Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Mornings

The Master and The Slave

The dim-lit forest is beautiful in the dawn as the morning lights distorted when it passed through the tiny droplets on the many leaves of the tree around Nesto. Nesto carefully takes his steps on the ground as to not step on the wet dirt which can cause his shoes to get dirty.

Getting out of the woods, Nesto arrives at the backyard of the mansion. The backyard is a large lawn that has been well maintained by other slaves that the noble family living here owned.

"Mr. Fasheir, Good morning, sir!" A young human slave, getting out of the woods and waves his hand at Nesto.

"Morning, Mil, " Nesto replied as he waves his hand at the young lad.

Nesto arrives at the mansion garden, the garden is filled with beautiful flowers from every corner of the Arorona continent. Nesto then picks a few Eoglane flowers; the purple, reddish flower has always been a favorite for the Amberdall noble family. Nesto brings the flowers with him and walks to the kitchen entrance.

Nesto opens the door and enters the empty kitchen. Nesto then grabs a pot and fill it with water, then Nesto places it on the still burning coal to heat up the water. As Nesto waits for the water to be heated; he cleans one of the smaller vases in the kitchen and places Eoglane flowers in it. He places the small vase on the metal tray.

The door to the kitchen opens, Nesto turn behind to see the short blond-haired male elf wearing a chef uniform enter the kitchen while yawning.

"Good morning, Mr. Aymon," Nesto greet him.

"Oh, morning, Nesto," Aymon said while yawning.

Aymon may look younger than Nesto but he is actually older than him, the Elven race is like that, they stop growing old at the age of 25. That's why they always look so young.

"You seem awfully tired this morning, Mr. Aymon," Nesto ask.

"Oh, Last night, I met this pretty busty woman in the tavern and we hit it off right away," Aymon said while a perverted grin appears on his face.

"And let me tell you, she was very good with her hand. I mean like wow, It's like she was a-" Aymon stops mid-sentence as Elven maids enter the kitchen.

Aymon let out a cough, "You should go there sometime and let me buy you a drink."

The kitchen becomes lively again as the maid begins their work.

"I don't know, I got too much work to do in the morning," Nesto said as he lifts the hot pot off the burning coal.

"I insist we should go together, we can drink, sing, and met the beautiful woman there," Aymon said.

"Maybe some other times," Nesto said he grabbed a jar of herbal teas grind.

"I will take that maybe, as a yes," Aymon said.

Nesto then scoops it out using a spoon and place it in the infuser. Nesto then places the infuser on top of the ceramic teapot and pour the hot water on it. The hot water mix with the teas grinds and flow down to the bottom. Nesto takes out the infuser, close the teapot with a ceramic lid.

"Hmm, tea... Can I have some?" Aymon ask.

"Of course," I said as I pour some into a cup for Aymon.

Nesto grabs the cup of tea and gave it to Aymon. Aymon takes a sip and lets out a pleasing moan.

"Your tea is the best, Nesto. I got a proposition for you, why not become my wives. I would love to have you," Aymon offers as he winks at Nesto.

"Sorry, but I'm not interested," Nesto declined.

Nesto heard some of the maids giggle as he declines Aymon offer.

"Oh, you truly break my heart, Nesto," Aymon joked as he overdramatically places a hand on his chest.

Nesto let out a small laugh, "Ladies you still have a chance to grab Nesto," Aymon said as he eyeing the maids in the kitchen.

Nesto notice the stare of the few of the young maids in the kitchen when they notice that Nesto is looking at them. The maids quickly continue their work, pretending that nothing had happened.

Nesto scratches the back of his head for a bit before placing the teapot on the tray and then he places four empty cups on it with the vase containing Eoglane flower.

Nesto lifts the tray with one hand. He then carries it out of the kitchen into the mansion.

The first room he always goes to is the eldest daughter; Mistress Venhana Amberdall. Nesto opens the door to her rooms and quickly he could smell the musk of two people had a vigorous intercourse. Nesto notices the two bulge on the bed, one is probably Venhana and another probably her new playthings. Nesto then removes the covers and surprised to see, it's actually three naked elves. One large male elf, a small male elf, and a black-haired female elf snuggling each other.

Nesto let out a loud cough, then Venhana opens her eyes while yawning. The other two male elves quickly open their eyes and shocked to see Nesto is standing at the edge of the beds. Nesto glare at them, while letting his bloodlust seeping out of him. They quickly get off the bed, grabbing their clothes and jump out the windows.

"Oh, Nesto... morning," Venhana said with a smile on her face while her head bobs a little.

Nesto pours a cup of tea and delivers it to Miss Venhana. Mistress Venhana grabs it and takes a sip of it. She also let out a pleasing moan, as she tastes the teas.

"Miss Venhana, if Madam Vylmae finds out about your adventure with the male of this kingdom. She would be furious at you," Nesto said.

"I can't help it, I just love making love beside my mother won't find out because I got you, keeping my secret safe," Venhana said.

"One of this day, I will not be here to protect your secret anymore. You need to take good care of yourself, okay miss?," Nesto advised Venhana.

