Chapter 1:

2 Mystery Boys

Phantom: Untamed Monster

<Year 2018>Bookmark here

<Somewhere in the Untouched Northern Forest Of Himanchal Jammu and Uttrakhand, INDIA>Bookmark here

As One should expect of a forest there were trees grass animals and other things there but that was only from the outside. Once entered the forest, there was a whole city and it was so advanced that you can say it seemed to be bigger than the forest itself, as one would expect because this was the city of Sarasvati. A city which was as prosperous as the heaven itself according to the ancient epics and legends of South-East Asia.Bookmark here

But it was nothing like the normal human settlements. Even though only a few, people could be seen flying without anything like a jetpack, even though jetpack itself is an imagination for now. Also the local trains were highly modernized and though seems to be levitating at first glance, they were actually attached to the tracks from the upper side.Bookmark here

In the streets of this city, there were a few kids going somewhere in uniform, At first glance it felt like a school but actually it was a college or university as most of them had age around 17-18 years, which was a bit weird because normally a person graduate from school at 17 (at least in India).Bookmark here

Even though the street had descent amount of students walking, Some of the kids were also up in the sky. But the main focus was three kids who were sitting or rather flying in a fixed spot under the tree of a house which was on side of street.Bookmark here

"Hey Rohan, see how nervous is the one in the middle is. It seems like he is shitting bricks. How hilarious."Bookmark here

"Come on don't laugh on others, we were the same on our first day, Saurav."Bookmark here

This was the talk between Saurav and Rohan. Saurav was a guy with some average looks and Rohan was the same but with a bit more developed muscle and a little larger height, also the guy Saurav was a bit cheeky guy and whereas the guy Rohan was a bit gentle. But the Spotlight was the one behind them both. He was lying behind both of them just Chilin in the tree shadow. Bookmark here

"Could you two please lower your volume."Bookmark here

As the boy Chilin in the shadow said this, the other two really slowed down their volume.Bookmark here

"It really doesn't seem like he is a first year here."Bookmark here

"Yes he wasn't afraid so we invited him to our favorite spot but he just slept here the whole time."Bookmark here

• "Yes, What did he said his name was…. Vik Vicky.."Bookmark here

"I guess Vivek."Bookmark here

As Rohan and Saurav were talking about Vivek, they were actually surprised. In this city, almost none of the student, belonged to here. Everyone here comes from outside and have almost no knowledge of this place. The process of coming here was simple but terrifying. If you possess power than you will suddenly be kidnapped and the moment your eyes open there will be a note "Attend University tomorrow or DIE" with the address of "Gurukul Warriors University". Bookmark here

As a second year students in this college (University), They knew the fear of the very first day, very well, and so they were enjoying the expressions of the new first year students, but this guy, Vivek, didn't feared a bit while going to school which shocked them and that is the reason why they invited him with them to this place but he was still not interested.Bookmark here

However, the mood suddenly changed in a moment.Bookmark here

Vivek sensed a strange presence and hence he got up in an instant, and started observing the students.Bookmark here

"Hey what happened to you? Suddenly Interested in seeing them."Bookmark here

"Well I don't think that's the reason."Bookmark here

Saurav and Rohan said respectively. But the Vivek's Mouth opened for the second time.Bookmark here

"That Guy with the Smartphone."Bookmark here

As they both saw where Vivek was pointing his fingers, There was a guy with not even a single shred of nervousness, was reading something in his smartphone.Bookmark here

"What could be more interesting than his own life."Bookmark here

As Vivek said this, Both the other replied together.Bookmark here

"Are you in any position to say this."Bookmark here

Their response was quite expected as a guy who himself wasn't feared of death has no right to say this, however Vivek was quite unaffected of those words.Bookmark here

"Can any one of you tell me what he is reading?"Bookmark here

"Sure, why not, afterall I am of Archer class and have great sight"Bookmark here

Rohan diligently replied to Vivek's query.Bookmark here

"[ANGEL-EYES]!"Bookmark here

As he said this, his black eyes turned green and he focused on the boy he first gave the expression of "OH!" but they suddenly changed to "WHAT?".Bookmark here

"What is he reading?"Bookmark here

Vivek asked. Apparently Vivek was now not as arrogant as he looked.Bookmark here

"Well he is reading an article on certain someone, I can't tell you the name, as well as Watching anime in split screen."Bookmark here

Rohan answered while sweating.Bookmark here

" So are you shocked because he is watching anime rather than caring for his life? And What is that you can't tell me?"Bookmark here

Rohan ignored this question of Vivek. With a pause he looked at his digital wrist watch.Bookmark here

"Only 15 minutes left, You should go, if you don't want to die yet."Bookmark here

The words of Rohan shocked Vivek. His expressions were telling that the death threat was real and he should hurry. There were various questions in Vivek's mind, but well he knew if he want answers, he need to be alive so he left.Bookmark here

"Well What Actually is he reading?"Bookmark here

Saurav asked Rohan as he was curious as well.Bookmark here

"An article about [PHANTOM]"Bookmark here

"But its impossible! How can he? Only the ones who live here knows about him."Bookmark here

"Well it's true but if he survived today, they will sooner or later will know about him but, more shocking thing is have you forgotten that this boy is a first year and first day? How can he have a smartphone when he was kidnapped?"Bookmark here

They both took a pause. Actually they realized that they were not going to get the answers no matter how much they think. They couldn't approach the boy either as if he got late, it will be a life or death matter for him. All they could do was remember this kid who had a normal body, Average height and the Silver hairs which were a little darker than that of the [PHANTOM].Bookmark here

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