Chapter 3:

Chapter #3: [Gifts]

Livestream Hero

• Chapter #3: [GIFTS]

“Hōri Kaide!”

“Present.”, I replied in nonchalance, resting my head on my right palm. Damn bastards, they could at least tell me that receiving their gifts would be painful. Ah, that’s right. It’s been over a week ago since our little plan to cure my boredom was made, and just last night, I received a package delivered yours truly by CheckYourInventory.

It wasn’t fun though, because as soon as I opened it, I was wracked in immense pain and fell down screaming and twitching all over. Luckily, Plotter said in the letter that came with the box that it creates soundproof barrier that surrounds my room when opened.

Damned idiot, the gifts wasn’t supposed to be painful but Plotter made them so I would look like some movie protagonist who got chosen for a scientific project that would make them a super human.

Though I’m pretty sure that the way my body tossed and turned around wasn’t like the ones seen in the movies…

Anyways, I woke up pretty early after that. About 5 A.M., but strangely, I didn’t feel sleepy. Also, despite the pain that I just went through last night, my body didn’t feel sore, but actually light and very energized. Having that, I opted for a run.

40 minutes of running throughout random streets within the city didn’t tire me either, hell, it wasn’t even enough to make me sweat. Eventually, having enough of running, I came back home. My free time till it was time to prepare for school was spent playing League of Legends.

Walking to school was a bit uncomfortable, I guess for someone used to not garnering any attention. Many gazes had set on me, such as shock, surprise, confusion, and many more. However, what caught my attention, is the feeling of something different. It was like an aura, emitted by Kazuto Hiro and his group, as well as other people within the school, with each of them varying in strength.

Anyway, people looked at me like I did something really big, which was foolish. They didn’t investigate Hiro for having a harem, yet I was being scoped out because I had received some gifts that didn’t actually change me physically.

“Kaide? What’s wrong” Hiro asked me in concern. Ah, now that I realize, I was actually looking at him the whole time.

“Did you do your homework?”, I tried to cover up.

“Ofcourse! Emilia went to my home last night and personally tutored me!”, He said, smiling widely at the end. Tch, lucky bastard…

“Hōri Kaide! Can you please try to answer this equation?”, The teacher called, frowning, as he spotted him chatting with Kazuto Hiro. The boy doesn’t pay attention to class, but still manages to get good grades. From what he heard, the boy does the same to the his other classes and teachers.

Kaide coolly stood up and made his way towards the board. The teacher swore he heard him 'tsk' and mutter something incomprehensible towards him, probably a curse. The others, prepared to laugh at his embarrassment, however, Kaide would prove them very wrong.

I heard many of my classmates trying to hold their laughs, probably for being caught chatting with a classmate instead of listening to the teacher. Hah! Like I need that! The abilities that CulturedOjiisan gave me would allow me to pass college and any courses within a year. Taking the chalk and glancing at the formula for a moment, I began to write the solution and answer.


Writing without a stopping and looking at anything, other than my answer, I was finally done just under a minute. Placing the chalk back to the tray, I calmly made my way back my seat and gazed at the clouds…

How strange, everyone’s so quiet all of a sudden…



Everyone was silently gaping, even the professor, was looking at Kaide in shock. They expected him to not be able to answer the problem and just stand there aimlessly. Well, they thought of that because the boy wasn’t exactly listening to their teacher, as well as the other ones.

So they were completely blown away when Kaide didn’t just answered the question right, but on three different ways that was yet to be taught by their teacher, and of course, judging by their teacher’s reaction, was all correct.

It wasn’t for a few seconds after Kaide had taken his seat back that everyone had exploded to chatter.

“What the hell?! The transparent guy is actually a genius?!”, Someone yelled out, bringing my cloud gazing into an end. Turning to them, their faces was like someone who had witnessed a miracle personally.

“Yeah… He’s actually quite something…”

“Now that I think of it, maybe the reason why he doesn’t pay attention is because he already knows the lessons?”

“Maybe he tries to give us a chance?!”

“Woah! If that’s the case, then he would make a great tutor!”

Sighing tiredly, I palmed my face in annoyance as all of their attention drew on me. Luckily though, the bell signifying lunch break rang…


“Hiro-kun~!” Immediately, Kurumi's voice rang out as she raced towards Hiro's seat.

“Woah! I never knew you were so smart!” Hiro cried out, his eyes sparkling. Ah, shut it, I don’t wanna deal with you or your group right now.

“Hiori sure does study.” Emiya's stoic voice reached me. At least get their names right when you praise someone!

Then, the Council President Emilia walks in. Ofcourse, she immediately goes to Hiro as well. And as usual, the boys glares looked like they wanted to tear the boy to pieces.

“Emil— Ah, President, another work again?”, Hiro asked.

“Yes, but today, I need your help… And also…”, Moving her gaze, our eyes once again met…



Due to the awkward atmosphere, Hiro whispered to Emilia.

“… He’s Hōri Kaide…”

For someone you often request something, you sure do a good job at remembering me.


“Ahem… Yes, Hōri? Can I ask you to help with the paperwork? I just heard that you’re good at Mathematics so… You see, we have something to do…”

“Why? Is it really that busy and important?”, I asked, annoyance now clearly lacing my voice. You would entrust a student, that’s not even a member of the council, to do the paperwork while you go on dates?

“… Just this time, please?”, She pleaded. My gaze flickered for a bit to the other boys, who had a look of 'Dammit! Just say yes!’

Sighing and rolling my eyes, I just said.


Before standing up and walking towards the Student Council Room, not bothering to check if they’re following or not.

A few moments later, I felt tension from Hiro and his group behind me. Also, their 'aura' had become stronger.

“Do we really need to meet at the study hall?”, Kurumi asked.

“Yes… It seems to be very urgent…” Ayumi replied.

“So, where’s it?”, I asked, suddenly ending their conversation and snapping them back to realizing that I was also here.

“Ah! Right… It’s there on the second table…” Carter awkwardly said. A person forgetting my name still feels odd to me, even though I got used to it.

Sighing again, I walked to the desk and started doing the paperwork. Then, a man suddenly popped up, distracting me for a bit.

It seems that the man was the one who called them, as they immediately nodded when he arrived and begun leaving.

“I’m leaving it to you Hōri.”, Emilia spoke hurriedly, before quickly closing the door.

I didn’t bother replying and just thought, do they even care to give me a reward or anything?

Whatever, let’s just finish this…


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