Chapter 75:

Chapter 75 [Unexpecting Guest]


Lina, Apartment.

I sigh as I sat in the kitchen watching the Tv from there since those kids didn't trust me enough to let me sit near them. Only three of us in the apartment because I convince Li to stay at her friend's place to keep her safe and away from the danger.

I should talk to those kids. I mean kids like me, right? What if I had one? And he or she hates me. Wait, who will do I have kids with? Haru face suddenly pops into my mind. My face immediately blushes red; I shake the naughty thought away before it became serious.

Is it me or the room getting hotter. I nervously laugh for no reason. So, what do kids like?

I remember Stephanie had a puzzle in her room. Also, we do have Unicornia ice cream in the fridge. I get off my seat, heading to Stephanie's room first to get the puzzle set, then I walk back to the kitchen to grab the ice cream out of the fridge.

With a tub of ice cream and a puzzle box set in my hands, I brought it with me to the two kids that sitting on my sofa. Which names that I haven't had the time to ask them yet.

"Hey, how about we assemble this puzzle set and eat ice cream together?" I invite.

The girl with the rabbit ears quickly replies by staring dagger and growling at me. I back away from the rabbit ears and accept that growling as a no. I sigh, then turn around to walk back to my room when a small hand grabs the bottom half of my shirt.

I turn around, to see the silver-haired girl with a rabbit stuffed animal in her other hands, smiling at me and looking at the puzzle set. Then I look at the rabbit ears girl, she looks at the silver-haired girl feeling betray, then she pouted away when she noticed me looking at her.

"Do you want to build this puzzle with me?" I ask the silver-haired girl.

The silver-haired girl nods her head, then quickly walk to the kitchen counter. I follow her, when I arrive at the kitchen counter, I lay out the tub of ice cream and the puzzle box set on it. The silver-haired girl took a seat on one of the stools in the kitchen. She places her stuffed animal on the counter, then playful swivel her seat with a smile on her face.

I took a seat on the stool that faces the silver-haired girl. Opening the puzzle box set, I pour the puzzle piece on top of the counter.

"Have you ever assemble puzzle before? " I ask.

She shakes her head.

"Well first off, we always start with the corner piece," I said.

Then I found a corner piece then place it in the open space on the counter.

"How about you pick the second piece," I said.

The silver-haired girls look through the stack of puzzle piece trying to find the next piece. I found it cute that she tries so hard to find the piece even though I already know which one is it. Her eyes widen as she finally found a piece, she picks it up and raised it in the air. I celebrate by congratulating her and clapping my hands.

"Now assemble it with the corner piece," I said.

The silver-haired girl assembles the piece with the corner piece. I can see the joys in her eyes as she felt satisfied with assembling the piece.

"It's my turn now," I said.

With my eye, I quickly found the next piece and sweep it out of the stack with style. The silver-haired girl claps her hands and looks at me with awe, as she saw how I easily find the next piece.

I smirk as I assemble the piece dramatically.

"Before we assemble the next piece, can I ask your names?" I ask.

The silver-haired girl extends her hand to me then she looks at me, gesturing me with her head to place my hand on top of her. Without any caution, I place my hand on top her, somewhere deep in my mind, I could hear a girl's voice then I finally realized that it is her voice.

'Hello, my name is Catty.'

"Hello, there... My name is Lina. Nice powers you have there," I compliment her.

'Thank you.'

'I found it!'

Catty lets go of my hands, grabbing the next puzzle piece and raise it in the air in happiness. I notice behind her that the rabbit ears girl occasionally takes a peek at us.

"I think your friend there wants to join us," I said after Catty assembles her piece.

Catty looks behind her, she let out a huge smile and get out of her seat. She then heads to the rabbit ears girl. She holds her hand and she seems to be communicating with each other. Catty then drags the rabbit ear girl to counter and make her seat right next to her seat.

