Chapter 79:

Chapter 79 [Eternal]


I open my eyes to a familiar starry dark sky. my body felt nothing, no cold, no hot, not even warm. But I do feel something on my back, a thick hard floor. I raise my upper body into a seating position and surprise to see even the floor looks the same as the sky.Bookmark here

Where am I?Bookmark here

Suddenly, my mind flashes the events transpire earlier. I shot myself in the head. I quickly touch the side of my head checking for any sign of getting shot, but I found none.Bookmark here

"Hey, there."Bookmark here

A familiar voice greets me, I quickly turn my head to the source and saw my uncle holding a six pack of beers. Uncle Touka is wearing what he usually used to back home. He wears a Haori with a white T-shirt underneath and blue jeans with no shoe on. He looks younger, but with a few gray lines on the side.Bookmark here

"Am I dreaming again?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Nope," Uncle Touka said nonchalantly.Bookmark here

"Then where am I?" I ask again.
Bookmark here

"Hate to be a bearer of bad news, but you dead, Haru," Uncle Touka as he took a seat on the floor in front of me.Bookmark here

"But? What? I can heal, aren't I?" I said.Bookmark here

"Sorry, but you shot yourselves in the head. There no coming back from that I'm afraid," Uncle Touka said.Bookmark here

"I don't believe you," I laugh.Bookmark here

"It's the truth, Haru," Another familiar voice greets my ears.Bookmark here

No, It can't be. If she here that's mean I'm really am dead. I turn my head to the source that voice and saw Aeterna with her black cloak covering her body.Bookmark here

"I really am dead," I said.Bookmark here

Aeterna nod her head to my statement, then she walks closer to me. My mind just won't compute the detail yet, I still couldn't believe that i'm dead.Bookmark here

"It's hard to take in, I know. I have been there before," Uncle Touka said.Bookmark here

I look around the empty plane that I'm on, then I turn back to Uncle and smile.Bookmark here

"I know about the truth, you keep from me," I said.Bookmark here

"Do you hate me?" Uncle asks.Bookmark here

"For some weird reason, I'm not mad," I replied.Bookmark here

"But why, though? Why all the secrecy?" I ask.Bookmark here

"At first, it was to protect you. I don't want the past to be a burden to you. I wanted you to have a life. A life that the past Haru lost," Uncle said.Bookmark here

"But who am I kidding, I'm just an old man filled with regret. In the end, I did it because of the guilt, Haru death was my fault and I can't change the past," Uncle said, his eye gaze down to the floor.Bookmark here

"I don't understand one thing, why do I have memories of my younger self even though I was bred in a tube?" I ask.Bookmark here

"It was the part of the cloning process, the subject must have a stable memory to help him cope with his daily life. In other means, the memory you had is all fake," Uncle explains.Bookmark here

"Even the time we spent together, the training, the fishing, every birthday, we celebrate together?" I ask.Bookmark here

"No, that was real, we did spend together," Uncle said.Bookmark here

"So the memory of my parent? that is the fake one?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes," Uncle replied.Bookmark here

I was surprised to finally know the whole truth, but somehow I felt relieved. Maybe it's because the place that I'm in or maybe it because everything has finally revealed itself. I let out a long sigh, I felt sleepy all of sudden and tired.Bookmark here

"Haru, care for a drink?" Uncle said, as he tore one of the beer cans and offer it to me.Bookmark here

"Sure," I said as I take one from his hand.Bookmark here

Uncle tore off one of the beer cans for himself. I pull the tab break-in in a small hole on top and take a sip from it. Uncle smile when he looks at my surprised face. It tastes sweet? I have always thought it tasted bitter. Wait, I can taste? I take another sip and feel the sweetness on my tongue.Bookmark here

"How is it possible?" I ask.Bookmark here

Aeterna cover her mouth as she giggles after hearing my words. I turn to look at Aeterna, then I finally realize it. I'm not on earth anymore, god that must be some stupid I question I ask there.Bookmark here

"You get it now?" Aeterna ask.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I think I get it now," I replied with a smile.Bookmark here

"I'm really am dead. I just couldn't believe it," I said.Bookmark here

In the deepest of my mind, I can hear the ground shaking, glass breaking, Lina screams, and Catty cries. I massage the bridge of my nose with two fingers while closing my eyes, when I open it again, I look at Uncle.Bookmark here

"Uncle, are you disappointed in me?" I ask.Bookmark here

Uncle look at me with his eyebrow raised, confuse by my question.
Bookmark here

"Back, when I alive, I did so many bad things, I hurt and taken human life," I said.Bookmark here

"I'm not a good person," I said.Bookmark here

"I would lie to you if I say, I wasn't disappointed in you. I was, but anymore," Uncle said.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?" I ask.Bookmark here

"You pick a lot of bad choices at the beginning, but at the end, you finally pick a right one," Uncles said.Bookmark here

