Chapter 3:

I'm A Knight

The Sky’s Limit

When they realized it, they found themselves back at the stadium. "You have passed the test! Congratulations, young soldiers," the kingdom's mage said. "You are now a knight!" they were stunned, and then the congratulations came through their mind. Eliz and Dawn shouted, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" "Oh my goddddddddddd!" then "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" (why do people always say yesssssssss when they get something? Weird) after the celebration Dawn and Eliz went back to their houses "I guess this is the end then," Eliz said "It may be the end of our adventure, but it's not the end of our friendships," Dawn said then the two friends said goodbye. "How did it go?" his dad asked. "Guess what," he said. "What?" his dad asked again. "I got to be a knight!" his dad was stunned, then "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" his dad shouted (really? Yessssssssssss again?) "I knew you could do it" his mom walked into the living room. "How did it go?" Eliz's dad asked, "I got to be a knight!" Eliz said happily. "Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever," Eliz dad answered, "You're not happy?" Eliz asked with disappointment. "No," Eliz dad replied, "If you want me to be happy, go marry some good prince and give me more land!". "Wait, you're telling me that you've made a friend named Eliz?" his mom asked. "Yes, why?" he answered while eating a turkey to celebrate. "What does it come from?" his mom asked. "Umm...let me think it's pretty long," "I think it was...Elisia Vividian Laurier." The whole family looked shocked (except Dawn, obviously). "Why are you also shocked?" He asked. "Elisia Vividian Laurier is the daughter of the king!" His mom told him. "Then what was she doing there?" He asked, "I have no idea, but we should keep our distance." his mom said. "Why may I ask?" "because there's a rumor that the king is crazy and want all the land in this world," his dad said. "WHAT?!" he said. "Yeah, son, you've made a good friend," his dad said, "but you should keep some distance from the princess."