Chapter 80:

Chapter 80 [End]


A light beat can be heard at first.Bookmark here

Then another one, pound inside of my chest.Bookmark here

One more, but this time an even stronger one, that followed by many other beats.Bookmark here

I was alive again, as my lung begins to expand and contract. Inhaling the oxygen in the air and my heart pumping my blood to flow in my veins again. I let out a quiet gasp as I open my eyes.Bookmark here

I felt my clothes wet, it may have been the puddle of blood seeping into my cloth, but when my eyes glance at the floor, I can see the puddle of water. Searching for the source of the water, I see Lina tube has been broken, she is still on her knee, head down and no sign of movement. The water is dripping out from her broken tube.Bookmark here

I focus more on Lina, and glad to find that her finger twitching for a few seconds. She is unconscious. The machine lights up again and the shaking started again. I heard Catty cries of pain in my mind as the ceiling above her destroyed, revealing the night sky above. The crack in space is humongous, and the reality near it begins to shift and twist.Bookmark here

As pointed spike protrudes from the floor at one of the cracks in space. While another crack snow begins seeping through it. The weird one of the most is the crack that has an unearthly flora growing such as a purple leave tree and flowers that are so beautiful that It can't possibly grow on earth.Bookmark here

The machine lights dim again and the shaking stops.Bookmark here

My eyes gaze at Catty a large amount of silver glowing petals flowers on the floor surround her. Exhaustion and despair begin to show on her face. When my eyes finally look at Daiki, he is gazing at the night sky above.Bookmark here

You got one hour - I remember Aeterna words.
Bookmark here

I place my hands under me and push to lift my body upward. Until I was on my knee, then I grab the Katana on my side and stab it into the floor. I use the Katana as a cane to lift my body up.Bookmark here

"Hey!!" I scream my heart out.Bookmark here

Daiki turns his body to face me, his face shows surprise and disbelief as he saw me. I place my finger on the side of my head, looking for a hole that was supposed to be there, but I didn't find any. Then I let out a smirk as I look at Daiki.Bookmark here

"You think, I would give up that easily?" I said
Bookmark here

"That girl behind you is my family," I pointed at Catty behind Daiki.
Bookmark here

"And I would do anything to protect her even coming back from the dead," I said with confidence as I clench my hands.Bookmark here

Catty cast her eyes at me, and I could see hope sprouting inside her through her beautiful, amazing, big silver eyes.Bookmark here

"Impossible!" Daiki bark in denial.Bookmark here

I stand straight and pointed my Katana at him.Bookmark here

"Let's end this!" I taunt him, then I immediately charge toward him.
Bookmark here

"Stop!" Daiki ordered.Bookmark here

He tries to use his power on me, but it is futile. Aeterna gave me a protection against his command. I keep on charging, raising my Katana and ready for a downward slash.Bookmark here

"Stop!" Daiki ordered again, his face show panic.Bookmark here

"Stop!!" Daiki bellow, taking a step backward away from me.Bookmark here

"Impossible!" Daiki said as he finally in my range of attack.
Bookmark here

I brought the Katana down on him, he raises his arm to block it. When I was about to cut his arm off, the sword suddenly stops a few inches away from his arm. I struggle to push the sword in but something is pushing the blade away. Daiki uses his other hands to land a punch on me, but I managed to back away before he landed it.
Bookmark here

"If I can kill you once before, I can kill you again!" Daiki said calmly.Bookmark here

Daiki took off his blazer, then he pulls up his sleeve revealing sophisticated bracers. It looks like an advanced tech bracer. He throws a couple punches in the air and the bracers begin to assemble. Covering his hands, forming into a gauntlet with small spikes protrude at the knuckle area.Bookmark here

Those gauntlets must have stopped my blade. Daiki took the first attack by charging at me, he throws a couple punches my way. I evade, returning a few slashes toward him, but he blocks it with the gauntlet.Bookmark here

What the hell is that gauntlet, it stops my blade from getting near his gauntlet. I feint an attack by raising my katana for a downward slash. Daiki raises his gauntlet to block, but I use my foot to land a kick on his chest.Bookmark here

Daiki saw the kick coming and instinctively block it with the gauntlet, my boot makes contact with his gauntlet and managed to push him back.Bookmark here

My theories are that gauntlet repel away any metal that comes close to it. I need to test it, I look down at my right grapple gauntlet. I aim the grapple gauntlet and shoot the metal hook at him. Daiki raises his gauntlet to block, instead of the metal hook hitting the gauntlet. The metal hook bounces back and falls to the floor.Bookmark here

