Chapter 6:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10


The queen of Cherwind, Lady Ursura of the Beastmen, arrived with her entourage three weeks after we officially opened classes. Her visit came as a surprise to us, even though we were notified before, because she demanded (officially, ‘requested’) to come at a moment’s notice. Of course, we had to make the necessary arrangements for her security, accommodations, and other matters at once. As a result, the usual busy weekdays got even busier. Not that I’m complaining, but yeah, she could’ve picked up a much later date…

Well, Lady Ursura’s ambassador to Her Holiness’ court, Chief Gislaine of the Eagles, told us before that she was bringing along crates of school supplies as her kingdom’s donation to our literacy efforts.

That is the ‘official’ statement of her embassy regarding the visit. However, the truth is…

“Kuro, you insensitive dolt!

“What—whoa!” I nearly got hit by Ursura’s fist as her way of greeting the moment I appeared on her sight. Everyone watching at the courtyard of the Saint’s Palace was shocked at what she did, including the people she brought with her. Nevertheless, Lily was the only one with quick reflexes enough to block the beastman queen’s incoming fist with her own hand. There was a considerable blast wave, and I noticed that Lily’s eyes turned red for a moment.


“Greetings, Your Majesty Lady Ursura!” the Head Maid was as calm and composed as ever; her smile, however, was unnerving. “We welcome you and your retinue at the Holy Palatial Gardens. While Her Holiness herself is busy with some other matters, we do advise proper decorum while we are in the Saint’s Holy Presence.”

Ursura was visibly taken aback by Lily’s behavior, though she abided by the Head Maid’s warning. “T-Thank you for the warm welcome, Your Highness…”

Lily curtsied, and returned to beside me. Maddie had something she had to take care of, so she asked us to meet the Beastman Queen for the meantime. I think it was fortunate; I don’t know what she would do if she witnessed Ursura’s ‘greeting’.

But hey, I just learned that the Iron Princess’ ‘Bloodbath’ strength can even frustrate a bear-woman’s fist. This is pretty cool, huh?

“Anyway,” Ursura was back to her formal self, “my kingdom presents these crates of papers, and pens as gifts to Her Holiness the Human Saint’s court. We just learned that the King of Cherwind, the Lord Kuro, had founded a school here in Chersea, and as education is one of the pillars of our land, we’re spurred to make the donations.”

“Thank you for your generosity, Your Majesty,” Lily bowed.

“You’re welcome, Your Highness,” the bear-woman grinned. “At least you appreciated my efforts, unlike someone I know.”

“Whatever the hell did I do to you?” was my question for Her Majesty’s outrageous behavior.

“Why did you start your classes?” Ursura replied.

“What, we’re not supposed to?”

“You did not include me in your plans!”

“Are you nuts? You’re the queen of Cherwind!” I countered. “Your place is to rule over there, not to teach here!”

Oh yeah? Well, Chief Gislaine told me that you got kings and queens as your teachers! Why didn’t you tell me? I can help with your school too!”

My eyes immediately fell on the Avinus ambassador of Cherwind, who quickly averted her gaze the moment she knew I’m pissed at what she did. Chief Gislaine said something more than what we talked about a week ago.

This eagle-woman…she’s going to get it later.

“You didn’t consider me!”

“Hey, look, I was surprised at the turn of events,” I explained, though it was futile. “The Human Saint lent a hand on the recruiting, and her subjects were eager to please Her Holiness, so they came to teach here!”

“The teachers at the Royal Academy are even better, and you know that!” the bear-woman pointed out, “Even I can teach at your school here!”

Hoh…getting cocky, eh Ursura? Just months before, you’ve been complaining about getting literate and all is hard, and now you’re offended for not considering you as a teacher candidate? As her former teacher, I’m confused but proud to hear that.

“Your Majesty Lady Ursura,” it was Lily, “while we appreciate your sentiments to help, we considered you can’t be in two places at once. Malvette is considerably far from the border crossings, and the Lord Kuro is just looking after your own health. Please understand that we did think of asking your kingdom for help, but out of the distance, we had to defer sending a request.”

“Not to mention, people from Cherwind would take a while adjusting to the customs and traditions here in Chersea,” I added.