The rabbit ear girl pouted while her head is down and her rabbit ears droop down. Catty took a seat, then she bumps her shoulder with the rabbit ears girl. The rabbit ears girl looks at Catty and looks back at me while still pouting.

"My name is Kusagi. I'm sorry that I growl at you..." Kusagi apologizes.

"Apology accepted if you help me finish this ice cream together," I said with a smile.

"Okay..." Kusagi said, she still looking down but I can see a small smile crept up.

It only took a couple minutes of assembling the puzzle set and eating ice cream together for both of them to finally warm up to me. I know it, I'm good with children. I mentally pat myself on the back as a way to congratulate myself. Wait, I have an idea.

"Do you want to know how Haru look when he was young?" I ask excitedly.

Kusagi and Catty nod their head enthusiastically as my offer pique their interest.

"Wait here! I will go get my sketchbook," I said.

Standing up from my stool, I quickly rush to my room and grab the sketchbook on my table. I brought it with me to the kitchen, then show them both a sketch of Haru when he was still in school with me.

"Haru look the same?" Kusagi said.

"I always wonder about that maybe it's because of his...power," I said.

I show them another one. A sketch of Haru with a black crow perch on top of his head as he ponders somewhere.

"Oh, it's Mr. Crow!" Kusagi exclaims as she points to the crow in the sketch.

"Mr. Crow?" I said.

"Yes, it's Mr. Crow. He always to hang out in Haru room but now I didn't see him anymore. He super nice and never peck me when I feed him,"Kusagi said as a small frown form.

"I'm sure that Mr. Crow will find you someday," I said.

"Yeah," Kusagi said as she let out a small smile again.

Knock, Knock.

My head turns to the front door. I didn't know someone is coming. Maybe it's Haru or Stephanie or Li, but Li is at her friend's house.

"I will get the door while you guys play without me," I said.

I get off the chair and walk to the door. I look a the peek hole, seeing an older man with a slight gray hair on both sides and wearing a full black suit. He looks oddly familiar to me. It's probably a salesman. I didn't open door just in case.

"Can I help you?" I said aloud.

"Are you Miss Lina?" He asks.

"Yes?" I said.

"Open the door," He said

Suddenly, hearing those word shook my entire body. My hand starts moving on it own. I try to fight it but fail. My mind panic as my own body working against me. My hand unlock the door and open it. Behind it is a single older man smiling at me.

"Thank you for opening the door. Now stand straight" He said.

My own body follows his order instead of mine.

"Catty, Kusagi RUN!" I warned.

I heard a scream as Kusagi dash toward the older man with a knife in her hands.

"Lina stops her," He said.

My hand quickly move like the wind and catch Kusagi by the neck in, then I raise her up in the air. My hand starts choking her, Kusagi tries to slash at my hand but it has no effect as the blade can't penetrate my skin.

"Let me go!" Kusagi order.

"I can't control my body. Catty RUN!!" I yell.

"I don't want to tell you what gonna happen next if you run. Let say it won't be pretty," The man said.

Catty hold tightly her stuffed animal, then she let it fall to the floor as she walks to the man. My eyes glance at her as she passes by my side. Catty was on the verged of tears as she walks to the man.

I scream as I try to fight to gain control over my body, but I still can't control it.

"Who are you!" I demand his name.

"It's Daiki Tashikawa" He answered with a gentle smile on his face.

"Haru Dad?" I said confused.

"Take care of the rabbit ears girl for me will you," Daiki said.

My hand throws her like a rag across the room, Her body breaks through the kitchen window and out of sight. I scream as I realized what just happen, I just kill a kid. Catty broke into tears as she saw what happen. The entire apartment shakes while the air around her begins to crack like glass.

"Do you want her to die too?" He asks calmly.

Catty open her eyes and look at me, then the shaking stop and the crack begins to disappear. She hugs herself as she had no choice but to follow this man.

"You both follow me," He said and we both follow him like a drone.

I can only struggle.

I'm sorry Haru.

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