Chapter 11:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10


I think my situation got even worse after that talk with Maddie.


Well, she did make good of her promise to do something about the ‘armed’ paladins. This time, however, they were ‘plainclothes’ paladins, deliberately mixing with the student population with concealed weapons under their clothes. I mean, they could do it; matchlock pistols and daggers were pretty easy to carry, after all.

And not only that, Maddie would always stay by my side if she had no class to teach.

Considering her art class only lasts for a cumulative two hours, the Human Saint does have a lot of idle time to burn.

Because of that, she would watch me teach, sitting on a special spot allotted for her inside every classroom. Of course, having an esteemed person with you would cause intimidation to the students, even though if we remove her ‘sainthood’ Maddie would probably be of the same social status and age as them. The good side of it, though, was that the paladins would go out and stand guard at the corridors as long as she’s with me.


But honestly, having her around watching me like that feels worse than having my principal observe and grade me in the middle of the class.


I think she’s looking at my thoughts again, having cast that mind spell before. I saw her jolt a little when I made that comparison.

“Sir Kuro?”

I’m sorry, Maddie, but this arrangement is just too suffocating…

“Sir Kuro!”

Ah, yes?” My train of thoughts halted when Lady Usarved slightly raised her voice to call my attention.

“Are you alright, Sir?” she asked, quite worried. “You’ve been standing there for a while, doing nothing.”

Oh, uh, yes…right,” I took my book and flipped through the pages. “We’ll be talking about grammar and spelling today, so—”


“Yes, Miss Hefner? You’re raising your hand?”

“We just went through that lesson last week…”

Oh…is that…so?” hearing that from my student felt like I was slapped, and I began to panic. “Uh, well, turn your books to page 78 and read the para—”


Dread took over me as I called another student who raised his hand, “Let me guess, Mister Dorsey, we read this activity already?”

The young nobleman gave an awkward nod as he returned to his seat.

“Wa-Wait a sec…uhm…” I grabbed my lesson plan and skimmed through its contents. “Ah! My apologies, everyone. My lesson for today is actually about story structure! Haha! This old guy is getting senile, you know?”

In order to remove the tension inside my class, I made that joke, coupled with a ‘stupid’ gesture (scratching my head while laughing). Naturally, the students took that as a cue to laugh as well. However…




All of us were shocked when Lady Hefner and Lord Dorsey suddenly tumbled on the floor. Apparently, the feet of their chairs gave way and broke. Fortunately, they were fine; Lady Hefner held on to her desk (which was quite heavy), while Lord Dorsey’s fall was cushioned by his bag placed under his feet.

Everyone in class rushed to their aid, and I checked them for injuries, just to be sure. When we determined they were okay, I asked for new chairs and we continued class.


Maddie never left her seat, even as the commotion went on. When I looked at her, she just stared back at me with a happy smile, and cold, ‘dead’ eyes.


The language class continued with no issue after that initial incident. Because of my background as a former teacher, I soon forgot about Maddie’s presence—ever-watching me on her seat—and just got on my ‘usual teaching’ self.

“So yes, the five main parts of a story plot are the introduction, rising action, climax, falling tension, and of course, the end. Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of ‘introduction’ once again? Yes, Miss Loretta?”

“Sir, the introduction is the part of the story where the main characters and the setting are shown.”

“Correct. Now can you read to the class where is that part in the sample story?”

“Leon of Meldech was a handsome and powerful prince of his time, a man of stature and respect among his peers. Lady Diane, on the other hand, was the most beautiful and wisest of the king’s daughters.”

“Alright, good! Who are the main characters?”

“Leon of Meldech and Lady Diane, Sir.”

“And the setting?”

“It was never expressly said in the passage, Sir, but we can infer that this happened in the city of Meldech, during the ‘Heroic Age’ of Chersea.”

Heh, that’s a great and complete answer, Miss Loretta,” I clapped for her. “You may take your se—”


“What happened?” her classmates were bewildered by Lady Loretta’s shout.

Err…someone put a slime on my chair!” the noblewoman said, her skirt wet from the slime. “It feels gross!”

Stupid pranks like this never happened in my classroom before until now. My eyes immediately fell once again on Maddie; regardless, she just kept her ‘innocent’ smile.

“Miss Florence,” I asked another student, “can you accompany Miss Loretta to the changing room?”

“Right away, Sir!” Then they left. Knowing who the culprit was, yet powerless to do anything (I couldn’t simply get angry at her when she’s ‘doing nothing’), I continued on my class…hoping that Maddie would come to her senses and stop with her jokes.