Ursura was silent for a few moments as she realized the wisdom behind our decision not to get someone from Cherwind. Then, she stared at me with an embarrassed face, “Y-Yeah, I know you’re like that. But you could…you know, at least, tell me…”


While what Lily said to Her Majesty was true, I believed it was unnecessary to tell Ursura about my problems in recruiting teachers before, since I won’t allow her to help us, anyway. See, she got her own realm to rule, and unlike Jessica, her court’s way too distant from our school. Teaching and ruling were both taxing to the mind and body already. If you add the travel distance to that equation, she’d burn out fast.

And as her man, I won’t let that happen to her.

Though, hmm…I guess I should’ve told her. Ursura must’ve felt she was left out because she thinks she’s ‘useless’. I’ll try my best next time.

Uh…honestly, I don’t know what to say, but in any case…” I lowered my head before the queen, which made the others surprised or uncomfortable. “I’d like to apologize for leaving you out, Your Majesty.”

“W-What—” now it was Ursura’s turn to be flustered once again. “Yo-You’re the king of Cherwind, for the Wolf’s sake! Don’t bow to me as if you’re my subject, you idiot!

Ah, my bad!” I straightened myself; see, it’s not like I’m the current king of Cherwind, so I guess it’s fine. And I don’t even give a damn of what others say about me.

“Well, if you’re really regretting what you did, then you can do something for me…” the bear woman gave me a wink.


So, you went out of the way just to tell me that?” Maddie asked when I told her about Ursura’s condition. She was in the middle of her painting session in her private chambers, a location I won’t usually drop by unless it’s necessary. However, because of the nature of the Beastman Queen’s request, I guess it’s important for her to know about it.

Ah, I just don’t want you to think that I’m cheating, or anything,” I explained. “See, Her Majesty the Queen of Cherwind is angry at me for excluding her from the list of teacher-candidates for my school, and now she demands I take her to a date to compensate.”

“Cheating?” the Human Saint looked bewildered at Lily, “Why would I think of that?”

There was an awkward silence around the room as Maddie and her Head Maid exchanged odd looks. Lily then shrugged and shook her head.

“Go ahead and take her to a date!” the Human Saint put down her brush and faced me. “We don’t mind. You know that keeping several relationships in Chersea is perfectly normal.”


“If your lady’s asking you to go with her, do it,” she pushed me away for a bit, with a playful smile on her lips. “Don’t make her wait! Or at least…that’s what I learned from my father.”

“Al…right?” I don’t know, but I’m uncomfortable for some reason. I kept on looking at my fiancée’s face, carefully treading on my words. Maybe it’s because of my inexperience in such things, mixed with the culture that I came from? I had no idea.

“Don’t be an idiot, Kuro!” the Human Saint chuckled. “Lady Ursura went here to spend time with you; her chance would be wasted if you keep on delaying. Lily, give him the list of good places to visit in Arles.”

“Right away!”

Nah, it’s fine,” I stopped her. “I know where to go there myself.”

“Come on Kuro, this is Chersea,” Maddie had finally read my mind. “Earth has a culture of its own, and we have ours.”

“Right…I guess I really need to get used to this, keeping multiple relationships…”

“Relationships here in this world are based on trust, see? It’s either we put our lives in the hands of the person we believe would care for us, or we become the one who takes care of others,” Lily elaborated. “In our case, we see you as someone capable of doing that, so it’s no wonder why you have us, and Lady Ursura, wanting to stand by your side.”

“Yes, it’s really different from your world, where you are bound to one person all your life through an oath to the gods,” Maddie added.

“Hmm…” Well, though I’m trying to keep my sanity intact in this kind of arrangement, I think there’s no escaping it no matter how much I resisted. I mean, I never wished for a ‘harem end’, but it’s not like I dislike it. On the contrary, I’m actually happy and surprised that people like Maddie, Lily, Eris and the others found they could trust me with their lives. I’m just worried that I couldn’t take care of all their needs at the same time.

As the man they chose, I don’t want to disappoint them.

“Kuro,” Maddie stared straight into my eyes, obviously looking through my thoughts. “Don’t you ever think that you’re not enough for us. We’re tougher than we look, you know? That you’re trying your best is fine already.”

“I should get a move on then,” I bowed before them.

“Why are you bowing?” Lily asked, almost laughing.

Ah, eh, no!” I scratched my head, “I guess it’s a habit?”

“Have fun, you two!” Maddie gave me her blessing before I went out.


***The Saint’s Chambers, after Kuro left…***

“Are you sure you’re okay with letting him go with Lady Ursura?” Lily finally spoke her mind the moment she and Maddie were alone.

