Chapter 4:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10


The first days and weeks of the school year were always the hardest and most tiring part. Of course, some of it was because we had to adjust our bodies and lifestyles to the tough demands of education. That’s why, it was no surprise that after a week of going back and forth to the Academy, the weekends were a welcome respite to all that we did.

Honestly, I don’t know what happened before and during the ‘long sleep’ hours of Friday-Saturday. All that I could remember was that, Maddie, Lily, Eris and I were too exhausted to even eat our dinner, and we all headed to our own rooms to sleep.

It’s Saturday tomorrow. I can just loiter around doing nothing and no one will care.

And so, when my eyes greeted Chersea’s ‘sun’ Saturday morning…


What the hell? Why is my chest…no, my entire body felt so heavy?

I partly lifted my blanket, and behold…one of the most beautiful girls in Chersea appeared before me, sleeping soundly on my chest. Well, she actually wrapped her legs between mine, as if it was her body pillow, as I watched Maddie’s soft breaths.

What, you’d think I’d panic and push her out like a usual dense isekai MC? Nah, I guess I’ve grown from that.

On the contrary, I just let Maddie have her way. Her sleeping face looked so cute I’d rather stay in an awkward position and stare at it the entire time.

Gawd, I love her.



From my left side, I heard another voice. And now that I mentioned it, I just noticed I wasn’t able to move my left arm because of the feeling of unusual heaviness on that part, as if someone was sleeping there, too. Removing the blanket further revealed the culprit of that sensation…


The short-haired Head Maid of the Holy Palatial Gardens was also in the same sleeping manner as Maddie, though she clung to my left arm whereas the Saint hogged my right side all for herself. Carefully, I arranged Lily’s hair away from her face, so that I could gaze at her.

Cute…I really like her sleeping face. I love her, too.


I honestly had no memories of what happened yesterday, of how these two ended up in my bed at the same time. But well, this was kind of nice in a way…having two beautiful girls accompany you around. Makes me wonder what did I do to deserve their feelings for me; though in any case…

Yeah, I won’t disappear, like what happened before, ever again.



My train of thoughts were interrupted when I heard a small voice from the bottom part of my bed. Much to my partial horror, it was unusually heavy there as well. Curious at the source of the noise, I completely removed the blanket and revealed Eris, who was now half-awake, at my legs.

“Good morning, Kuro!”

“Did you sleep there?”

The young maid smiled, “I guess I did…I remember I was trying to fix your clothes yesterday, but…I told myself I’d just shut my eyes for a moment, though that moment lasted up ’till this time.”

Ah, don’t mind it. Did you get proper sleep?”

Uh…I guess so?”

“Well, if you’re still sleepy, you can come over here instead, where it’s more comfortable,” I showed the upper portion of my bed. “Though you could also return to your room and lay on your own bed.”

“A proper maidservant should always be at her master’s side,” Eris insisted.

“You’re tired from your other work.”

“Still, I won’t leave you to those two,” she winked at me. “I don’t want them stealing a march ahead of me.”

“Oh…” I could only chuckle at her reason. While Eris could be prim and proper at times, she could also be possessive and competitive, too. But well, it’s not like I dislike it. The feeling of someone appreciating and needing you was something I yearned for even before when I was on Earth, though I didn’t expect that I would end up having three of them doing that to me in this place. It’s just so overwhelming, I want to cry in happiness.


Oh, of course, there’s also Jessica, Ruro, Ursura, Minahaba, Rishnu, and Salis, too.


Wow, I’m not aware that I’ve become way too popular with the ladies; not that I don’t like it, but I’m still not used to it. Is this really alright? Am I not hogging them all for myself?


Wait, didn’t I just raise a ‘doom’ flag there? I mean, I think everything’s going exceedingly too well for me…am I using my ‘good luck’ points too fast?

“Haa…” Ah, I guess I’d deal with it when the time comes. For now, I’d only focus my mind on making my loved ones happy.



When I opened my eyes, I nearly jumped in surprise. I was not in my own room.


However, when my confusion finally settled, I was relieved that I was in a much better place: this was Kuro’s room. Sleeping across me was Lily, and we were both holding on to the same pillow.

