Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Good things must come to a end.

The Master and The Slave

The morning light enters the room from the glass window, and a few particles of dust can be seen floating around. The almonds like odor permeate in the studies, Nesto could see old book stacks on the floor and blueprints of a ship laid out on the table. Nesto eyes went to the panting piece hanging on the wall in front of him. The painting contains a picture of the Amberdall family with Algotin personal warships in full glory behind them.

Nesto eyes catch something under the blueprint, He moves closer to the desk and pushes the blueprint away slightly. Revealing a map of Arorona, Nesto could see the Targia Kingdom that where he is right now and the other kingdom such as The Weyshers kingdom, located southeast from here besides the mountains.

Nesto back away from the table when he heard footsteps outside of the rooms. Nesto kept his hands behind his back when the door to the room opens and enter Algotin with a ton of scrolls in his hands. Algotin took a seat on his chairs and place the scroll on the table.

He let out a breath before asking, "Nesto... How long have you worked for me?"

"Three years, Sir," Nesto answer.

"Three good years," Algotin said and rotate his chair so he could see outside of the window.

"Three years, you serve under me without complaints with diligence and discipline," Algotin said.

"At first, I doubted your performance. I mean a human working as a butler for my family. A mere human slave," Algotin said.

"But since you were recommended by the royal family themselves to me, I couldn't decline their offer. I took you in and immediately you exceed every expectation I have," Algotin continue.

Nesto wonder in his mind whether this talk is going somewhere.

"In three years you served me, I see that my family themselves has grown closer to you, especially my daughters. You take care of them without rest and I thank you, for that," Algotin said.

"Maybe Human is the same us, I sounded crazy when I said it aloud," Algotin said as his eyes gaze outside of the window.

"Sir, may I ask, what is going on?" Nesto said.

"Times is changing my friends, the gears in the kingdoms are moving again and a new age will befall upon us," Algotin said.

"Yesterday, in the council, the king has proposed a new law. The law of slavery, he wanted to make slavery illegal," Algotin said.

"The law was successfully established with an outstanding four out of five votes in the council and myself voted that the law should be established," Algotin said.

"Because of you, Nesto. You prove me wrong with the human finally free, the possibility of improvement is endless," Algotin said.

"I don't understand Sir," Nesto said.

"The new law will be publicly announced this evening and as prove our support for the new law. The noble's family in Targia will be releasing their slave first," Algotin said.

"W-what?" Nesto let out.

"In conclusion, I'm releasing you from service, Nesto Fasheir," Algotin as he stands out from his chairs and walks toward Nesto.

"But sir-" Nesto was about to say when Algotin hugs him.

"But, sir why can't you just hired me right back?" Nesto said.

Nesto could hear Algotin's breath near his neck and the warmth of his arms wrapped around his body. He pats Nesto on the back before saying.

"I couldn't Nesto if I took you back the other nobles would use that as an excuse to question my loyalty to the king. I need to release all my slave to show my loyalty," Alogtin replied.

"Thank you for all of your services, my family is grateful to have you, and I know a mere thanks, couldn't repay the amount of dedication you have given to this family."

Algotin let go of Nesto and walk to his table again. He opens the drawers of the table and takes out a small bag.

"Here, something to you helps you along," Algotin said while he places the small bag on Nesto hands.

Nesto opens it and surprised to see the amount of gold coin in the bag

"Six hundred gold coins," Algotin said.

"This is too much, Sir. This amount of money can buy me two warships. I can't take this" Nesto said.

"No need to be modest, Nesto. This amount of money couldn't compare the amount of your work you did for this family," Algotin said.

"Are the other family member know about this?" Nesto ask.

"No... They would protest if they knew, but we have to tell them," Algotin said.

"I got no choice in this, am I, Sir?" Nesto ask.

"Unfortunately, no," Algotin answers.

"Sir, can you grant me a favor?" Nesto ask.

"Anything my friends," Algotin said.

"Don't tell them until I leave, my heart couldn't handle if I saw their face with a broken heart," Nesto said.

"Are you sure?" Algotin ask.

"I'm sure," Nesto replied.

"May I be excused?" Nesto ask.

"Before you leave, come closer to me," Algotin said.