The Human Saint had a bewildered look on her face, “Hm? Yes, I am. Why do you ask?”

“I think Kuro knew that you’re jealous.”


“It’s useless to hide it from me, Maddie,” Lily grinned. “You and I have been together since we’re children.”

Maddie fell silent for a few moments, as if she had taken a gut punch. Then she sighed and asked, “Did it show on my face?”

Lily laughed a bit, “Even I, standing beside you, can feel your jealousy. Besides, you’ve been drawing way too many circles for your portrait painting.”

“Oh…” the Human Saint then stopped her hands, and put down the brush. Realizing that she wasted a canvas, she took it off her easel, washed her hands and went towards the window of her room. “Yes, I’m jealous. Well, aren’t you?”

“I am jealous, too. But compared to Lady Ursura and the others in Cherwind, we’re with him the longest, so I’m just being generous and considerate here.”

“Yes, I’m also trying to be you, Lily.”

“No, you can’t. You are your own this time, Maddie,” the Head Maid replied. “That’s why Kuro was awkward earlier; he knew something’s wrong.”

Maddie took a deep breath, and then gave another sigh. Well, with all the effort she exerted, it looked like she failed to control her emotions. “It’s not like I hate the Lady Ursura. In fact, I like her, too! Although, honestly, I can’t help but feel this way whenever Kuro’s with other girls.”

“I guess that’s pretty normal, you know? We’re both feeling the same. Even Eris, if you ask her.”


The Head Maid nodded, “Remember those court stories about some king consorts or queen consorts resorting to doing desperate measures just to get their husband or wife to pay attention to them? Don’t you think they are moved by jealousy as well?”

“Lily, of all the examples you can provide, you really had to give those tragic ones.”

“Well, alright, how about another example…let’s see…uhm, how about your family? His Excellency the Duke of Rubinforth was seduced by your mother, effectively cutting off his other wives to the point that they left him.”

Err…you’re right. I love my Mama, but I don’t want my own family to end like that. If possible, I want to have harmonious relations with others who loves the man I chose as well.”

“Yes, but my point is about the fact that they were jealous and so did something drastic to keep the person they love to themselves.”

“Am I being selfish?”

Lily shook her head, “I think it’s normal that we wanted to have the person we love all for ourselves. Problem is, like what you always say, this is Chersea, and is different from Kuro’s world. If we’re not careful of our thoughts, we might end up like those royal consorts in the tales of old.”

Haa…sometimes I wish we’re living in the same world as him. Only a single person is bound to love you all your life.”

“But then, we’ll have to compete for Kuro’s heart if that happens,” the Head Maid chuckled. “And you know me Maddie; I won’t simply back down just because you’re my blood sister.”

Ooh…getting competitive, eh?” the Human Saint laughed. “Before you fight me, you have to go against the other girls beneath me.”

Ah, they’re easy to dispatch,” Lily’s eyes then turned red.

“I think you’ll get into trouble if you use ‘Bloodbath’ that way in Kuro’s world…”

Pft! Of course, I’m joking! I’m going to do it secretly, like we always do here.”

Maddie gave her friend a long stare, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ah, right. Yes, we ‘don’t know’ what we are talking about just now,” the Head Maid then forced out a laugh, to which the Human Saint followed as well.



Well, that went better than I expected. For the entire day, Ursura and I just strolled around Arles, taking her to the best spots in town. I did take them on a tour before, the first time they came to Chersea, but I guess she wasn’t able to enjoy it that much since we got the Orphans with us back then. This time, we’re alone; no guards, no retinue, no children. We looked like a normal couple on a date.

And of course, just like on a usual date, after we tired ourselves walking around Arles, I took her to my favorite restaurant: the Holy Frills Diner.

“!!!” Mister Ricardo threw me a bewildered look when he saw me with someone else other than Eris.

“She’s another friend of mine,” I explained to him.

“Friend, or girlfriend?”

“You could say that, too.”

“You lady-killer!” the restauranteur grinned and elbowed me lightly.

“She’s the queen of Cherwind by the way, Lady Ursura of the Beastmen,” I whispered. “She is dressed like that because she didn’t want her royal background to be revealed.”

Mister Ricardo’s eyes almost popped from their sockets as he couldn’t believe what I just told him. For our date, Ursura wore a simple white dress, similar to those worn by anime girls’ summer illustrations. She also got a white hat to pair with it, ostensibly to hide her face, but it did match her appearance perfectly.