“Okay, so…uh, how about ‘rising tension’? Anyone who wants to answer? Mister Berge, you’re raising your hand?”

“Sir, rising tension is where the main problem of the story is revealed,” he explained.

“Right, so where in the sample story is that?”

“The part where it said Lord Leon of Meldech and Lady Diane loved each other, yet they can’t be with one another because their fathers are enemies.”

“Nice! Why do you think it’s the story’s main problem?”

“Well, Sir, it’s because that’s where the story revolves. The constant attempts of Lord Leon and Lady Diane to convince their fathers to reconcile, so they can be together.”

“Okay, thank you for that complete answer. You may now take your—”



This was going too far. Lord Berge’s pants suddenly fell off, and nearly exposed what shouldn’t be exposed. Good thing the nobleman himself caught his clothes in time.

“What happened?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, Sir,” he replied; his face red in embarrassment. “My button suddenly came off, and along with it, my belt’s buckle.”

This isn’t normal. Maddie, I know you’re reading my mind. Keep your hands off my students!

Ah, Sir, let me take care of it,” Lady Usarved came to us and chanted a magic spell that fixed his clothing in no time.

Good thing the demon noblewoman is reliable during these moments…



By this time, I’d been exhausted of students shouting, that I knew right away that there’s another problem coming. True enough, when I turned, Lady Usarved was holding a pen in her hand, a few inches away from her face, as if she caught it mid-air.

“Sir, this pen suddenly flew towards me,” she told me.

“Th-That’s my pen, milady! M-My apologies!” a student from the other end of the room admitted to the ownership of the item. “However, it was on my table when it moved and targeted you!”

“Looks like there’s a nasty spirit at work here,” another student suggested. “Sir, I think it’s attracted to Her Holiness’ magical aura!”

I stared at Maddie, who kept on pretending innocent, “There’s a bad spirit in this room, alright. And Her Holiness and I will have to deal with it. For the meantime, go back to your books.”

Good thing the Human Saint took that as a signal that I wanted to talk to her. As the students went to their ‘self-study’ mode, Maddie and I went outside the classroom.


What’s your deal, Your Holiness?” I asked the moment Maddie, and I were alone. I was trying hard to keep my voice down, for I’m really annoyed right now. Meanwhile, though the paladin guards followed us, they kept a reasonable distance because I was with the saint. But as I still wanted our conversation to be as private as possible, I took her to the nearest vacant room. “You’ve been playing pranks on my students ever since we started classes!”

“I don’t want them to laugh at you,” was her answer, her tone was as cold as her eyes.

“I did that because your presence there is intimidating them!” I countered. “And even the Lady Loretta! She’s not even smiling when you put that slime on her chair!”

“She’s eyeing on you, Kuro,” Maddie replied. “That’s why she keeps on answering; she wants your attention.”

“She’s a student, for goodness’ sake!”

“That’s why she gets the slime,” she remained defiant. “She should be thankful for that!”

“Even the Lord Berge?”

“His answer keeps on reminding me about my bad dream about you, so I got annoyed.”

“That’s the correct answer in the story! There’s no malicious intent in there!”

At that point, Maddie fell silent. She just blankly stared at me, as if my words were never reaching her.

“And why did you do that to the Lady Usarved? That pen, if she didn’t catch it on time, could’ve struck her eye!”

“I don’t want anyone else flirting with you, Kuro!”

Good lord, my head is killing me. My hands inadvertently went to my head and massaged it; Maddie’s reasons were out of place, and I couldn’t keep calm about it. “Look, Lady Usarved is helping her classmate after you caused trouble with his pants! There’s not even a meaning to it!”

“She’s doing it because she wants you to look at her.”

“She’s a student!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from the usually reasonable Maddie. It’s as if I’m talking to a different person right now.

“I can read her thoughts.”

I could not control myself any longer; anger was welling up within me. However, I don’t want to shout at the girl I love, so I turned around for a moment, took a deep breath, counted from 1 to 10, then faced her again.

“Maddie, calm down,” my hands were shivering. “You’re being unreasonable. Those are just children; you shouldn’t throw your frustrations at them.”

“They should learn their limits early on.”

“What limits? They’re not even insulting me!”

“Kuro, why is it that you’re always thinking about your students?” she asked. “Don’t you think you’re the one who should calm down and think it over? You’re angry at me, when all this time, I’m doing these things to protect you!”

“And I’m thankful for that,” I countered. “That’s why when you told me your reasons, I didn’t contest your decision! However, you’re hurting my students when they have nothing to do with harming me!”