Nesto walks closer to Alogtin. Algotin then bites one of his fingers. letting a few blood drops and press it in the middle of the collar.

"My name is Algotin Amberdall, I release this slave from my care," Algotin cast.

A glowing blue rune word appeared around the collar and suddenly the collar unlocks itself. Nesto takes off the collar and looks at it in his hands. Algotin smiles and back away. With the metal collar and a bag of gold coins in his hand. Nesto, walk out of the room.

Nesto notices the Elven maid beside the door, her face looks calm, but her eyes show otherwise; she was shocked to hear what just happens. Nesto nod his head to her before walking away.

As Nesto walks down the hallways, His eyes catch something in the yard. He stops and turns to look. He could see Venhana practicing her sword skill with her trainer and Zelstine taking a nap with her head resting on a book.

"It's true then, my husband did release you," Vylmae said as she walks toward Nesto and stands beside him.

"Madam Vylmae, I'm worried," Nesto said.

"So do I," Vylmae said.

"Why are you worried, Madam?" Nesto ask.

"I'm worried about my daughters, nobody could replace your place, you were like a family to them and to me. You did a better job raising them than me in this three year," Vylmae said.

"But your their mothers and you did a good job before I met them," Nesto said.

"Thank you for the unnecessary compliment, I know how they view me. I'm like an angry, cold, person to them. They never confide in me about their problems or secrets, but they confide in you," Vylmae said.

"I know Venhana secret meeting on the night and Zelstine habits of staying up late to read a book," Vylmae continue

"They never told me about those but I notice," Vylmae said.

"They are scared of me, their own mother," Vylmae said.

"Without you, they would be less happy staying here with me," Vylmae said.

"Madam, one thing I know for sure, those girls are not scared of you. They just don't want to disappoint you because they love you," Nesto said, in the corner of his eyes, he could see a smile crept on a Vylmae face.

"If you so worried about becoming distant to them, tried to open up your feeling to them," Nesto advice.

"Thank you Nesto, I appreciate it," Vylmae said.

"Goodbye, Madam Vylmae," Nesto said.

"Goodbye, Nesto," Vylmae said, there a sadness in her voice.

Nesto walks away from Vylmae, leaving her in the hallway. Nesto arrives in the bustling kitchen and notices Aymon is busy preparing the ingredients. Nesto wanted to say goodbye, but since he was busy, Nesto let himself out. He walks through the garden and picks two Eoglane flowers. Then he heads to his shack

In his shack, Nesto begins packing all of his stuff, it doesn't take him long since he doesn't have that many belongings. He took a seat on his bed and stare at the wooden wall in front of him. Everything was quiet in his room except for the sound of wood critters around his shack.

Three years, he works for this family. This work has kept all his demons away, but now the collar is off, he begins to worry again. Nesto digs his finger into his palm and stands up from his bed. He places the Eoglane flowers on his bed and grabs his bag.

Opening the door, Venhana suddenly hugs him from nowhere. Venhana saw the bags in Nesto hands.

"Then what the maid said was true, you were going to leave me without telling!" Venhana cried as she back away.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell you," Nesto said.

"How dare you! You were like a brother to me," Venhana shouted.

"Venhana please..." Nesto said.

"No, I'm not going to let you leave, I'm going to confront my father and demand he takes you back," Venhana said.

"He can't Venhana," Nesto said.

"Why?!" Venhana asks as she plants, both of her feet in the ground further.

"Because he had too, there a new law. He needs to let me go," Nesto said.

"I don't care!!" Venhana said as tear flow down her cheeks.

Nesto drops his bags and embraces Venhana with his arms. Venhana was surprised at first, but she didn't fight it. Instead, she begins to sob heavily as she held on to Nesto cloth.

"Do Zelstine know?" Nesto ask.

Venhana sniffles before answering, "No, I didn't tell her."

"Don't tell her, wait until I left the mansion grounds," Nesto said.

"Okay... I love you like a brother, Nesto," Venhana said.

"You and Zelstine were like a sister to me, and I could not ask for any better sisters than you both," Nesto said.

"Goodbye, Nesto," Venhana cried.

"Goodbye, Venhana," Nesto replied.