One would think that the bear-woman is a gentle soul, unlike the rough and wild Ursura that I know.

“Anyway, Sir Kuro, please have a seat with your royal lady,” Mister Ricardo escorted us to the best seat in his restaurant. When he made sure that we’re comfortable with our spot, he took our order.

“Just the usual for me,” I told him.

“I’ll get what he wants,” Ursura added.

“Right away!” the restauranteur quickly disappeared to his kitchen.


Honestly, I was apprehensive on telling Maddie about this date with Ursura. I mean, the Beastman Queen just came and demanded I take her out, which I kind of dreaded since it was all too sudden. I was afraid Maddie and Lily would get angry…

…or is it just my mind. See, when I was young, my family used to watch soap operas about adultery and similar stuff every night, and maybe it got into my consciousness.


But then, I’m feeling kind of weird when talking to them earlier. It’s as if they’re forcing themselves to smile and encourage me to take Ursura on a date.

Ah, I guess I should stop thinking about those things and focus on the person I’m with.



“You alright, Kuro?”

Hm? Ah, yes! Why?”

“You look like you’re thinking of something.”


The bear-woman nodded, “Let me guess; it’s those girls back at the Holy Palatial Gardens, no?”

When she said that, I nearly jolted. I don’t know if she saw that, but if she did, I got a lot of explaining to do.

“Just what I expected,” Ursura had a grin on her face, but I could tell there’s sadness in her eyes. “Well, I guess I couldn’t compete with someone who is with you longer.”

Ah, sorry…” It’s useless to deny it; women knew what their hunches were all about. “I’m just afraid of making things worse, and ending up losing all of you.”

“You mean this date I requested?”


“I see…well, that’s expected,” the bear-woman chuckled. “Her Holiness and the others love you like I do. Of course, it’s normal for them to get jealous when someone gets ahead of them.”


“Why do you keep on apologizing? It’s not your fault, you know? We’re the ones who decided to love you, so we’re the ones to blame,” Ursura tapped my shoulder. “Well, on a second thought, I think you have a sin as well; you’re so kind and reliable you’re making us fall for you, you lady-killer!

“That’s why I’m taking responsibility!”

“W-Well, obviously, you should.”

Heh, if only I got the ability to teleport like the saints, I’ll make sure to check on you guys often.”

Hmm…that would be great, but you know,” the bear-woman held my face before her, “I guess the current you is fine, Kuro. Look, it’s not that we are not aware of your efforts to give time to us all, though yes, you’re a mortal and so is bounded by limitations.”

“Thanks for understanding.”

“You’re the one I chose to be my mate, so I’ll always lend an ear to you.”

“But Ursura…”


“Did I disappoint you?”

“Well, you did. No one wants to be excluded from their mate’s plans, see?”

“You’re right, sorry.”

“Apology accepted. Just make sure you don’t exclude us next time.”

“Yes…that’s a wrong assumption on my part,” I took her hand and kissed it. “And, uh, as much as I like to be the best man for you, I might end up doing a mistake again in the future. If that happens, will you be there to correct me?”

Ursura’s face was red, and though she tried her best to stare right unto my eyes, she couldn’t help but avert her gaze from me. Nevertheless, she gave a nod, though looking elsewhere.


“N-No p-problem…in any case, I guess it’s time we head back to the Holy Palatial Gardens?” the bear-woman noted the time on the hourglass installed at the town square. “I-I-I think I a-already had fun.”

Hm…you don’t want to wait for the food we ordered? I’m telling you, this place is good, that’s why I brought you here.”

Huh? Oh, alright! It almost slipped from my head,” Ursura laughed.

Our food came a few moments after that talk. In the end, I think the bear-woman enjoyed the Holy Frills Diner; she asked that I take her to this restaurant if she visits once again. Well, maybe not only because of the food but also, she got to see some of her Beastmen people working there, too.


Just as when we stepped outside the restaurant, Ursura suddenly took hold of my arm.

“Kuro, have you noticed?” she was talking in whispers.

“Yes…we’re being followed since we came here in Arles,” I replied. “I thought I’m just being paranoid, but I’m relieved you saw that, too.”

“Two ladies at the bakery across the square looking at us, and two men watching from the blacksmith shop three blocks away,” the bear-woman noted.

“And I got five hooded people at the rooftops and balconies. Damn, you really saw them that far, huh?

