Chapter 7:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

***Class 4-1’s classroom***

The Academy’s ‘premiere’ section, and the class where Chersea’s elite among the elites had been gathered. Though the school year had just been a few weeks old, it already gained a reputation among the faculty and the non-teaching staff that the students in this section were no pushovers. Well, though Kuro—in his capacity as the headmaster—had been enforcing ‘equal treatment’ within the grounds of the Academy, there were still ‘unofficial discrimination’ from the other teachers…they view the members of Class 4-1 as the ‘best and the brightest’, thus they were considerably lenient to them.


It was a peculiar arrangement. All the students hailing from that section came from powerful and influential ancient noble families from around Chersea, and as was Lady Noir Usarved’s case, from Cherflammen. However, one of their teachers was the newly-created noble with a commoner background, the Lord Kuro of Arles. As such, in the first days of classes, he had been a target of bullying—though he may be the hero that saved Chersea before, the noble kids won’t easily accept a commoner into their ranks.


“Yes, Mister Rattenburg? You know the answer to the question?”

“May I go to the lavatory?”

There were some snickers around the room as Kuro was surprised by the audacity of the Lord Rattenburg to interrupt his class. He put down his book, and said to his student, “Yes, you have my permission.”

However, the Lord Rattenburg remained in his seat for a while, as another student raised his hand, “Sir!”

“Mister Gerbaum? Let me guess, you want to come with Mister Rattenburg, too?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“I’m sorry, but I cannot allow that. Only one student will be out at a time while class in ongoing, got that?”

“But Sir, I really need to go as well!” the Lord Gerbaum insisted. “Are you telling me—the heir of the Great Noble House of Gerbaum—to do his business on the floor?”

“Well, it’s either that, or you’ll keep your dignity as a member of your great house and patiently wait for you turn after Mister Rattenburg,” Kuro grinned. “You choose, Mister Great Noble.”

There was a chorus of ‘oohs’ after the Lord Gerbaum was rebuffed by Kuro. Defeated, the pranking noble fell silent on his seat; his face was red in embarrassment.

However, their teacher wasn’t finished yet, “Mister Rattenburg, I thought you’re going to the lavatory?”

“N-No, Sir, I changed my mind.”

“I see. So much for interrupting my class,” he then turned to the Lord Gerbaum, “Alright, mister, you want to go right? Here’s your chance, before you make a smelly mess on our classroom floor.”

“I…I don’t want to go now, Sir…”

Oh? I thought the noble kids are great enough to go to the lavatory alone; as it turned out, you still need your nannies to help you!” Kuro sighed in exasperation, “Such a shame, is it? So, are you still going or not?”

The Lord Gerbaum shook his head.

“Then think twice before disturbing my class next time, okay?” he winked at him.

Another round of sneers as the noble was forced to agree with his teacher.

But Kuro asked, “I’m wondering, is there anything funny?”

Complete silence. No one dared to make a sound after that.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but, are the nobles of Chersea this sick?”

“Sir,” a student raised her hand but never let Kuro acknowledge her before speaking, “the Lords Gerbaum and Rattenburg are just playing a prank! You don’t have to insult all of us.”

“Well, I’m not insulting all of you; the fact that you’re offended means you’re one of those I’m referring to,” he countered. “Besides, I’m asking you guys if you’re sick; after all, laughing at someone who was already down and embarrassed is something only sick and crazy people do.”

The class was silent once again. Their teacher drove his point home.

“Mister Rattenburg and Gerbaum’s actions are something I won’t condone, nor your unchivalrous attitude, guys!” Kuro then smiled at them, “Now, I believe you’re smart enough to understand what I’m talking about. It’s nice to have fun once in a while, but put it in a proper setting, like say, after class or during breaks. Do I get myself clear here?”

“Y-Yes, sir…” the students sheepishly agreed.

“Alright then, let’s continue…” Kuro went back to his discussion.


***Lunch break…***

After talking to his co-teachers about the problems they encountered during the day, Kuro would leave the faculty and go around the classrooms to interact with the students. It was his personal policy ever since he became a teacher back in his old world; he often finds talking to ‘grown-ups’ tedious. And since he had some issues with some of the Class 4-1 students, he thought it would be nice to check on them.


The moment Kuro opened the door of Class 4-1’s room, he was immediately greeted by a prank. This time, someone put a trap that would drop a wet rag on his head. However, as Kuro was an experienced teacher even before he became Chersea’s hero…



Kuro never let the soaked rag fell on him. Using the reflexes he gained from his adventures, he quickly made some flashy evasive maneuvers, much to the astonishment of his students. After landing perfectly, Kuro went to the teacher’s table, and sat down.


Just as he was about to speak to the class, another trap was sprung from the teacher’s table and hit Kuro with another wet rag to his face. Class 4-1 immediately erupted in laughter, which soon died down when they noticed he was completely silent.


The ominous atmosphere around Kuro was suffocating as the rag slowly fell from his face. Then, he got up from his chair, and spoke, “Alright, who’s the one who did this?”

Silence. No one dared to drop a name.

“Who?!” Kuro shouted in anger.

Still, Class 4-1 was silent.

“If no one would come forward, then I’ll ask Her Holiness to read everyone’s mind. At the count of three, 1, 2…”

“Sir, I am the one who did that!” a student raised his hand. “Please don’t punish us all.”

“So you’re the trap master, eh, Mister Sauer?” Kuro glared at him. “And everyone else’s just an accomplice, is that it?”

“No, Sir, they’re not involved in this prank.”

Oh really?” Kuro smirked. “Well, it’s a shame. I swear you guys got me, you know?” Then he chuckled.


“As I said, you got me good,” he tapped on the Lord Sauer’s shoulder. “Nice work, bud!

Err…you’re not angry, Sir?”

“Of course not! I told you to play pranks on breaks, did I?” Kuro winked at them. “Why would I go back on my word?”


“Don’t tell me, I also got you with my own prank?” he laughed. “Ooh…I always love to see those kinds of faces when the students think I’m angry, when in fact, I’m playing jokes as well.”

At that moment, the tense air inside the room dissipated, as Kuro talked, cracked jokes, and even joined the students in fooling around until the break ended.



I know I’m just here only to observe Sir Kuro as part of my plans.


However, the longer I stay here, the more I wanted to know him. I mean, though he’s a teacher, Sir Kuro was different from the teachers I knew ever since I was a child. It’s been only a few weeks, and the students—especially my classmates—love him and always look forward to his class. He was open to questions, even encouraging us to ask. He would enforce the rules of the school, but at the same, he was sympathetic to our needs. And the best of all, Sir Kuro would crack jokes, even in the middle of the lesson.

The schools back in my land are way too different. The teachers are so strict, lectures boring, and the students are always afraid of doing things wrong.


We do respect them, but…I don’t know…after spending time here, I think I prefer a human teacher like Sir Kuro, than a demon one.

Well, the Chersean school was a new experience for me. Honestly, I already knew the lessons they were teaching here, since it was ingrained to us back in Cherflammen. But observing my classmates, Sir Kuro’s way of education was effective as well…and it’s fun, too!

Oi, Miss Usarved!”


“Why are you staring at nowhere? You got PTSD or something?”


“Forget I said anything,” Sir Kuro grinned. “Anyway, come join us!” He waved his hand. My classmates surrounded him, as he played a guitar while we’re on a break. He calls this moment ‘jamming sessions’; and all they did was sing while he strummed some tunes.

Yes…this is also one of the reasons why the students—no, we—like him. He’s so approachable.

Of course, as someone who’s enjoying her stay in this world, would I let this chance pass? Without further reservations, I headed over them and joined the ‘jamming session’.