"The choice were you fighting to protect your own family," Uncle continued.Bookmark here

"But I fail, I lost everything," I said while looking at my hands.Bookmark here

"You didn't lose everything yet, you still have your memories and the family you form in your journey," Uncle said.Bookmark here

Catty and Lina, I need to go back, I need to save them. I won't let it end like this, with the new burning resolve ignite within me, I look back at Uncle. He looks at me knowing what I'm going to do the next.Bookmark here

"Uncle!" I said.Bookmark here

"I know," Uncle said.Bookmark here

"Aeterna, I sorry to ask this from you, but I have to go back," I said and turn to face her.Bookmark here

She let out a sigh.Bookmark here

"The cost is great and I can only give you an one hour before you have to return back," Aeterna said.Bookmark here

"Whatever the cost, I willing to take," I said.Bookmark here

"You don't even know what the cost is." Aeterna laugh in a mocking manner.Bookmark here

"I don't care, I need to go back and save them," I said.Bookmark here

"Your an idiot, you know that. The cost is your soul will be destroyed, for an hour of resurrection. Do you really want that?" Aeterna ask.Bookmark here

"Yes," I answer.Bookmark here

"You don't even have a plan or a way to fight your father," Aeterna said.Bookmark here

"I do have one, I will walk up to him and kill him," I said with confidence.Bookmark here

"That is the stupidest plan, I have ever heard," Aeterna said while shaking her head.Bookmark here

"Why are you so stubborn to help me?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Because I don't want to lose you! Don't you understand that?" Aeterna accidentally burst her anger out.Bookmark here

"If you accept the cost, your own essence will be gone, you would cease to exist. I can't accept that cost even if you want to, I'm sorry," Aeterna said, her voice breaking, then she averts her gaze away from me.Bookmark here

A long silence donned on us for a few minutes before we start talking again.
Bookmark here

"Aeterna, please..." I plead her.Bookmark here

"You won't stop, no matter what I said, do you?" Aeterna said.Bookmark here

"You know me the most," I said while letting out a gentle smile.
Bookmark here

"Fine... come closer," Aeterna said.Bookmark here

My body moves closer to her, Aeterna reaches into her cloak and take out a heart-shaped silver pendant.Bookmark here

"I will give you three things to help you in your fight, a heart-shaped silver pendant, put this around her neck," Aeterna said.Bookmark here

"Whose neck?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Shh, you know when the time came," Aeterna shush me.Bookmark here

"The second thing," Aeterna said then she places a finger on my forehead, a bright light glow on her finger. Then I felt like my brains have been shifted and move around after she removes her finger.Bookmark here

"Something to help you fight your father," Aeterna said.Bookmark here

"Thank you," I said.Bookmark here

She closes her eyes and tightens her lips. Then she opens her eyes again and gazes at me with determination.Bookmark here

"The third thing is your resurrection. Remember, you only got one hour," Aeterna said, I nod to her reminder.
Bookmark here

"Are you ready?" Aeterna ask.Bookmark here

"Yes," I said.Bookmark here

Aeterna grab both of my cheeks and pull me closer into a kiss. I was surprised, but I didn't fight it. I close my eyes and pull her body closer to mine. Our lips touch for a long time, I felt her familiar cold and soft lips on mine, just like the kiss that we had. I open my eyes again and saw her body beginning to light on black fire.Bookmark here

I push her away and said "Aeterna, your body?!".Bookmark here

"I know," Aeterna said with a smile.Bookmark here

"I couldn't let your soul perished, so I change the rules. I sacrifice my own last bit of humanity, my human body." Aeterna said.Bookmark here

Aeterna raise her hand to look at it. My eyes gaze at her hand, as the fire burn and consume her entire flesh, leaving only the white bleach bone behind.Bookmark here

"You sacrifice so much for me, why?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I would do anything for you even turning into a monster because I love you," Aeterna said.Bookmark here

The black fire finally consumes everything, leaving only a skeleton wearing a cloak. Aeterna look down and cover her face.
Bookmark here

"You're not one in my eyes," I said as I lift her chin up with a finger.Bookmark here

Our gaze met, and I can still see her beautiful eyes inside those hollow socket.Bookmark here

"You have the most beautiful eyes," I said.Bookmark here

"Thank you," Aeterna said in a soft tone.
Bookmark here

A white light begins to envelop me, the light is warm, and deep in my chest; I can feel my heart pounding again. I turn my gaze to my uncle.Bookmark here

"When you come back, let's go fishing again, just like the old days," Uncle said as he waves his hand at me.Bookmark here

"I'm going to put a raincheck on that because she comes first," I said as I turn my gaze on Aeterna.Bookmark here

I don't even know that skeleton can blush, but I see it happening right now.
Bookmark here

"A lady killer, just like myself," Uncle joked.Bookmark here

Before I could make a snarky remark on Uncle Touka joke. The bright light consumes me and everything went to black again.
Bookmark here

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