Perhaps we were too tired yesterday that we didn’t give a care as to where we fell asleep…well, at least, that’s for Lily. I really made it so that it would appear that I accidentally went here instead of actually coming in my own decision. Appearances are still important to nobility, after all.


In any case, I think I’m pretty lucky. Usually, Kuro’s too uptight about sleeping with us, often lecturing us on proper manners between unmarried lovers, and stuff similar to those. This time, however, he was surprisingly lenient.

Maybe Kuro’s starting to accept the norms of this world? If so, then that would be nice. This isn’t his world anymore, so he should be more assertive. Kuro should express himself often!


But then, his uptightness was part of his charms. That was one of the things I liked about Kuro. It’s true that I could see through him and his selfish and lustful desires. However, I greatly appreciate his efforts to control it, out of respect and consideration for the people around him—especially us, the ladies of the Holy Palatial Gardens. Even when the odds seemed to favor him, Kuro never abused his privilege.

By contrast, though the other nobles knew I could read minds and hearts, they were never inclined to hide their ulterior motives. There were many times that they tried to make a move on us—either peeping or touching, thinking I won’t take notice. A lot of good-looking noble ‘gentlemen’ we met before had already undressed us in their minds, even though we’re not their lovers.

So yes, though Kuro looked plain and unremarkable, I’d gladly choose him anytime. I felt like I could entrust myself, Lily and the others, to his care.


Though if I can change one thing about Kuro, it’s how he usually sees himself. I mean, after all that the heroics he had done both here and in Cherwind, he should have some sense of pride in his accomplishments.

However, I had to accept the fact that I couldn’t change him right away…or possibly, not at all. Looking through his past, Kuro had been used to belittling his efforts long before he had come to Chersea. He wasn’t even aware that wherever he went, people changes for the better. Some habits die hard, really.

Ah, it’s like what Ruro told me before…Kuro is something like an agent of change.

“That’s why I wanted him to be a god…” was what she revealed to me when we talked about it. “He must be that ‘greater one’ Lady Cassandra David told me before she disappeared.”

Kuro’s destined to become a god, huh? If Ruro’s words were right, as a saint, I should support and prepare him to take Lord Gaius’ place. But…

For some reason, whenever I think of that, it gets lonely…


Maybe Ruro’s mistaken. I mean, if I looked into the circumstances regarding Kuro’s arrival, it’s all an accident. I didn’t even know I would summon a human when I played around with Natasha’s magic circle! What if I did summon another creature…a dragon, perhaps? That thing would be our god?


I’m reading too much into that conversation. What’s important was that, Kuro’s here, and our lives were back to normal. And, as we’re all tired from that ‘school thing’…

Hmm…I guess I should stay here for a while? It’s Saturday anyway, so we have all the time to burn.


It’s been a while since I awakened, and it’s kind of boring, really. The time? The clock said it’s around a quarter past the beginning of the 8th hour. Still pretty early, I think? Kuro’s nowhere to be found, though I don’t like to get off his bed just yet. This was one of those times that I would rather sleep the whole day, than do anything.


Several months had passed since Kuro returned safe here in Chersea, despite that, for some reason the feelings of longingness remained in my chest. It’s as if I’d like to be with him, every day, every minute and every second. However, I know also that I couldn’t keep him for myself, for I’m not the only one who loves him…

Though, of course, I’m the first.


Anyway, while I could not keep him exclusively, I could always use the power of my imagination. Not to brag, but my trusty fantasies were handy whenever I’m in the mood. It kept me sane during the days he was gone, too.

And now is similar to one of those times!


Haa…I can still smell his scent on this pillow he used. It feels like I’m still holding him. This is perfect!

I looked around to make sure no one else was inside the room. Kuro was missing from his spot, perhaps he went somewhere else and would return later. Oh, and Eris was also sleeping on the top side of the bed. However, what’s important was, everyone with me was snoozing.

