have known Cindy sooner, and be her friend all over again.
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"Let's get you to suit up," Cindy said, leaning forward, and walks to the back of the station wagon.Bookmark here

She opens the trunk revealing my equipment and weapons; ready and organizes in the trunk of the car. I grab the leather chest holster first then proceed to wear it. Then, I move on to my black jackets and did the same thing.Bookmark here

"It's like Christmas all over again," I said.Bookmark here

"Everything you need is here, your equipment is ready, and there is a vast array of weapons you can choose," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I ran my fingers on my revolver first, taking it; I sheath it in my chest holster. My eyes went to the AR-15 and the short barrel Mossberg 590A1 shotgun.Bookmark here

"I don't think I will be taking the AR-15," I said.Bookmark here

"Aren't you going all out?" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Yeah, but my mother has that sword, she will probably slash the AR-15 in half before I can use it," I explain.Bookmark here

I take the thigh holster and strap it around my right leg. I proceed to grab the short barrel shotgun next and sheath it in the holster. I also grab the ammo belt just in case I need extra ammo.Bookmark here

I move on to the gauntlets that have been clean last night and wear it. Cindy tap my shoulder causing me to turn and face her. She has this huge grin on her face as she held my helmet with the small horns in her hands.Bookmark here

"Here you go, Oni," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Thank you, miss," I said as I bow my body forward slightly.Bookmark here

I take the helmet off her hands, looking at it cause me to remember the bad stuff I had done, and by wearing it, I accept what I did, and try to repair what had I broken. I press the button on the gauntlet to turn on my helmet speaker.Bookmark here

"What you gonna do next?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I'm going back to the base, and oversee the mission from there," Cindy answer.Bookmark here

"Hmm... You always got the easy job," I said.Bookmark here

"Sure... Easy," Cindy scoffed as she raises both hand and making air quotes with her fingers.Bookmark here

"It's not like you have to face the danger," I said.Bookmark here

"Oh yeah? How about the time I drove the truck, beside my job, ain't easy, I got stuff to prepare, deal to make, computer to hack, and money to manage. Yeah, very easy to do," Cindy sassed.Bookmark here

I let out a laugh and said, "I'm sorry for belittling your work".Bookmark here

"You better be and you owe me a Unicornia ice cream when you get back," Cindy said with a smirk forming with her lips.Bookmark here

Cindy looked at me with both of her eyes, I know that behind that smirk and the joking around; is a friend that greatly worried about me. I wanted to say something to her, to reassure her that everything going to be okay but I can't seem to find the word, instead I pull her close and hug her tightly.
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Cindy sniffle as she returns my hug with an even tighter one.Bookmark here

"I'm scared Haru, this mission is not like the other. I'm worried that you... Don't come back," Cindy whispered near my head.Bookmark here

"There is no way of knowing that I will come back, but there is feeling in my gut that tells me, everything gonna be okay," I said.Bookmark here

"Like I said earlier, you're the weird one here," Cindy joke half-heartedly.
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I let out a short chuckle come out from my mouth.Bookmark here

"But thank you. I felt much better now," Cindy said while releasing me from her hug.Bookmark here

Cindy wipes her teary eyes while smiling.Bookmark here

"I got to go now, see you on the other side," Cindy said as she closes the trunk and walks to the driver side.Bookmark here

She opens the door and turns her head to look at me.Bookmark here

"Don't forget, you still owe me a Unicornia Ice cream, so make sure you come back," Cindy said before entering the station wagon.Bookmark here

The station wagon body rumble as the engine startup, she drove the car toward the gate before passing the gate, the station wagon horn twice and I wave my hand at it.Bookmark here

===============================================Bookmark here

My back leans on one of the seats inside of the airplane in the cargo area, I close my eyes and focus my mind. Someone tap on my shoulder causing me to open my eyes. Elena standing in front of me and smiling at me.Bookmark here

"So you are the Oni right?" Elena asks.Bookmark here

I nod my head.Bookmark here

"Cool!" Elena said excitedly.Bookmark here

"Not the reaction I was expected," I said surprisingly.Bookmark here

"Can I ask why cool? I mean, I not really a hero or something," I ask.Bookmark here

