Chapter 3:


Phantom: Untamed Monster

"The Honor student Master Ranjan Come on the stage."Bookmark here

As the Principal Shruti declared the name, The Red bag and Silver haired guy walked toward the stairs.Bookmark here

He went to the floor and stood on the right side of Principal., The Principal continuedBookmark here

"You all might be wondering what was the entrance exam and how was it conducted. Let me tell you everything clearly. The moment you all were kidnapped, the exam started. As you all experienced, once woken up, you all were in a almost empty room with a note and some uniform. The moment you woke up ,your every activity was monitored. Did you investigated your surrounding, how calm you were, what decisions did you took, did you search for anything helpful, if you investigated, then was that investigation successful or not. They were all the criteria upon which you all were judged."Bookmark here

The students started evaluating themselves. Their expressions were telling that somehow they knew what they did and what they didn't. Even Vivek had some weird because expressions so it seemed like even he missed at least a few things.Bookmark here

The principal continued.Bookmark here

"However it happened first time in the 230 years history of not only this college but in whole city of Sarasvati that someone scored a perfect 100 in the entrance exam."Bookmark here

Everyone was shocked. It wasn't like they weren't expecting anything from Ranjan, afterall they barely know him but still breaking the history of 230 long years is something really incredible, that was the moment they all had already decided that Ranjan was a Genius. This happened to almost all of us, it's human nature to just call a person unordinary when they are far ahead of us. It wasn't like everyone was thinking this, but most of them were.Bookmark here

"Honor student, Say some words if you want."Bookmark here

The principal stepped away from the mic and Ranjan came in front of the mic. What happened made everyone shocked.Bookmark here

"Hellllooo Everyoooonne cough cough cough"Bookmark here

It was a very cheerful voice filled with joy followed by a cough due to excessive force in words. However it was all natural.Bookmark here

"Ah! Sorry maybe I overdid it... he he he. I am Ranjan nice to meet you. I am really looking forward to know all of you. I am happy that I got chance to restart my boring life to make it a great one. I hope you all become my friends just like Vivek and Me."Bookmark here

The last line shocked not only just Vivek and students but even the Principal. Afterall when did they become friends and where.Bookmark here

"Friends, the hell are you talking about?" Vivek replied instinctively.Bookmark here

Suddenly Vivek's senses calmed down. He realized what was going on so he continued,Bookmark here

"I was watching you because you were... well leave it do whatever you want"Bookmark here

He didn't finish his words about why he noticed Ranjan but one thing was clear. When Vivek sensed Ranjan, Ranjan also sensed Vivek and he noticed that Vivek was watching him and just made a decision that Vivek was his friend without even Vivek's own consult.Bookmark here

"Thank you everyone, See ya all in the classes. Hope we all be good friends."Bookmark here

Ranjan finished but his words left a great expression on the students. Especially when he said about the boring life, most of the students started doubting that this is rather true that they all were bored and from here on, life might become more interesting.Bookmark here

It was a start of new life for everyone.Bookmark here

"Okay So now one final thing Students"Bookmark here

Vice principal saidBookmark here

"there are five sections in first year. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Sigma. There is no type of hierarchy so you can go into whatever class you want. Since it's already noon, you will only have 4 classes which will focus on your evaluation and from Tomorrow on you will have actual studies. Have a Good day"Bookmark here

With these words of vice principal, the assembly ended with too much ruckus, zero injuries and one death.Bookmark here

Most of the students were quite unaffected by one person's death. It was like they either expected this or they just didn't care. All they were thinking was in which section should they sit. Bookmark here

This was when an unexpected side of Vivek came out.Bookmark here

"I want to end up in same section as that red haired girl. She is so cute."Bookmark here

Vivek murmured to himself.Bookmark here

She indeed was a cute girl even with just her face and personality but her confidence, pride in her voice and a decent etiquette made her even better like an angel.Bookmark here

"I will help you"Bookmark here

Suddenly a voice came from behind the Vivek and it was Ranjan. He was like clinging to the shoulders of Vivek.Bookmark here

"wh what? Why do I need your help. Why the hell do you even call me your friend."Bookmark here

Vivek replied after getting surprised by sudden interference of Ranjan. He was also waiting for the answers of his various questions however he also knew that rushing things won't help. he should just ask one by one.Bookmark here

"Come on, don't be that shy. You should be my friend, afterall you were keeping an eye on me weren't you."Bookmark here

"I don't want to be friends with Fakers"Bookmark here

As Vivek replied to Ranjan in a little cold voice, it more of felt like he was just forcing himself to say in such cold tone, Ranjan was shocked a bit.Bookmark here

" What do you mean? I didn't get it."Bookmark here

"You are hiding something. You emit a aura of a healer with bit of combat magician however the composition is so perfect that it seems to be fake."Bookmark here

He finally told the reason about why he was observing Ranjan. Even though somewhere deep inside his heart, Vivek also wanted to be friends or at least acquaintance of Ranjan, His suspicions due to the aura of Ranjan was stopping him from doing so.Bookmark here

"Wow you can see and calculate aura and it's composition it's amazing. Now there's more of a reason that we should be friends. I am a strategist and you are a walking database. Isn't it amazing."Bookmark here

Even though it was definitely Ranjan trying to dodge the question, his words were so natural even the professionals will be fooled by him, but that wasn't the case for Vivek.Bookmark here

"Hey don't just dodge the questions."Bookmark here

"Come on don't be like that. Aura or other things shouldn't be your priority. If you get any late any more, I won't be able to help you getting in the same section as Sheetal."Bookmark here

"Sheetal?" Vivek asked in surprise.Bookmark here

"Well yes that's the name of that girl."Bookmark here

Finally Ranjan was able to dodge questions, or so it looked like however in reality Vivek just gave up for now and knew that if he force anymore, the chances will only go down and also..Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

he didn't wanted to loose his chance of being in the same class as that red haired girl.Bookmark here

"Okay Then, if you can do this than I will think about being your friend."Bookmark here

And without even realizing, Vivek was finally starting to trust Ranjan. It wasn't like his suspicions were cleared off of Ranjan but he at least realized that Ranjan might be weird but he is not a bad guy.Bookmark here

This Is where started the new legend of friendship. Even though Vivek didn't considered this now, This was actually the beginning of a new Legendary Friendship who in future will not think twice even if they have to kill or be killed for their friends.Bookmark here

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