Chapter 81:



"Good morning everyone, welcome to the channel 82 news."Bookmark here

"Our highlight of today, the industrial sector of Lunarhaven city, burned today as a fire laid waste to the sector. The official has stated that the cause of the fire was a chain reaction of combustible chemical exploding and spreading throughout the sector, but many claims that it was a missile from Red Federation as a sign of war."
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"On another news, a female body has been found dead at the grave of the formerly deceased Touka Tashikawa. The identity of this female is still unknown."Bookmark here

"On our last highlight for the day, Anomaly, Inc stock crash as a scandal was revealed between the city crime family and the company. The official is currently freezing all of the company assets as the company is currently under an official investigation."Bookmark here

The screen turns to black as a female nurse uses the remote to turn off the TV in the room. Then, she opens the curtained window, letting the ray of sunshine enter the room. The nurse then moves to Kusagi bedside and check on her progress chart.Bookmark here

A police officer enters the room and overlooks Kusagi's bed.Bookmark here

"You know the cuff on her wrist is making my job more difficult than it needs to be," The nurse said, as she places her finger on Kusagi wrist to check on her pulse.Bookmark here

"We have too, the kid is a Powered, she could be a danger to us and we can never be too sure," The policemen said.Bookmark here

Kusagi body is covered with tons of bandage wrapping around her body. Kusagi suddenly opens her eyes and scream.Bookmark here

"Haru!"Bookmark here

"Catty!"Bookmark here

Kusagi tries to move her arms but fails as the handcuff around her wrist tied her hands to the bed. The Policemen reach his gun, but the nurse raises her hands to the officer. Telling the officer that the nurse will handle this. The nurse then places her hand on Kusagi head to calm her.Bookmark here

"Everything going to be fine, you are at the hospital, do you remember what happens to you?" The nurse asks.Bookmark here

Kusagi memory of the attack flash through her mind. An unknown man enters the house and Lina suddenly froze up. Catty got taken, I try to attack the unknown man, but Lina stops me and throws me out the windows.
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Catty, she is in danger! I need to get to her.
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Kusagi looks at the nurse and said, "I don't remember."Bookmark here

"Maybe a short memory loss," The nurse said to herself.Bookmark here

"I need to get the doctor," The nurse said as she left the room.
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Kusagi looks at the policemen, then she looks at his gun, wondering if she could take that and use it to get out of here. She looks down at her hands, feeling annoyed by the cuff. She can't do anything with the handcuff on.Bookmark here

A ringtone suddenly played, the policemen take out his phone and walk out of the room. He closes the door behind him after leaving the room.Bookmark here

Kusagi eyes went to everything, trying to formulate a plan. She stops looking when a knock on the room windows, catch her attention. She looks at the windows, wondering whether it was a bird that taps it.Bookmark here

She saw surprised to see Cindy, grappling down. She smiles and places a finger on her lips. Kusagi nods her head, then her eyes went to her arms with a bandage wrapped around it.Bookmark here

Cindy opens the windows and enters the room. She ducks and quietly sneaks to Kusagi side.Bookmark here

She smiles and said, "You can't believe what happen to me. First, a massive fiery bird suddenly appears and carry me into the escape hole in the basement as the base suddenly explode. I burn my arm, but I still got my life." Cindy said happily as she raises her bandaged arms.Bookmark here

"Catty?!" Kusagi said.Bookmark here

"Oh, don't worry, she is fine. Haru saves her. She is at somewhere safe now," Kusagi assure her.Bookmark here

Cindy takes out a pin from her pants and begins picking the handcuff lock. She manages to open one and sneakily walk to the other side to open the other one.Bookmark here

"Haru?" Kusagi ask.Bookmark here

Cindy suddenly stops her hands and then continue to pick the lock again. Kusagi looks at Cindy confused on why she isn't answering her question as she was about to ask again, Cindy interrupts her.Bookmark here

"Hey, I found your knife that you drop," Cindy said as she takes the flip knife that Haru gave to Kusagi.Bookmark here

Cindy places the knife in Kusagi small hands. Kusagi finger wrapped around it tightly. Cindy continues to pick the lock and successfully open it.Bookmark here

"Can you walk?" Cindy asks.Bookmark here

Kusagi nods as she gets off the bed herself, her rabbit feet touch the cold floor and stumble a couple bits before managing to stand properly again. Cindy walks to the open window again and prepares the harness.Bookmark here

Kusagi pulls on Cindy's hands and looks at her with eyebrow furrow.
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"Haru?!" Kusagi demanded to know.Bookmark here

Cindy closes her eyes and looks away from her.Bookmark here

"Please?' Kusagi plead.Bookmark here

"Kusagi," Cindy look back at Kusagi.Bookmark here

"Haru passed away," Cindy said.Bookmark here

Kusagi face turn into shock as she hears those words. Before Kusagi could let herself cry, the policemen enter the room and saw Cindy.Bookmark here

"What the hell going on in here?!" The policemen said as he reaches for his gun.Bookmark here

Cindy pulls Kusagi body close to hers and jumps out of the window with Kusagi wrapping her arms around Cindy body. They both rappel down to the yard and run toward the gates.Bookmark here

The policemen shouted at them before calling in what just happen using his radio.
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