"You are cool because you kill bad guys!" Elena said.Bookmark here

"I know the media keep telling the people that you are the bad guys, but there are people who live in the shadow and they know the truth," Elena said.Bookmark here

"But I kill those people, no matter how much I justified it, killing your own kind are still a bad thing," I said.Bookmark here

"Sometimes it's better for the world that a few bad people need to be killed," Elena said.Bookmark here

"For me, it's better if they were brought to justice," I said.Bookmark here

"That is a naive way of thinking, our justice system is flawed... Even if they were brought to court today, they will be released in the next day," Elena said.Bookmark here

"Elena Ready the drop!" Yuri said through the intercom.Bookmark here

Elena quickly dashes toward somewhere leaving me alone in my thought.Bookmark here

"Haru, we are closing in the drop, be ready," Cindy voice can be heard coming from the inside of the helmet.Bookmark here

I press the button to change to radio communication.Bookmark here

"Yes, ma'am!" I groan as I stand up from the seat and stretch my body.Bookmark here

"We literally got once chance to do this," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Better pray to lady luck," I said.Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm praying to all of them right now," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I turn my body to face the rear cargo loading door that is slowly opening, I felt the sudden rush of wind hitting my body as it wedges through the opening. The car loading door drops down completely becoming a ramp. When I look outside, I can see the twinkling light of the city below and the starry night sky with a crescent moon above.Bookmark here

"In my entire career, I have never heard of somebody dropping a tank on a building!" Yuri laughs on the intercom.Bookmark here

"This definitely going to be one for books! WOO!" Elena cheers.Bookmark here

"Haru, you might want to enter the tank now!" Yuri said.Bookmark here

I quickly run and enter the tank from the back, closing the door behind me. I sat on the seat and tied my left hands with the seat belt. My heart begins to throb faster as I think about how crazy the plan is.Bookmark here

"Haru, I need to tell you something. There are two things that are gonna happen when the tank hit the building, either the tank body mashed together on impact or you safely crash into it," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Oh, shit..." I said.Bookmark here

"But there is a good news," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"What is the good news?!" I ask.Bookmark here

"The whole thing gonna feel like one of those thrill ride at the carnival," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"This is not like a thrill ride, I'm sure of that!" I shrieked as I felt the gravity shift as the tank slowly move backward.Bookmark here

Then, suddenly I felt it the sudden drop and my whole body felt like something was pushing me from my left side. I tighten my grip around the belt as my whole body was pulled to the driver side of the APC. I was grateful to the seatbelt that my whole body didn't slam into the driver side.Bookmark here

I grunt as the force became overwhelmed.Bookmark here

"Shit!"Cindy cursed.Bookmark here

"What happen!!" I grunt.
Bookmark here

"The system detects you coming, it's activating the auto turret! Hang tight!" Cindy warned.Bookmark here

The whole tank body vibrates as the multiple sounds of bullets hitting the metal body echo inside of the tank. I hold to the belt even tighter and pray to god that the tank armor holds up. It didn't as a bullet passes by me and ricochet inside of the interior.
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"Cindy!" I scream.Bookmark here

Without warning the tank body jerk and rotate as I felt the outward body hit the concrete floor and wall of the building. After a few seconds of the crash, a loud impact noise follows by the many large inward dents appearing on the interior wall of the tank body.
Bookmark here

I cursed every word I can think of at that moment before the tank finally stops shaking and moving.Bookmark here

"Oh fuck! This is the stupidest idea we had!" I said while panting my life out.Bookmark here

"It's not that bad," Cindy joked.Bookmark here

"You do it then next time!' I countered.Bookmark here

"Nope," Cindy laugh.Bookmark here

I rolled my eyes in annoyance, I untied my hand and felt the searing pain around my wrist.Bookmark here

"You got company outside your tank," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Glad to know,"I said.Bookmark here

Taking out the short barrel shotgun from my thigh holster, I pull the fore end backward to load the first round and I bring it close to my chest. I close my eyes and focus my mind to sharpen my sense.Bookmark here

Then, I slowly unlock the handle and kick the door open. The bright light greets me, and I aim the shotgun toward the first enemy closes to me.
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