Chapter 74:

Chapter 74 [Losing everything again]


Kagome screams as she charges toward me while screaming her heart out. I can feel her intention of cutting me down. Suddenly, everything quiet down and the bloodlust I felt was no more. Then I hear it, a sound of a woman crying. No, more precisely a sound of a mother who mourns for her son and I open my eyes to see the katana blade is only a few inches away from my face.Bookmark here

I look behind the blade, seeing Kagome sobbing in so much pain. Her eyes became red as the tear spilling out and her mouth tremble as a few small incomprehensible noise escape her lips.Bookmark here

"I l-love my son," Kagome stuttered.Bookmark here

"He died in my arms. I felt his body shattered," Kagome continues.Bookmark here

"He wanted to save the world," Kagome said.Bookmark here

Kagome pulls back her Katana and lets it fall to the floor. She fell to her knees and continue sobbing. I drop to my knees wanting to comfort Kagome. She notices my action and quickly wraps her arms around me. Kagome continues to sob on my shoulder.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, Haru," Kagome apologize.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for being weak," Kagome continue.Bookmark here

"I remember your last word," Kagome said.Bookmark here

"You did save us," Kagome whispered.Bookmark here

Even though Kagome said those word to me but it was never meant for me, it was for the real Haru. Kagome tears wet the area around my shoulder and I felt the warm tears absorbing into my cloth. I wrap my arms around her, her body jolt but she continues to cry. I notice behind her back there a scar running down her spine.Bookmark here

"I'm not your son," I said.Bookmark here

"But if I was one, I would say that I miss you," I continued.Bookmark here

"I miss you too," Kagome replied.Bookmark here

She let me go and proceed to place her hands on both of my cheeks. She slowly touches our forehead together. I look at Kagome crying face, her eyes watering but a smile crept on her lips. She is just like me, she loses something precious to her and that led her astray. Sometimes, something bad happens to you in the past, you either come out better or come out broken.Bookmark here

"It's okay, I'm here," I said comforting here.Bookmark here

"T-thank you," Kagome said.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a man voice echoed in the room. I look around to find the source of that voice and I realize it coming from a loudspeaker in the office.Bookmark here

"Sorry to interrupt your bittersweet moment," An unknown man said.Bookmark here

"I can't believe you failed me, Kagome," He continues.Bookmark here

"Screw you!" Kagome cursed.Bookmark here

"SCREW YOU, DAIKI!" Kagome cursed again.Bookmark here

"Daiki? That is the name of Haru father," I said aloud.Bookmark here

"I should have known you would fail me," Daiki said.Bookmark here

"I'm not following your order anymore!!" Kagome bark.Bookmark here

"You have no choice, Kagome," Daiki said.Bookmark here

Suddenly, Kagome screams in pain as her head pull back. The scream stops and she lay on the ground, drool coming out from her mouth and body twitching. It's her scars, he planted inside of her.Bookmark here

"Hang in there, I will find a way to help you," I press another button on my gauntlet to turn on my radio comm to communicate using my gauntlet.Bookmark here

"Cindy! help there something in her back we need to get it out," I said.Bookmark here

"Haru *static* I *static* can't hear *static* clearly," Cindy voice breaking.Bookmark here

"Cindy!" I said.Bookmark here

"There something *static* blocking *static* our comm," Cindy voice breaking.Bookmark here

"Say goodbye to your friend," Daiki said.Bookmark here

"what?!" I said.Bookmark here

Kagome body contorts again as she screams in pain. Then I look out the glass pane and saw three rockets in the sky heading toward the area of my base.Bookmark here

"CINDY, GET OUT OF THERE!" I scream through the radio comm.Bookmark here

"I *static* can't *static* hear *static* you," Cindy voice still breaking.Bookmark here

"NO!!" I scream as the rockets landed on it target.Bookmark here

I can see three big explosions in the distance, it brightens the night sky for a short moment and I saw the burning aftermath. My heart just drops as I witness the destruction. It was quiet for a second before I scream my heart out as I realize that Cindy is gone.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

I was snapped back to reality when Daiki voice echoed.
Bookmark here

"Kagome, if you want the pain to stop, kill him!" Daiki said.Bookmark here

"No, I won't!" Kagome said.Bookmark here

"It's pointless to resist," Daiki said.Bookmark here

"I won't hurt my son anymore!" Kagome said.Bookmark here

Kagome screaming intensifies, I can see an electric shock coming out in the middle of her spine, burning her skins and the Sarashi. She is in pain and I don't know what to do.Bookmark here

"Kagome, I don't know what to do!" I said.Bookmark here

"You need to find where exactly is the device in my spine and point to it quickly," Kagome said.Bookmark here

I look for the burn marks earlier at her back and place my finger on it.Bookmark here

"It's here," I said.Bookmark here

Kagome closes her eyes then she screams even more and a glob of muscle tissue, a tiny device in it suddenly appear and splat to the floor. Blood covers the muscle mass and the device in it. Did she remove the device on her owns?Bookmark here

Kagome wheeze as she coughs out blood.Bookmark here

"Why do you resist Kagome, no matter, I already got what I want," Daiki said then the speaker turns off.Bookmark here

"Grab on to me," Kagome said.Bookmark here

I grab her hands, suddenly everything went black for a few seconds. When my sight returns, I look around and realize that I wasn't at the office anymore. Instead, I'm at an unknown rooftop and I can see the anomaly tower from the distance.Bookmark here

Kagome laughs, "I can't move my leg. I must have cut too many nerves," She said.Bookmark here

Kagome leaning on the stone wall behind her, a smile on her face but her eyes show pains and gladness. She looks as if she welcome death.
Bookmark here

"Listen to me Haru, your father isn't the same anymore. He's gone mad, you need to kill him, if you can," Kagome said.Bookmark here

"What?" I said.Bookmark here

"But that not your top priority. Your top priority is the Catalyst. Your father wants to use it, to destroy the reality itself but you need to kill it before he can use it. That's why I want the Catalyst, to kill it. So my son last deed doesn't become in vain," Kagome said.Bookmark here

"But I can't kill her, she is my friends and my family!" I argued.Bookmark here

"You have too, I know it's hards but you need to do it, she wasn't meant to live in this world. She is a danger to all of us if her power becomes unstable," Kagome said.Bookmark here

"Fuck!" I cursed.Bookmark here

"Damn it!" I scream.Bookmark here

"Cindy..." I mutter.
Bookmark here

"Haru you need to do it! Only you can!" Kagome said while holding my hands.Bookmark here

"And you will need this," She raises her hands.Bookmark here

A Katana suddenly flies out of nowhere and landed on her hands perfectly. she brings it close to her lips and mutters something.Bookmark here

"My name is Kagome Tashikawa, I have the blood of my family, and I have done my deeds. It time for another to replace me, may the ancestor lend you their strength," Kagome give the Katana to me.Bookmark here

The Katana sword light up, as a small symbol appears at the end of hilt replacing the one before. I look at the symbol; it wrote Oni in kanji.Bookmark here

"I have to go, I don't have much time left. Neither do you," Kagome said.Bookmark here

"Where are you going?!" I ask.Bookmark here

"Somewhere peaceful..." She said, suddenly she disappeared into thin air.Bookmark here

I was left there with nothing except for the Katana in my hands. I Just lost everything again, I can feel myself breaking again but I have to focus, I must save Catty and Kusagi. I have to check on them quickly.
Bookmark here

No time for mourning, my grip tighten on the Katana then I stand up and quickly find a way to get out of the rooftop.
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