I recall back the hook and ready myself in a defensive stance as Daiki charge toward me. I dodge, as he throws a punch directly at my head, I suddenly felt pain as that punch was a feint. Looking down, I realized that he has sneaked in a punch at my shoulder, tearing my cloth and skin underneath it.Bookmark here

I grunt as I felt the pain in my shoulder. I kick him in the chest, causing him to back away and let out a couple heavy cough.
Bookmark here

The machines around the room light up again and the shaking begins. The crack in space begins to grow immensely and the area around it begin to deform. Some of the floors begin to turn into gold and diamonds shard begin to grow on the wall.Bookmark here

With the shaking going on, I charge toward Daiki, readying my Katana for another attack. I try a horizontal slash but he blocks it. He steps away while smiling at me. I realize that he tries to buy time so Catty would unleash her power.Bookmark here

I'm running out of time also. I need to end this fast. The machine light begins to dim, but Catty power has begun to become unstable as a tornado surrounds her. The tornado is sucking up the small debris around the room into its vortex.Bookmark here

"You're too late now. The end is coming," Daiki said.Bookmark here

"Not if I can stop it!" I respond back.Bookmark here

I throw my Katana at him while dashing toward him, He easily avoids it by moving to the left and the Katana flew into the tornado.Bookmark here

I jump in the air and ready my fist for a punch. As I begin to fall back to the floor, I throw the punch at him. Daiki smiles as he throws the same punch toward my oncoming fist. I open my fist in mid-punch and grab his fist with my hands. I felt pain as the spike puncture my skin.Bookmark here

My feet landed on the floor and I pull him closer to me. I then headbutt him on the face with my forehead. My forehead felt the bone in his nose break. Daiki scream in pain, I pull him close to me by hugging him and I focus my mind on the Katana.Bookmark here

"Let me go!" Daiki screams as he punches my side breaking a few of my spine.Bookmark here

I grunt as he kept barrage my side with multiple punches. Just like what happened to the soldier earlier, The Katana, pierce through Daiki spine, stabbing him from behind and me at the same time.Bookmark here

My eyes glance at the side of his face, I saw his face in shock as he felt the Katana in his back. I push him away from me slowly, I can feel the blade moving in me before the Katana completely unsheathed from my stomach.Bookmark here

Daiki fall to his knee, laughing.Bookmark here

"I already won, she can't control it anymore," Daiki laughed.Bookmark here

The moment he said those words, a wave of energy expended, throwing me and Daiki into the wall and destroying the wall behind Catty. Another wave of energy expands throwing a large piece of rock at me, I avoid it by jumping to the right.Bookmark here

Daiki was not lucky as another piece of rock slams his stomach and stuck him in place with his back on the wall.
Bookmark here

He laughed and laughed, happy that he finally achieves his twisted dream. I walk up to him with my hand on my wound.Bookmark here

I call on my Katana, and the sword pierces through the rock. I catch it with my other hand. He looks at me with a satisfied smile on his face. Annoy by his face, I bring the Katana up in the air and slash his head off.Bookmark here

His head falls and rolls to the side as blood squirt from his neck. Then I turn back to Catty and run to her.Bookmark here

Another wave of energy expands, I planted my Katana on the ground, and hold on to it tight. The wave pushes me a couple feet backward, leaving a trail of a deep long cut on the floor.Bookmark here

I pull the Katana out and begins walking toward her again. Climbing the step that leads to her, another wave of energy suddenly burst, throwing me backward and into Lina tube.Bookmark here

My body slams into Lina hard, solid body that causes her to wake up. Lina looks around surprised while gasping for air.Bookmark here

"Haru?!" She said.Bookmark here

"You're alive?!" She said shocked to see me.Bookmark here

"No time to explain," I said as I try to stand up.Bookmark here

The movement causes me to cough out blood, and I place my hand on the wound to stop it from bleeding. Lina look at me worried as she saw my wound.Bookmark here

"Haru you're hurt!" Lina claims.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, it will heal back up, just like always," I said.Bookmark here

"But?" I Interrupt her words.
Bookmark here

"Can you do me solid?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Anything!" Lina answer.Bookmark here

"Throw me at Catty, I need to reach her," I said.Bookmark here

"Okay!' Lina said as she tore the chains off her feet.Bookmark here

Lina grabs the back of my collar and pants. Then with all her strength, she throws me at Catty. My body flew up in the air easily covering the short distance and passing through the tornado.
Bookmark here

My body slams on the floor and I plant my Katana into the floor to stop myself from sliding away. I stand up and pull my Katana out of the floor, then cut her chain off.Bookmark here

'Haru I can't control it anymore' She said in my mind.Bookmark here

The Tornado around her begins to worsen as it grows wider and bigger.Bookmark here