My heart raced, and I could hear its beats going from normal to fast. My cheeks were getting warm, as my hands slowly moved to touch my body…imagining those were Kuro’s. Those big, warm, caring hands…

While I buried my face in the pillow, his form appeared in my thoughts. His gentle smile, his sharp eyes gazing back at me, and his body…drawing closer to mine as our hands, fingers and tongues began to intertwine…

“That’s it…Kuro, feel me…”

Sweat was forming on my forehead as my lover’s hands gently caressed me. My body was hot, and I unbuttoned my dress. Fingers traced my skin until it reached its most sensitive spot…

“Kuro, r-right there…”

My lover’s form was all over me, and just as we were about to dive into the depths of ecstasy…

Err…Maddie, what are you doing?”


My fantasies were immediately cut short when I heard his crystal clear voice come through my mind. Like a cat doused with cold water, my eyes quickly fell on the door, where I saw Kuro standing with a food cart. His cheeks was as red as beet, and surprise was written all over his face.

“I, uh…” I quickly raised my hands. “A-Are you w-w-watching me this whole time?”

Nah, I just entered the room. I heard you call me,” he said, turning away his head and partially retreating.

“Did you see?”

Kuro slowly nodded, “Don’t worry, I understand. It’s pretty normal. But in any case, I’m sorry I disturbed—”

“H-Hey, I know I’m doing something weird b-but, y-you’re the one I’m thinking of, you know! I won’t do this with anyone else,” desperate to salvage my reputation, I revealed my thoughts to Kuro. “Th-That’s why I’m calling for your name.”

“Geez, uh…t-thanks! I peered into his thoughts to see what he was thinking. To my own pleasant surprise, however, Kuro liked that. He’s getting in ‘the mood’ as well, though he was trying his best to hold back. Not until marriage, he repeatedly chanted in his mind.

“A-And…y-you made the atmosphere awkward!”

Err…sorry?” Kuro laughed, scrambling words to diffuse the awkward tension between us, “Uh, well, see…in any case, would you like me to give you a food offering to appease your frustration? I cooked some breakfast.”

Hoh…so you know how to make amends to me!”

“Of course, I’m your fiancée after all!” Kuro winked at me. “Although…”


“Would you like to dress up first before eating?”

“!!!” Well, now that he said it, I just noticed that I did began to undress earlier, in the heat of the moment.

No wonder why he’s like that!




W-Well, after that rather amazing—I mean, surprising episode with Maddie in my room earlier, we took our breakfast outside, in the palace courtyard. Usually, it was Lily who would serve us the food, often accompanied by Eris or some other servants from the Kitchen Department. However, this time, it was I who insisted.

“Not bad for your first time,” the Head Maid commended my efforts to serve.

Heh, it’s actually my second time in doing this,” I revealed. “The first one got me involved with that ‘Great Sneaker’ fellow.”

Oh, right!” Lily chuckled.

“Just treat this as my payment for helping me with my school,” I winked. “Your presence there is so helpful, I don’t think I can look for anyone else.”

“No, don’t say that! Of course, we’ll always help our future husband, isn’t it right?”

“Yep!” the Saint answered, her face was all-smiles, and she was exuding with positive vibes.

“Even before he says anything,” Eris also added.

Seeing them like that puts me at ease. It felt like I could conquer anything with everything secured on this side of the fence.

“In any case, milord,” it was Eris again. “What have you cooked for us?”

“I told you before, just ‘Kuro’ is fine,” I reminded her. “Well, anyway, this is one of the popular breakfast dishes in my world, see?”

“Looks like some sort of…err…a porridge?”

“Yep, you’re right; it’s porridge, Eris. Though unlike the ones you guys serve, this one’s got ginger, toasted garlic, scallions and black peppers. It’s called ‘Arroz Caldo’ back in my old place. I’ve also added my own recipe to it by putting in some other ingredients.” (1)

Ooh…go on, I’m taking down notes,” Lily commented.

Ah, I’ll just give you my own notes later. Here,” I handed Eris a bowl, “try it.”

“It’s good!” the young maidservant’s eyes were sparkling. “Though, it’s really different from our dish; this one’s a bit salty.”

“Yeah, Chersean porridge is sweet,” I chuckled. “But we also have a ‘sweet porridge’ in my world—we add chocolates and milk to it.”

“Chocolate and milk, huh?” Lily went down with her notes again. “I didn’t know we can do that.”