“I can never be sure—”

“What of it? Your paladins have spread all around the school, monitoring and scaring everyone…even the other teachers! And you’re still not sure?”

“Why do you keep on thinking of others when it’s all about us?” Maddie finally snapped and raised her voice. “You keep on thinking about your students, your teachers, everyone! But how about me? I’ve lost you twice already! And you still want me to be calm?”

“I…” A painful feeling shot through my chest when she said that. No, not that kind of pain that ends up in a heart attack, but rather, a deeper, melancholic kind of pain. I couldn’t even say anything to Maddie; her traumas were because of me…

I’ll gladly choose to have a heart attack over this right now, if that’s possible.

“How I wish I was your student, so you would always think of me!” she continued, tears flowing from her eyes. “I…I only wanted to be with you, Kuro…I’m willing to step down as a saint if that’s what it takes to protect you. But…”


“…you’re pushing me away! It’s always your students, your students, your students!”


“When you disappeared to Cherwind, can you even imagine how hard it is for me? Every day, I was thinking about your safety, your well-being! I wanted to find you, but I can’t because of my duties! And I know you won’t like it if I abandoned my responsibilities and search for you. What will I supposed to do? And when you returned, we only had a few moments together because of your obsession with your school! I supported you, Kuro, even if it’s painful to bear at times; all of that is because I wanted to spend my life with you! Can’t you see that?”

Maddie shouted those words with all her heart, as she hit my chest with her fists. Far from being unreasonable, she’s already at her wit’s end, always worrying for me.


Haa…I guess I made another mistake this time.

“Maddie…” it’s kind of hard to say her name right now, but I guess, I had to tell her. “I know little, but I wanted to apologize for what I just said. I didn’t consider your feelings.” I wanted to show her my sincerity, so I kneeled before the saint.

Yeah, I’m really a loser in these things. Maybe that’s why for all the 25 years of me being alive, I always ended up rejected. I never truly sympathized with the people around me; I just saw my own perspective, and did not really care whether or not I hurt someone. That’s why my student and friend is dead, I lost my job, and I’m alone.


Really, I’m not worthy of anyone’s love.

“Kuro…please don’t…say that.”

I turned and saw Maddie looking down at me as if she had seen unspeakable horrors. Then, as tears kept falling from her eyes, she slowly retreated, covered her face, and ran outside the room.

I fucked up once again…


O-Oi, Lover boy! At long last, I can finally contact you.”

Just when I thought of running after Maddie, I found myself someplace else again. I guess this wasn’t a dream; a vision, perhaps? I don’t remember falling asleep sometime after the argument with my fiancée. In any case, I saw the former god, standing on the other side of a wide, dark chasm. His beautiful garden was gone, and everything around us was grey, and murky. “Ga-Gaius? I mean, Jules! W-Where are we? What happened to your place?”

“Well, your Waifu #1 did this for sure,” he answered. “I heard she put a mind spell on you.”

Ah! That?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “It’s really a curse, made by some mad witch in the past to watch over her beloved. But honestly, I can’t believe that your Waifu #1 knows about it, and cast that on you.”

Shit happens, I guess…” The images of the ‘Forbidden’ section of the Saint’s Library at the Holy Palatial Gardens flashed into my thoughts. It’s highly-possibly that there were books like that in there…I don’t know, I hadn’t had the chance to read them, since Maddie specifically kept it off limits.

Anyway, I have tons of question for Jules to answer.

“I’m sorry Kuro, but we have little time,” the former god revealed. “The spell Waifu #1 put on you is pretty potent for a mortal like me, that’s why we got this chasm between us. In fact, I won’t be able to contact you, had it not for my friend’s god-powers, whom I’m borrowing for now. However, my use for it is limited, for the ‘Traveling Goddess’ fee is too high for my pockets.”

“Traveling Goddess? What? There’s a fee?”

“Yeah, don’t ask; it’s purely ‘heavenly’ matters. Besides, I’m the one who paid, so you just listen up.”

“Alright…anyway, what’s the emergency?”

“I’ll tell you what. Your Waifu #1 is in danger, you know? And if she continues on her destructive path, she’ll destroy herself.”

“You don’t have to repeat to me the obvious.” I remembered that time when she and Prince Simon got into an argument. She nearly died because of that incident; the thought of it repeating brought me the shivers, “We just fought!”

“Oooh!” the former god’s face contorted as if he was in pain, “Damn son, how bad is it?”

“Bad? No! It’s the worst! I’m afraid she might kill herself!”

“Then you have to go after her, and fast! Someone might assist her in doing it!”