"Sure... But as long as you here. I can count on you," Venhana said with a grin.

Nesto sigh and smile, then he claps his hand once, suddenly the maid enters the room and begins cleaning it. Nesto then heads out of the door after taking the tray of teapots, vase, and cups with him.

"Thank you, Nesto! "Venhana said aloud before Nesto leaves the rooms.

After waking up Venhana, Nesto head toward Venhana little sister's room. Arriving at the door of Zelstine's room, he knocks first before opening it. Entering the room, Nesto notices that Zelstine is not in her bed, he let out a smile after seeing the small fort make out of books in the corner of her room.

Nesto walks to the table in the middle of the room and places his tray there, pouring a cup of tea, he then carries it to the makeshift fort. Nesto slowly drops to his knee and place the coffee at the small entrance of the fort.

"Miss Zelstine, did you skip out of your sleep again?" Nesto ask.

"I'm sorry, Nesto... But I couldn't myself, this book really engaging," Zelstine replied inside the fort.

"May I ask, what kind of book you reading now?" Nesto ask.

"It's about Elven biology!" Zelstine said excitedly.

"What did you learn from it?" Nesto ask.

"I learn a lot of things, from our Mana capability, how to reproduce and the most interesting part is about Elven skin," Zelstine said.

"Elven skin?" Nesto queried.

"Yes! Did you know that Elven skin tone change depends on where they are born? For example, a city elf has a light color skin to match with its surrounding of the stone building and stone wall, but for wood elf where their surroundings are the forest, their skin turned to green. It's the same for the dark elf, that lives underground." Zelstine said.

"In conclusion, the Elven race has a natural camouflage in their biology depending on their birthplace," Zelstine continue.

"Interesting, but nevertheless you shouldn't skip on your own sleep," Nesto scold Zelstine lightly.

I heard Zelstine moving inside her makeshift fort, then Zelstine pops her head first out of the entrance. She looks like a mini version of Venhana. After she finally gets her whole body out of the fort, she looks down at the floors with a pouted lips.

"Chin up," Nesto said.

Zelstine raises her head to look at Nesto, she had a bag under her eyes. Nesto shakes his head disappointingly at Zelstine. Zelstine sniffs as she was on the verge of crying. Nesto smile reassuring her that everything is fine.

"Is mother going to be mad at me?" Zelstine worried.

"Probably," Nesto answer.

"Why should I do?" Zelstine ask.

"We can hide those bags under makeup, and pray that she doesn't notice," Nesto said.

A smile crept on Zelstine's face, Nesto clap his hands and the maid came in starting their usual routine of cleaning. Nesto then raises his hand to one of the elf maids, and she quickly came to Nesto side.

"Can you make sure the other maid hides those bags under Miss Zelstine eyes after bathing her?" Nesto ask.

"Yes, we can. Mr. Fasheir," The maid said.

"Thank you. You may continue on," Nesto said.

"Yes, Mr. Fasheir," the maid said then continued on to her works.

"Thank you, Nesto," Zelstine said with a smile on her face.

"Now drinks your tea," Nesto said.

Zelstine lifts the cup off the floor and takes a sip out of it. She also let out a pleasing moan. Zelstine continues to drink her tea, Nesto stands up and walk to his tray. He then lifts the tray with one hand and walks out of the room.

With the tray in his hands, Nesto walks to the dining room. Arriving at the dining room, he notices Madam Vylmae is sitting at the table with a letter in her hands. Nesto could see the resemblance between her and her daughters.

"Good morning, Madam Vylmae," Nesto greet as he bows his head toward the Elven woman.

"Morning, Nesto," Vylmae said while her eyes still stick to the letter that she holding.

Nesto walks quietly toward her without making any sound and prepares her cup of teas. He then places the cups of tea on the table in front of her. Nesto took the vase with Eoglane flower in it and place it at the center of the table.

"Thank you, Nesto," Vylmae said as she takes a sip out of her cup.

Nesto back away to the wall and wait for the rest of the family members to arrive. A lean body male elf with a short dark hair enters the room while yawning, and took a seat at the table.

"Stop yawning, Algotin. It's unbecoming of you," Vylmae said.

"Sorry, my love. Oh, morning Nesto," Algotin said as he finally notices Nesto.

Nesto bows his head and walks to Algotin side to prepare his cup of tea. The elf smiles as he saw the cup of tea and the lingering steam from it. He then took a sip of tea before looking around the table for his family.

"Where are our daughters?" ask Algotin.

"Late as usual," Vylmae sigh.

Algotin let out of laugh, "Why are laughing?" Vylmae ask.

"I guess, I know where they get it from," Algotin said.

"They got it from you," Vylmae said.

Algotin stops laughing and turn his head to me, "Nesto, we need to talk after breakfast, meet me at my studies," Algotin said. Nesto nod his head at his request.

Nesto back away to his spot and the maids enter the room with the tray of foods and serve it at the table. After the maids serve the foods, they take a step back to their spot just like Nesto. Venhana and Zelstine arrive in their dress and took their seats.

The Amberdall family enjoys their breakfast and the morning went perfectly without a hitch.