“Well, cooking is also an opportunity to show one’s creativity,” I began to serve them. “In fact, I made a lot of variety with my world’s own dishes!”

“That’s amazing!” Eris quipped.

Heh, when you’re living alone, you’ll get creative with whatever you do to break the boredom.” Yeah, back on Earth, I had to be resourceful with everything that I had. I hated asking for help from anyone, unless it was truly necessary. There were many times that I was forced into giving back favors even if it went against my conscience because the people who helped me kept on reminding me about their ‘help’.

Damn them. If only I can go back in time, I will try my best to solve my issues alone.


I don’t know what happened, but suddenly, the atmosphere at the breakfast table turned sullen. Eris and Lily silently ate their food, while Maddie—though smiling—quietly stared at me. Maybe she’s reading my mind?

“You’re right. I am.”


“I’m having fun looking at your past,” she revealed. “Not only does it makes me learn more about you, it also gives me information on my growing list of people to punish when I had the chance.”

Haha! Please don’t.”

“Of course, it’s impossible. But if I had the chance, I would.”

“Make that ‘we’,” Lily commented. “You’re in as well, right, Lady Eris?”

The young maidservant nodded and flashed a ‘thumbs up’ while she was busy sipping on the tea I prepared.

Ah, I’ve forgotten about those idiots from my past; they’re not worth my time.”

“Well, I guess you’re right,” Maddie quipped. “Though, if I may say Kuro, do you have someone you know yet can’t remember their face anymore?”

Hm? Not that I remember. Why do you ask?”

“I’m kind of surprised that there’s a person in your past that keeps on appearing, yet her face is unclear.”

“Unclear? What do you mean?”

“I can tell she’s a girl, wearing the same clothes as your students, though her face was blurred. In fact, the longer I looked unto her, the more ‘unclear’ she becomes.”

“I have that?” I was honestly shocked by the revelation. “Hmm…that’s weird. I don’t remember someone from my memories with that kind of appearance, though yeah, there were some parts of it that’s quite blurry to me as well. For starters, I don’t even know my real name anymore.”

Hmm…weird,” Maddie pondered.

“Well, as long as I felt nothing bad, I guess it’s fine to leave it as it is,” I told her. “I mean, I won’t be coming back to that place anymore, so what’s the use of trying to remember it?”

“True! Is it even necessary?” it was Eris, taking a break from eating. “Kuro is Kuro; no matter what identity he has in his past, I still love him!”

“You’re right, Lady Eris. As his first wife, I love him as well, regardless of what kind of past he has…even if it’s a pathetic one.”

“I don’t know if I’d be happy or insulted by how you see me past my old self,” I chuckled. “But whatever, I don’t want to go back to that time, so I’ll just focus on the present, and the future.”

“And…since you’re going to focus on your present and future,” Maddie grinned, “how about you stop serving us and sit down to eat instead? It’s Saturday, so we got nothing else to do other than to loiter around.”

Ah, yes, of course!” I grabbed a nearby bowl, but Eris stood up.

“Let me serve you.”

Nah, just relax Eris. I can do this.”

“Even better!” Maddie entered the conversation, “Lady Eris, how about you take your seat and let me serve Kuro instead?”

“I’m his personal servant, Your Holiness,” the young maidservant countered.

“I’m his first wife, so I get the priority.”

“Forgive me for being rude, Your Holiness, but it is my duty,” Eris never backed down. “You assigned me to serve him, remember?”

But Maddie stood her ground as well, “As his wife, it is also my duty.”

“I’m his wife, too.”

“You’re still young!”

“At least I’m not a holy pervert!”

Lily nearly spat out the food she was eating; I could tell she’s trying her best to keep herself from laughing.

“W-What are you t-talking about?” the Human Saint’s face went from normal, to beet red.

“Guys? If you just let me, we could’ve gone eating already.”

Ah, you shouldn’t barge in between them, Kuro,” Lily had a resigned look on her face. “Those two are quite feisty when it comes to you.”

“I’m kind of hungry for breakfast though.”