'You need to do it Haru. Kill me before I kill the world!' Catty said in my mind.Bookmark here

'Please Haru, grant my wish' Catty plead.Bookmark here

I plant the Katana into the floor and take a seat in front of her.Bookmark here

"Do I look like a genie to you?" I joked then laugh as a tear flow down my cheeks.Bookmark here

'Haru pleases, there is no other way' Catty stressed.
Bookmark here

"My uncle told me that there always another way, if you look hard," I said.Bookmark here

Catty looks at me with pain and confusion on her face. I keep on smiling as I search for my pockets when I reach into my pants pocket, I felt it, the silver pendant. I took it out with my hands and leans my body close to her.Bookmark here

"Everything's going to be fine," I assure her.
Bookmark here

Catty begins to cry as she leans closer to embrace me.Bookmark here

'I don't want to hurt people anymore,' Catty cried.Bookmark here

"I know," I said calmly.Bookmark here

I place the pendant around her neck, A bright light glow between me and Catty. I back away to see the silver pendant merge into her chest, turning into a heart-shaped mark. Chains marking begins to grow from the heart-shaped mark.
Bookmark here

The chains marking, spread through her entire body, from her neck to her feet. I also notice that the suppressor collar behind her neck, suddenly fall to the ground.Bookmark here

The light on her chest dims away and the tornado around us begins to slowly dissipate into nothing. The crack in space also begins to shrink and disappear. I place my hand on my wound as I smile while looking up into the clear night sky.Bookmark here

When I look back at Catty, her face was a mixture of confusion and happiness as she gazes at her hands where the chains marking is visible.Bookmark here

Catty suddenly hugs me, surprising me and causing me pain at the same time as her body push my hand into my wound. I clench my teeth, but keep on smiling. I place one of my free hand on her back. Catty looks up at me shocked, her power is completely gone, she can't speak to me. Tears flow down her cheek as she opens her mouth, struggling to say something.Bookmark here

She tries to say something again, but nothing came out.Bookmark here

"It's okay, I know, you're welcome," I said.Bookmark here

A big smile grew on her face as tears begin flooding out of her eyes. My head felt woozy as I struggle to open my eyes.Bookmark here

"Haru!" Lina called out.Bookmark here

Lina joins our hugs, I grunt as both of them is pushing my hand into my wound. Lina back away as she heard my grunting.Bookmark here

"Your wound?!" Lina exclaim.Bookmark here

"I think we should go," I said.Bookmark here

I let Catty go and stand up with all my strength. Lina quickly grabs my arms as I was about to fall, Catty stand up and hold my hands. We both walk out of the facility with no resistance. I think all the soldiers have been evacuated or run away. Walking past the truck wreckage, we arrive outside of the facility open space.Bookmark here

"Lina, I'm sorry I couldn't be with you," I said suddenly.Bookmark here

"What?" Lina said, confused by my words.Bookmark here

I look at the broken gate and saw Aeterna standing there, sadness dawned on her face as she gazes at me. My own tear slips out of the corner of my eyes and flows down my cheeks. My heart pounding loudly, I'm scared of dying again. Death is so more painful than anyone could imagine.
Bookmark here

"I always love you, Lina," I said.Bookmark here

The most painful thing doesn't come from the physical aspect, It's knowing that you are going to leave the people you love behind, and the thought of not seeing them ever again.Bookmark here

"I love you too, Catty," I said as I pat her head.Bookmark here

"And Kusagi too, tell her that for me, Ok?" I continue.Bookmark here

"Haru?" Lina called out.Bookmark here

I walk to Aeterna when I reach her, she offers her hands to me, I took her hand in mine.Bookmark here

"This is the most painful part doesn't it?" I ask Aeterna.Bookmark here

"Yes, seeing you leave your own family behind," Aeterna said with sadness in her voice.Bookmark here

"I have seen it so many countless times," Aeterna continue.Bookmark here

I turn my head, seeing my own body on its knee with his eyes closed and a peaceful smile on his face. Beside him, the love of my life, crying her heart out as she realizes that I have passed away and the child who I treat like a sister to me. No, she is my little sister, holding tight to my body as she too cries without any sound.Bookmark here

"Aeterna, can I ask you something?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes?" Aeterna said.Bookmark here

"Can you see their future? If you can, tell me did they live a happy, fulfilling life?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yes, they did," Aeterna answer.Bookmark here

"Thank you," I said as I sniff my tears away.
Bookmark here

I turn to her and smile as I said, "Take me away."
Bookmark here

On that cold night, Haru Tashikawa died for the fourth time and last time.
Bookmark here

                                                                          THE END.
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