Chapter 2:


Phantom: Untamed Monster

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding.Bookmark here

The bell rung as the 15 minutes were over. The students who were gathered in the ground were now taken from there to the auditorium hall. There were around 100+ students in 10 lines .Bookmark here

The auditorium was quite big and the stage was almost empty with the exception of an levitating microphone. It was shining. Since no one knew anyone in that hall, it was a quite hall especially keeping in mind that they were all students.Bookmark here

In all that ruckus, the boy with the red bag was actually still using his smartphone and he was the only one to have one. Though some of the students were shocked, no one raised any voice. Vivek, who might have said something if he had opportunity, was 3 rows away so he also didn't said anything. Even though still calm, Vivek's expression said that there's something which stuck him weird.Bookmark here

Suddenly a Man came in front of microphone and started his speech.Bookmark here

"Good Morning Students, I know You all might have several questions about your situation, powers and whatever there is but I am not the one who will answer that. I am Your Vice Principal Mr.Vishwakarma. For those who have trouble remembering my name, you can just call me the Demon teacher. Well that's a nickname my students gave me and I cherish their Love, Ha Ha Ha"Bookmark here

As the atmosphere got a little relaxed due to the speech, some students gave the expression of "what a weirdo" but in reality it was his actual goal. He wanted to grab everyone's attention as well as ease the tension. Even the Red bag boy switch his smartphone off and listened to him. Vishwakarma continued.Bookmark here

"So the only info I will provide you is you guys are now officially the students here. Those who failed to arrive are all dead as the note already warned. So without any further delay let's invite our principal to enlighten you on your situation."Bookmark here

As soon as the vice principal left the mic a beautiful lady with long blue pony tail, white tube dress up to thighs and blue eyes appeared. Although Principal, She herself seemed to be not older than a 3rd year college student.Bookmark here

She started her speech in a soothing yet serious voice.Bookmark here

" Good Morning Students. I am your Principal, Miss Shruti. Let me answer each of your queries one by one."Bookmark here

She did not any formalities. All she did was just a good morning and gave everyone the command to ask any questions. basically it was up to students whether they just stuck in the mental pressure of being kidnapped or find opportunity to clear all your doubts. However the students were not idiots either. They knew that they are being tested and so they prepared all their queries. That was when the rapid fire questions and answers begin...Bookmark here

" Is our safety guaranteed?"Bookmark here

" It depends on your actions. There are no rules here, and everything is judged by me. I don't need to give any reason to punish you even if it's execution"Bookmark here

"You trying to become god?"Bookmark here

"It's not like I am trying to become god. I am your god as long as you are in this school. Even now, if you offend me, I am willing to kill you"Bookmark here

"[Flame Ball] die you bitch"Bookmark here

Suddenly a boy in between the students attacked on surprise. Bookmark here

Maybe he wasn't able to tolerate someone evil, they show their sense of justice and try to be a Hero, however a Hero must know the situation and always be calm otherwise..Bookmark here

" Oh My… how cute an 'A' rank flame ball, no maybe an 'S' rank." Bookmark here

Suddenly the serious Principal's voice turned cute.Bookmark here

As the Principal said this, the flame ball approaching the principal vanished.Bookmark here

"Now it's my turn"Bookmark here

[Agni]Bookmark here

In the same cute way she replied.Bookmark here

The boy in an instant Burnt in blue flames such that there weren't even ashes there.Bookmark here

There was silence for a moment which was broken by VivekBookmark here

"S-Rank? What's that"Bookmark here

He didn't gave a damn about a person dying. He just wanted his answers and so was the principal answering him.Bookmark here

"Ranks are the evaluation of your power. They are given to you once you complete one day in college. However all they tell us is the power you have now. Your potential to become stronger is all upon your hard work"Bookmark here

Vivek was satisfied. He did wanted to know some more things but he just didn't did it. He was not afraid of death but he was just interested and didn't want to die without knowing.Bookmark here

"Where are we?"Bookmark here

Even though this was the most common question among everyone, maybe the people just didn't thought of this as something as important as others. However a red haired girl in the back of the third row asked this.Bookmark here

This girl had long red hairs, red pupils, and the same black and white skirt and top uniform as other girls.Bookmark here

"Ah! So finally someone asked. You are currently in a city called Sarasvati. A city of myths which no one shall enter. You all will be staying here from now on. Money and housing will be provided to you by us. You all will be given special privileges to live in this city which is around 150 years more advance than the other cities however you cannot go outside without the permission. Having permission is not difficult so you can ask whenever you need permission. BUT KEEP IN MIND every inch of your existence is erased from outer world. You are just a no one who is known by no one. So Remember This."Bookmark here

A silence wrapped the auditorium. No one raised a question.Bookmark here

"Okay! Now that no one is asking any questions I think you don't have any doubt. So it is time to announce the student who scored the most in entrance exam."Bookmark here

"What? Entrance?"Bookmark here

"Weren't we kidnapped, there wasn't any exam."Bookmark here

" Were they evaluating us? How? From where? And on what basis?"Bookmark here

Everyone started murmuring these questions as soon as the Principal Shruti said about the honor student.Bookmark here

"The Honor student Master Ranjan Come on the stage."Bookmark here

The Red bag and Silver haired guy walked toward the stairs.Bookmark here

End Of ChapterBookmark here

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