“Well, I’m still here, and you called me!” then I paused for a bit before asking, “Wait, did you just say—”

Ah, right, yes…my bad,” Jules chuckled. “The reason I called you here is because you should know that, according to a source, the ‘Knights’ are on the move.”

“On the move? They’re now going straight for Maddie this time?”

“Yep. So long as your Waifu #1 is in the palatial gardens, they can’t do anything to her. However, since she’s going to your school every day, they tracked her schedule and create plans to kill her.”

“Got any ideas on their weapons?”

“Are you familiar with that gun, Antarctic Warfare Magnum?”

Yes, I’m familiar with it; it’s my weapon of choice whenever I play that game CounterStruck. It’s so deadly in the hands of a proficient player that we gave it the nickname, ‘One-shot’. If it’s already that lethal in-game, how much more would be the real thing?Shit. You’re not telling me…”

He just nodded.

Fuck…that’s a dangerous toy they got there.”

“So, find your Waifu #1 and be quick.”

“The ‘Knights’, huh? Are you saying they infiltrated the school?”

“I know little about the details, Kuro, but it’s best that you search for her as soon as possible,” Jules shook his head. “However, though I want to help you, this ma— be th— last t— we’d talk! So, I tr— you kno— — to d—”

Huh? You’re getting choppy!”

“Must b— Wai— #1’s wo—” the former god then waved at me. “I gue— it’s time — go, no—”

“Jules!” From what he was telling me, I could tell it would be the last moment we’d talk, so I’d like to confirm what was on my mind. So I called out to him, “Is it true that you’re the mad god? The one that caused those eleven human-demon conflicts?”

Jules’ face was visibly shocked when he heard that; I guess my voice was clear on his side. However, just as he began to vanish, he smiled at me—I think it’s one of the most melancholic smiles I’d seen, and nodded.

“!!!” I couldn’t hide my surprise. I never thought that he would readily admit to his sins. Nevertheless, as he grew transparent, he pulled out a piece of paper, wrote something, and showed it to me.

‘But I’m trying to right my wrongs.’

And with that message, it’s the last time I saw Jules.


When my consciousness returned to the school, I immediately set off to find Maddie. Just as I exit the room where we had our argument, Lady Hawthorne nearly bumped unto me.


Milord, Her Holiness strictly ordered us not to follow her and keep guarding you,” she revealed. “However, we’re concerned when we heard someone shout inside the room, and saw her ran out, crying. Is anything wrong?”

Instead of answering the paladin’s queries, I countered with another question, “Do you know which direction she went?”

“Right down the northern hallway, milord,” Lady Hawthorne pointed towards the corridor that led to the north wing of our school building.

“Is the school gate guarded?” I followed up.

“Yes. Lady Thaler and her squad are posted there as of this moment.”

“Send someone to her. I want no one to be let in, nor let out. How about the ‘plainclothes’ paladins?”

“They’re still deployed in pairs at strategic locations around the buildings.”

“They won’t move unless ordered to, ’no?”

Lady Hawthorne was still confused on what’s happening, so she slowly nodded.

“Good. Got an extra ‘demon weapon’ with you?”

The paladin was visibly taken aback by my question. However, she regained her senses just in time to ask me, “I have one, but what do you need it for, milord?

“Gather the others and follow me,” I ordered as she handed me the matchlock gun and its complements. I quickly checked if it’s loaded, and asked the paladin to light the slow match for me, “We need to find Her Holiness as soon as possible.”



I…I’d been selfish. When I saw he was blaming himself again, I just couldn’t bear to face him anymore. So I ran away…and ended up here, at the rooftop of the school building, alone, looking and staring at the azure skies. My thoughts were going nowhere.


In my desire to protect Kuro, I kept on hurting him. I knew my measures were too much, but…I just wanted to make sure that he won’t be harmed by anyone ever again. Isn’t that normal for a person who wants to take care of her loved ones?


Why…why do I have to suffer like this? I hurt the man I love, when all I desire is to stand by him?


Can we not fight against our destiny? Can’t we defy our fates? Is it really set on stone?


I’m Madelaine Ann Rubinforth, the Great Saint of Chersea. A demi-god of this land, the most revered leader of humans. Yet, I’m at the mercy of forces I couldn’t even see! Was there any sense to this ‘god-power’ I was given, when all that I could do was to blindly follow what the seasons had decreed?


Oh…I just wanted to disappear. The more I live, the more everything becomes senseless…

“Haa…” Closing my eyes, I let myself fell on a spot of grass near the rooftop gardens of the Academy’s main building. I wanted to go back to Kuro, tell him how sorry I was for my foolishness. However, a part of me was embarrassed even to face him.