“What are you taking my Beastman abilities for?” she asked with a grin on her face. “Looks like we’re pretty much surrounded, huh? Are they armed?”

“I don’t know; I didn’t see any weapon with them. Though, to be safe, we need to assume they are armed.”

“Okay. What shall we do then?”

“Act normal, like we didn’t notice them,” I winked at her. “Then follow me.”

Hoh…just like the old times, eh, Kuro?”

I smiled back, then took her hand. In an effort to confuse our stalkers, we led them to the residential blocks of the town, where there were a good number of crisscrossing alleys. I think they also noticed that they got their covers blown, for some of them turned away when we reached the residential areas. Nevertheless, a couple of our stalkers followed us in.

And that’s where they committed their mistake.

We purposefully entered a narrow alley, surrounded by high residential walls on three sides. I knew it’s an obvious trap, but for some reason, the guys stalking us let one of their own followed us in. Perhaps they were making sure we were caught in that dead end, but of course, this was our plan to lure them out all along.



The moment one of the hooded figures appeared at the dead end, Ursura quickly overpowered and immobilized him. In the struggle, the figure’s hood was taken off, revealing the identity of our stalker…

“What the—”


“Kuro, if I’m correct, this person we just caught looks familiar,” Ursura commented.

“Of course, she is,” I answered. “That’s the vice-captain of the Paladin Corps, Dame Sasha Atkins!”

“Oh no.” the Dame said in her usual stoic manner.

“What are you doing here, Lady Atkins?” I asked. “Why are you following us?”

The paladin shook her head.

“Did Lady Henristone sent you?”

She shook her head once again.

“You know it’s useless to hide it from me,” I told her. “I’ll just ask Lady Henristone later if you don’t answer my questions.”

“Secure you,” was her reply.

“I see. So that’s why you followed us in, to make sure we’re okay?”

She nodded, “Don’t repeat.”

“Don’t repeat what?”

“Lady Ruro.”

Oh, you’re making sure that what happened before with Lady Ruro doesn’t happen again?”

The Dame Atkins gave another nod.

“Wow,” Ursura commented. “I’m in awe that you can understand her retarded way of speech.”

“Trust me, Ursura, I’ve been through a lot. And I mean, A LOT.”

The bear-woman grinned, and let the paladin go. Then she said, “Well, at least, we’re safe. I mean, we got lots of hidden security watching us.”

“Five paladins,” Dame Atkins revealed.

“Five?” I was surprised. “You mean those who are at the rooftops and balconies, including you?”

The paladin nodded once more.

“Huh?” it was Ursura, who was bewildered at the revelation. “Then who are those men and women at the bakery and the blacksmith earlier who were following us?”

Upon hearing that, the Dame Atkins brought out her matchlock pistol and faced the only exit of the alley, shielding us as if there’s an enemy in that direction. Her other companions also came out of hiding, wielding their matchlock guns, effectively forming a protective around us.

“W-What’s happening?” the bear-woman blurted out.

“Enemy,” the Dame Atkins curtly replied.

Huh? What enemy—!!!”

Ursura’s words were interrupted when a shot rang out, and one of our paladin guards went down with a wound at her neck. The blood from her wound splattered on the bear-woman’s face, effectively freezing her on her spot. Then a hail of bullets followed. The other paladins pushed us down, in an effort to get us all in cover.

Fuck, Lady Heeres is wounded!” I shouted. The wounded paladin was still alive, though she was bleeding fast. I could tell that she’s in pain, for she was squirming, as if trying to gasp for air, while holding her neck.

“Sir Kuro, we can’t have you exposing yourself to gunfire!” one of the paladins shouted back.

“She’s going to die of blood loss if we can’t get her to safety!” I tried escaping their hold on me, “She’s wounded on her neck! I can heal her!”

“Don’t try,” the Dame Atkins said.

“You’re going to let her die?”

The paladin vice-captain fell silent for a few moments, then took a deep breath and said, “Wait here.”

At that point, the Dame Atkins got out of her cover and bravely ran the gauntlet against the rain of bullets. In an effort to distract our shooters, I took command of our group and directed the suppressing fire and magic. Soon, the paladin vice-captain reached their wounded comrade.

“Deploy the smoke spells!” I ordered. When we’re sure that the Dame Atkins secured Lady Heeres, we concealed ourselves with a smokescreen. I immediately went beside the wounded paladin and healed her injury.