“Let me get it for you,” the Head Maid, skillful with her hands and feet, went past the two colliding forces of Maddie and Eris—as if she’s a ghost or a mist, and soon gave me a bowl of ‘Arroz Caldo’.  With an amused smile, Lily went back to her seat, and said, “I love your cooking.”

“Thanks!” Well, I guess it’s not that bad spending my Saturday like this.


***The reception hall of the Saint’s Palace, Holy Palatial Gardens***

“Welcome to Her Holiness’ Most Holy Place, Beastman Ambassador,” one of the maidservants greeted the newly-arrived envoy of the Kingdom of Cherwind. “We apologize for the improper reception. Had we been informed earlier, it will be much different.”

“Ah, please don’t mind it,” the Beastman ambassador, no other than the chief of the Avinus and of the Eagle tribe, Ghislaine, dismissed the concerns of the servant. “The tea and the cakes you served are more than enough.”

The maid bowed.

“Besides,” Chief Gislaine continued, “I’m the one who barged in unannounced, so it’s understandable.”

“Thank you for your patience. In any case, Beastman Ambassador—”

“Just Gislaine is fine.”

Ahem. Lady Ghislaine,” the maidservant repeated, “is there anything you need to discuss with Her Holiness?”

Ah, no! This is not an official visit,” the Eagle chief laughed. “Well, I’m actually here not for Her Holiness, but for the King of Cherwind, Sir Kuro. I just learned recently that he opened a school here in Chersea, and I’d like to ask if how the Kingdom of Cherwind can help him about it.”

“It will be done, milady.

Oh, and…”


“Please tell this to him: ’You idiot! Why didn’t you inform us about the school you founded?”

The servant stared awkwardly at Chief Ghislaine. Her hands stopped writing midway into the sentence, unsure if she would really take the Beastman envoy’s message.

“Don’t worry,” Chief Gislaine smiled, “he knows what I mean.”

“I-I see,” the receptionist maid went back to being prim and proper. “Please wait here while we send for the Lord Kuro. I’m sure he’ll be glad to meet you, milady.


The maidservant then gave another bow, and left.


And Chief Gislaine was all alone in the reception hall—save for a couple of Paladin Guards at the doorway. An easily bored soul, soon she found herself tapping her talons.

Tch. What’s taking the Human Chief for too long?” she muttered as she paced around the hall.

While the receptionist of the Holy Palatial Gardens served her with plenty of cakes and refreshments, the Eagle Chief grew tired of sampling every food she was offered. Deciding that Kuro’s appearance might take a while, she went to explore the palatial gardens for a bit.

Anyway, the reception hall is easy to spot since it is the biggest place in that part of the Saint’s Palace.

And so, Chief Gislaine had gone on to her ‘little adventure’. After informing one of the Paladin Guards that she would just get some air, the Eagle elder went to the courtyard, which was accessible through the reception hall. The beautiful, well-kept gardens of the Saint’s Palace, as well as the cool wind blowing softly were enough to encourage her to give her wings a bit of a stretch; the next minute, Chief Gislaine was airborne.

Haa…I didn’t know Chersea is this lovely!” she said to herself. Although the land of Cherwind had its own beauty, Chersea was of different level. Whereas the former was raw and untamed, the latter could only be summarized as elegant and civilized.

Good thing she accepted becoming the envoy of the Kingdom of Cherwind to the Human Saint’s court.

In any case, overwhelmed by the sceneries she witnessed, the Eagle elder remained flying for a few more moments, until something down at the courtyard caught her eyes.

Oh? That’s Kuro…and his human friends!”

Chief Gislaine circled above them, wondering if she should swoop down and greet the group. However, through her sharp vision, the Eagle chief determined it would be rude to suddenly barge into their table while they were happily eating. So she just landed somewhere else, hidden from their sight, intending to return to the reception hall.


However, what she had seen was etched fully in her mind. Chief Gislaine could only grin…

Those humans are stealing a march from Ursura! I need to act quickly, or Kuro will be taken away from her!

(1) Arroz Caldo is the Filipino version of porridge. The usual ingredients are fried garlic, onions, shallots, rice, flaked chicken and saffron (for yellow coloring). It's traditionally served as breakfast.