I’ve seen his thoughts. All that he wants is for me to trust him, yet…

“You keep saying to yourself you don’t deserve our love, when it was I who keeps on bothering you. Violating your space. Demanding a lot from you…” I could feel the tears welling up again. “You just silently accepted and understood it all, even when it made little sense.”

As sadness filled my heart, I just took a deep breath, and sat up.

“I want to die…” I muttered.

My eyes inadvertently went to the railings on the edge of the rooftop. Then, slowly, my mind began to ask questions…

Should I jump? If I did, will I die quickly? Will Kuro mourn for me?


No! Don’t think about it, Maddie! Remember, you’re the one who summoned Kuro, so you’re the one who should take responsibility for him!


In my effort to battle those depressing thoughts, I fiercely shook my head. However, the torrent of negative emotions was threatening to overwhelm me.

No, I shouldn’t do it; I should not even think about it.

If I can’t be with Kuro, then it’s better that I die!

No, Maddie! Fight for him, and stay alive!

“Aaahhh!!!” I couldn’t help but to scream, just to let out the frustrations that kept on piling up in my heart.

Fighting against myself had always been my struggle. However, though I try my best to resist, I guess I’m being drowned in my sadness. But in any case, I better go down from this place, lest my urges became strong again. Maybe later I’d talk to Kuro, maybe he’d smile and forgive me, like he always do before. Maybe—


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a cracking sound, and felt something hit my body near my stomach, on the left side. Checking on it, I saw crimson red…blood, was slowly crawling, staining my aquamarine dress. It was not painful, at first, though the stinging sensation set in a few seconds later.

What’s happening?

I heard another cracking sound, but this time, my vision suddenly went blurry, and I fell sideways on the ground.


My thoughts went haywire the moment I realized I was wounded. I don’t know how it happened. For all I know, I was alone, contemplating on the worth of my life…thinking whether or not I should end it.

And now, I’m bleeding. Looks like my wish is immediately granted…I’m about to die soon.


What’s happening?

Then, something heavy hit me from my right side, and I fell sideways on the ground. I never had the chance to protect my head, for my left shoulder was pinned down by my weight, while my right arm was somehow restrained by a powerful force. However, I felt a hand cushioned my fall, so that I won’t be injured further.

“Maddie!” it was Kuro, his face near me yet his voice sounded like he was speaking from a distance. “Are you alright?”

“H-Huh?” Still disoriented, I saw him lying over me, with a lit ‘demon weapon’ on his other hand. He kept on looking around, as if searching for someone.

“You just got shot! Fortunately, the shooter’s awfully stupid and he missed your vitals,” Kuro explained as I felt a warm sensation on my shoulder, and saw his hands glow in white. Soon, the stinging pain and weakness were gone, and I could normally move again. Nevertheless, he pulled me down when I tried to sit, “Maddie, don’t get up! There’s someone shooting at you.”

Ah, yes.”

I heard boots rushing towards our direction, “Lord Kuro!”

“Hey!” Kuro turned his attention to the paladins who were about to enter the rooftop. “Stay where you are and close the god damn door! There’s a sniper around!”

“Snipe—what?” Lady Hawthorne asked, confused at what he’s telling them.

“Someone’s got a god damn accurate ‘demon weapon’ trying to kill Her Holiness!” he replied. “If you don’t want to die, then stay where you are!”

A couple of cracking sounds, and the clay pots nearby broke into pieces. Kuro quickly shielded me from the flying fragments, some of which wounded his face.

“That son-of-a-bitch is just shooting everywhere!” I heard him mutter, wiping the blood off his cheek before asking me, “Are you okay, Maddie?”

“Y-Yes!” I couldn’t understand what’s going on. Someone’s shooting at us? This is the rooftop, right? And I’m alone! How can someone attack me from here? Those questions were filling my mind. Nevertheless, I guess we’re in danger, so I just went with the flow of things, and I checked on Kuro as well. “I’m fine now. But how about you? Let me heal you for a bit.”

Heh, don’t worry, Maddie; it takes more than a stupid sniper to kill me,” having stopped me from using my healing magic, Kuro just grinned and winked, “But, you have to trust me, okay?”

“What are we going to do?”

“With that bastard around, it’s dangerous to even move from this hiding spot. Teleport us somewhere safe.”

Oh, yes! Alright, hold my hand!”

Kuro did what I told him, but he also closed his eyes. Well, I think he still wasn’t used to the effects of the teleportation spell. In any case, here goes nothing!


In a split of second, everything turned white.